Democrats, media slam 'racist' DACA decision

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JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Hello, everybody. I am Jesse Watters along with Kennedy, Juan Williams, Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino. It is 9 o'clock in New York City and this is "The Five."

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Now for our top story. Yesterday, we told you about President Trump's announcement that he's ending President Obama's controversial DACA program which helped illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. Although even many liberal legal analysts agree DACA is on shaky legal authority, the media is attacking President Trump as heartless and motivated by an animus towards Latinos.


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: The president's decision to end DACA was heartless and it was brainless. If this order stands, hundreds, hundreds of thousands of families will be ripped apart.

DAVID GERGEN, CNN: This was one of the most cruel acts we have seen in a president in a long time. President Obama and President Trump not only disagree on policies, they disagree on values.

TOM BROKAW, FORMER NBC NIGHTLY NEWS ANCHOR: It's hard for me to see the big picture from a Republican point of view is going forward and just giving the back of your hand to people who have Hispanic surnames.

DON LEMON, CNN: This whole gas lighting that has come to so many issues, especially racial issues in this country. It's so obvious. Not even a dog issue anymore. It's just flat out bias. Flat out discrimination that they're telling coming from this White House.


WATTERS: So, this is racist, repealing ObamaCare was racist. The travel ban was racist. Even Trump's speech in Poland was racist, Greg. When they don't have a policy argument to make, it's the racial attack. Isn't that right?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: It's the most overused quiver that they have. You know, what Trump did is he made it legal, he put a ring on it.


GUTFELD: And think about it. I mean, think about it. He put it in the right place. It was in the wrong place. Do you know how delicious cookies are? I love cookies.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I remember them.

GUTFELD: But I don't have the cookie jar in the bathroom next to the toilet. I keep it in the kitchen. What he did was he took something that should be in the Congress in the Congress. He moved into the right place. That's all he did. He made the public part of the decision, which is what should have been done. And both sides actually agree that this is where it should be. He transferred the decision, not the Dreamer.

The Dreamers are going to stay where they are. It's where the decision is going. Do you know what this reminds me of? It reminds me of the Reagan, when Reagan announced the registering of the draft. I don't know what year I was. In high school or something. And everybody got angry. Oh, my God, he's Hitler. He is terrible. But it was necessary and it did not change a thing. It was just something that he felt he had to do because it was the legal, right thing to do but it did not change a thing. If the media actually reported a story, they'd have nothing.

WATTERS: So, the President is heartless and racist for following the constitution. That is what the left is arguing.

PERINO: Right. Well, and remember that my theory is that racism is greater than Russia.


PERINO: So that if they have the chance to say that a Republican is racist, they will take it almost every time. So, this is something a Republican deal with a lot. I do think that there's something to be said, that if President Trump had just waited three weeks, when one of the courts was going to strike this down, then he could have said oh, okay, well, I guess can't defend it.

Then ask the Congress to do it, then he probably wouldn't have had to deal with all of this. But remember, this pleased his base for a day.


PERINO: And then by the end of the night, everybody on that TV that you just saw that was complaining, actually, the President agrees with you. He said he wants DACA to get done. He wants to sign it into law and if it's not, that's okay because Hillary visited them. Because nobody has to worry about anything. So, I don't understand why the right isn't more mad.



WATTERS: It seems like the left is angry when in fact, the President agrees with many people on the left that the Dreamers should be protected and they should fund some sort of legal status permanently.

KENNEDY, GUEST CO-HOST: And that's the point was, the executive orders did not codify their immigration status. It really didn't. It wasn't a long-term, stable form of protection.


KENNEDY: And as Greg pointed out at the beginning of the show last night, that's what made the whole thing so cool. And it's very interesting. Because Dana, you are actually right about race in the Republican Party. Because any chance that opponents get, they will pin the racist tail on the elephant. And that's why they were so many Republicans who came out and so strongly admonished the President for his careless comments after Charlottesville.

Because it's such a sensitive issue. Particularly a lot of the lawmakers from the South for whom it is an ongoing issue from their childhood and, you know, their ancestry. But having said that, the President wants DACA to pass. And I think that shows that we do have some complex issues in immigration. A lot of people want the wall. Most people, the vast majority of people want the Dreamers to be able to stay here. If they were brought here against their will, and all they know is a great American life for majority of them.

WATTERS: Juan, I'm going to hit you with a theoretical argument about illegal immigration. Just tell me, if you think I'm wrong here.


WATTERS: So, if you are a white guy and you live in Texas and you cross the border into Mexico illegally and you go down there for a few years and you're working cast jobs and you are driving without insurance and you know, you are not paying any taxes and things like that, then the Mexican authorities catch you and they send you back to the United States. Is that mean and cruel and racist against white people or is that just Mexico following the law?

WILLIAMS: I think it's Mexico following the law.

WATTERS: So, why when the United States does that to Mexicans, it's racist and cruel?

WILLIAMS: You know, I love these because they are such false analogies.

WATTERS: It was a perfect analogy!


WATTERS: All right.

GUTFELD: The Russian judge gives a nine-seven on the analogy.

WATTERS: It's a Russian judge, though. So, we are going to have to look in to you.



WILLIAMS: I mean, the whole issue though is, I think, you know, that you have a president who I think is very vulnerable to charges about racial bias, giving what happened after Charlottesville, given what happened as we've discussed with Sheriff Arpaio. And now, the idea that you have, I think it's 15 states, in Columbia filing a lawsuit saying that because 78 percent of these young people are Mexican, it's evident of the President's ongoing displeasure with Mexicans.

I mean, he's the one who has talked about murdering and thieves. He is the one that said the judge who was a Mexican heritage could not be an arbiter in his case. So, he has some history here that loads the deck. I don't know that if it applies to every Republican but I think in this case, people are saying, hey, what's with Trump and these Mexicans? Why does he have this kind of hard edge to it? People say, well, it really speaks to his base today.

You had Maggie Haberman of The New York Times is apparently well plugged and say, you know, he really didn't want to do it. But guess what? Stephen Miller, who used to work for Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General and was an ally to Steve Bannon --

KENNEDY: The author of the famous phrase, cosmopolitan bias.

WILLIAMS: There you go, that he wanted this, that he saw this as pleasing the Trump base. That you don't even have to do winks and nods. And it's just yes, you go get them. But the fact is, that if it's about jobs, it's about the economy, well, goodness gracious, most corporate executives of the country are saying, leave this alone. You have people saying, you know, what? Most of these kids contribute to local economy. They are good kids and yet, I don't know --

WATTERS: Now Democrats are siding with big business? I like that, Juan. Is there any risk to the Democrats making so much fuss about the plight of illegal immigrants and not really fighting for Americans jobs? You've talked about --

GUTFELD: I think it cost them elections. Now, they don't realized get that because the media is always on their side. So, they think that they have this false sense of belief. They are living in a bubble. They are living in a different movie. So, they don't see how they lost. And meanwhile, what you are having is a President Obama who rewarded people that were coming to America but not people who were in America. And what Donald Trump left on, was like, he said all America.

It is not just about them, it's about all of us. That was a winning vision. To your point, I'm always troubled by the thing about the judge. Like he said the judge was a Mexican, so he can't but, do you know who does not? Lawyers do that when they are picking the jury.


GUTFELD: When they are picking men and women, and blacks and whites and Hispanics. He was doing what every single lawyer does. The judges Mexican, he might not like me! That's what lawyers do. Lawyers do that. And he just did it and yet somehow it's wrong. So, people grab these little instances and they go, he said this, he said this, he said this, but when you actually focus on them, they turn out to be light as air.

WATTERS: That is an interesting point because President Obama nominated a wise Latina to the Supreme Court just because he wanted someone with that background. Exactly.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

WATTERS: I want to talk to Dana about a point you were just making about the base from President Trump. Rush Limbaugh has some things to say about that. Let's hear what he said.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, CO-HOST: What Trump did today via sessions, is almost along the same lines as pulling out of the Paris accord decision. It rocked them. They didn't think it would ever happen. Trump was not this callous. Trump is not this coldhearted. But Trump knows his base. And he knows the impact all of this has had on the American economy and American jobs and he is following through on one of his most predominant campaign commitments.


WATTERS: How would you assess that?

PERINO: Well, all true and then at 8:38 p.m. last night which is after that show aired, President Trump tweeted that he is good with keeping DACA. So, like in the morning, Jeff Sessions said, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost because of this and we have to deal with that. And then not 12 hours later, I guess that is moved? I guess he wants to have a legislative solution which I am for a legislative solution as well.

I do think there's a possibility of this. Congress has been very close on comprehensive or whatever you want to call it immigration reform for many years. Like over ten years, probably three or four times. But the thing that's different now is that there is now a deadline.


PERINO: So, six months. Okay. So, a deadline can focus the mind and it's possible that you might figure out a way to do it. What I would have done if I were Schumer and Pelosi today, when the President agreed with them on the debt release bill, I would have said, we're at it, sir, we would propose a straight up or down vote on DACA on Friday. We've got the votes. You say you want it? They've say, we've got the votes. How about a deal?

KENNEDY: They should have just done it.

PERINO: Get it off the table.

KENNEDY: Here's the thing about what Jeff Sessions said and this is what I take issue with. Whenever there's a fallacy fallen from a politician's lips, I'm always dubious that, you know, he says that hundreds of thousands of jobs have been taken by these Dreamers. And that's my problem. And liberals separate from this mostly. It's a new strain within the Republican Party.

And that is the idea that economics is a zero-sum game. We know it is not. You know that you can actually create more wealth. You can create more jobs, you can create more opportunity in this country for everybody. You just have to let the economy go and get the government out of the way.

WILLIAMS: Wait, wait, hold on. Let me just say this. One thing, first to Greg, it's illegal for a lawyer to make a jury selection based on race. They can have exemptions where they don't have to explain it.

GUTFELD: Right. Exactly.

WILLIAMS: But it's illegal to say that because of someone's race and heritage, or whatever --

GUTFELD: But you know they do it.

WILLIAMS: That's just not true, Greg. The second thing to say here is that Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, oh, you know what? President Trump wants a total fix. He wants comprehensive immigration reform plus DACA. So, basically then, he's sending it back to Congress in saying, oh, well, I guess the odds are against me but I'm going to claim that oh, this is the legitimate place to do it.

So, he creates anxiety, fear in this community of young people who have jobs -- a high percent, it's almost 80 percent working. Paying taxes, contributing to local economies. He puts them on edge. And nobody says, hey, you know what, why are you playing politics with this? And then, muddling whole issue of, is this comprehensive immigration reform or do you really want DACA? Not clear.

KENNEDY: Speaking of playing politics though, why won't Democrats admit that it was a horrible idea on the part of President Obama? If they would stand up and say, this was a bad idea in the first place that set up this situation.

WATTERS: I'll tell you what, Dianne Feinstein said it last night and we played it. Just in case anybody wants a refresher.

Coming up. We will tell you about a story the mainstream media apparently doesn't want you to hear. We will be right back.


PERINO: For the first time in 36 years, a sitting senator is on trial for federal bribery charges. Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez and his federal trial began today in New Jersey.

Let's take a look at all the media coverage the trial is receiving.

Political reports on the start today of the bribery trial as Senator Bob Menendez, the New Jersey Democrat is accused of doing political favors for a Florida eye doctor in exchange for campaign donations. And very lavish gifts. Both Menendez and the doctors denied the allegations and both had pleaded not guilty. Menendez is the first sitting senator to stand trial for bribery in 40 years.

PERINO: So, the trial received a total of 22 seconds of coverage from the broadcast networks today. And that's not all. At 1300 word piece in "The New York Times" previewing the trial initially failed to mention that Mr. Menendez is a Democrat, the piece was eventually updated to note the Senator's political affiliation.

Jesse, I do have a feeling though, had it been a Republican, that would have been in the headlines.

WATTERS: Absolutely. I mean, the only thing more, you know, corrupt than politicians are the reporters that cover up for them. Now, when I heard there was a New Jersey politician on trial --

PERINO: That's why it's not news?

WATTERS: I assumed it was a Democrat. I just assumed that. Automatically. And what -- on trial for exchanging his donations for favors?

PERINO: Yes. Isn't that cold politics?

WATTERS: The whole Senate would be in jail.

PERINO: -- going to be covered?

WATTERS: No, but this is the honest truth. Ray Nagin. Remember him?

PERINO: Very well.

WATTERS: Twenty corruption charges. Twenty counts convicted. The networks didn't mention he was a Democrat. Congresswoman Karen Brown. Fraud conviction.

PERINO: Florida.

WATTERS: Never mentioned she was a Democrat either. Jesse Jackson, Jr. also corruption, went to prison. No mention in "Time" magazine or "USA Today." He was a Democrat. So, this is how this works. You have Elliott Spitzer, remember his little friends down in the hotel room, the black sacks, client number nine.

GUTFELD: Wasn't a baseball team.

WATTERS: The media only identified him as a Democrat 20 percent of the time. Mark Sanford, the governor of South Carolina, down there in South America with his mistress, a 100 percent of the time his party affiliation was mentioned. Sometimes they haven't even cover the scandal at all. So, you had William Jefferson, do you remember? The freezer guy? Ninety dollars in the freezer?


WATTERS: When he went to trial, they didn't even cover it on the networks. So, here's what I'm going to do. If I'm ever convicted, and I'm on trial, I'm changing my party affiliation.


GUTFELD: But do you know what else they ever mention who are Democrats? Statues.

WATTERS: That's true.

GUTFELD: They never mentioned that the statues everybody's pissed off about are Democrats.

WATTERS: Except here.

GUTFELD: We'll talk about it.


PERINO: Juan, when you are writing a story, does the party affiliation enter into your brain in terms of, is that an important part of the description for the lead paragraph?

WILLIAMS: No. I mean, it's important.

PERINO: Let me like, you know what, AP style, how you do parentheses and then R --

WILLIAMS: Yes. You put that down. You ask about the league. I mean, that fits in at some point. You have to identify who the person is. Especially if he's an elected official.


WILLIAMS: So, I would think that would fit in. I don't understand why it wasn't in there. They say, it was an --

PERINO: They did correct it.

WILLIAMS: But I do think that that's something that then sort of feeds the Republican anxiety and insecurity, oh, my God, you know, they always want to focus on Republicans when there's trouble but not the Democrats, oh, that damn media. But the fact is, that in this case, I can't believe that anybody doesn't know that Bob Menendez is a Democrat and I don't believe that anybody doesn't know Ray Nagin in the city of New Orleans. Democrats. I don't believe that anybody didn't know that William Jefferson was a Democrat.

KENNEDY: Was every journalists just assumes that every readers knows the facts?

WILLIAMS: No, no. I would agree. And in this case --

KENNEDY: I mean, we just assume that President Trump -- it's so horrible.

WATTERS: We are not saying what team he's playing for.

KENNEDY: For what position?

WILLIAMS: I don't know. But I think that in this case, the other thing to consider, Dana, is the indictment was so long ago.


WILLIAMS: It was a long time ago and people were focused on it at that time. Now if the trial starts, he will say, look at the little coverage because at this point, in the midst of all of the Trump news, North Korea, hurricane, people are like, okay, let's see when the trial starts and the real, you know --

PERINO: I think that that's fair. So like, in fact, there was a problem today in the courtroom, well, a little dust-up in the courtroom today where the judge told Menendez's lawyer to shut up for a second. There is an interesting thing. If he is convicted, will the Democrats say that he should resign as they said Ted Stevens should resign? It was Republican from Alaska. But also, Greg, what if Governor Chris Christie gets to a point a successor before the end of his term?

GUTFELD: I don't know. I don't know about that. You know what, I just want CNN to do this or I can see Anna Navarro's response.

PERINO: To Menendez?

GUTFELD: Yes. I just want to see how outraged she becomes over this. Look, there is a reason why this isn't getting a lot of attention. There are no visuals. All we see is b-roll of a guy, a middle-aged man walking up and downstairs in a court house. I mean, it's hard to make that exciting. You know, you've got to have an intern in a blue dress to make a scandal good. And a beret would be nice. But in this case, I mean, it's like, you can't compare this to the release of "Dancing With The Stars." We just found out today --

KENNEDY: Speaking of Dancing with the Stars, Rod Blagojevich.


KENNEDY: You know, the former governor of Illinois tried to sell that Senate seat when Barack Obama was elected to the presidency. And I think he ended up doing less time on "Dancing with the Stars."

GUTFELD: I forgot that he was on.


GUTFELD: He was on -- slightly better than Tucker Carlson.



KENNEDY: Chris Christie, he's got a great opportunity here.

PERINO: Not as good as Geraldo.


PERINO: Geraldo did it. He won, I believe.

KENNEDY: Yes. Chris Christie could have appoint himself, if not, he could sell that seat on the game show or at a reality show. Imagine that.

KENNEDY: If Bob Menendez is in fact convicted.

PERINO: All right.

GUTFELD: This year has produced a lot of great options for "Dancing with the Stars."


PERINO: That's true.

GUTFELD: Some from this network.

WATTERS: Okay. Another role.

PERINO: A liberal pressure group has tens of millions of dollars of offshore investments. Why? Greg has a story, up next.


GUTFELD: So, this is funny: Have you ever heard the Southern Poverty Law Center? The hard-left outfit that loves to label people as extremists. Their ever-growing list seems to defame everyone: Ben Carson, he's an extremist; Rand Paul; they called Maajid Nawaz an anti-Muslim extremist and get this, he's a moderate Muslim battling religious extremism. It makes no sense. There is Hirsi Ali, a black feminist who protest against genital mutilation. SPLC placed her name in a guide to anti-Muslim extremists. So, that's extreme? Being against genital mutilation? I wonder what they would make of Gandhi.

But that's not the funny part. It's the money. This poverty center has loads of it -- a $320 million endowment -- and chucks almost 20 percent of it into offshore equities. Cayman Island stuff. I don't understand it.

So, this poverty group sits on a pile of offshore dough. That is like a personal trainer with a gut or a priest with a harem. The center paid out $20 million in salaries in 2015, but provided just 61 grand in legal assistance. So, the Southern Poverty Law Center appears to have no poverty and do virtually no law. It is the most misleading name since the Democratic Party.


GUTFELD: Yes, count it. Worse, their love for calling people "haters" incites haters into action. The maniac who shot Steven Scalise "liked" the law center on his Facebook page. And a terrorist who attacked the Family Research Council back in 2012, shooting a security guard, did so after the SPLC labeled them a hate group. He was a fan too.

I don't know, filthy rich and linked to violence? I think the SPLC might end up have to put itself on its own list.

Indeed. Jesse. It's a pretty amazing story. No one goes after this group because of the name. You hear southern poverty law center and say oh, they must be a really good outfit and you don't want to be on their bad side.

WATTERS: That is true. The media does this, because they cover for them. They should actually put a little d next to their name. They are really an activist group. You can fight poverty with parking money offshore. The Clinton foundation can take millions from the Saudis. The fight for women's rights. Al Sharpton can shake you down and then not pay taxes, but then the IRS will go after the Tea Party, that is exactly what happens. I think this started with noble intentions.

GUTFELD: I think so.

WATTERS: To go after the KKK. Then they morphed into some smear machine. They pay all these salaries and raise all this money and do nothing. They have this hate map with regular family value conservatives and Klansmen. One guy shoots these people up because he looks at the map but Palen puts up a map and the media makes her the bad guy.

GUTFELD: It wasn't even a map. Juan, your pal is Ben Carson. You know he is a nice guy. He is been on the list. Sort of like moderate Muslims trying to reduce the Islamic extremism in their religion. Why did they do this? Why does SPLC make it such a blanket hate statement for everybody?

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX THE FIVE SHOW HOST: I don't know if its blanket but I think they provide a public service. I think it's one that conservatives are very uptight about because they feel that they are being labeled as hate groups when they have arguments about, for example, family research council about attitudes towards transsexuals or gay whatever. We are just expressing our religious values and views. The southern poverty law center says they are hateful views. After Charlottesville, you get Apple and Tim Cook millions of dollars pouring into southern poverty law center.

GUTFELD: Virtue signaling. Once again I hate doing that.

WILLIAMS: Right, I am just saying. Lots of people see them as virtuous and don't get into the finances. The weekly standard has this piece about them having offshore investments. Apparently was recommended by their investment counsel to protect their assets. I think what this is about is the right not liking the idea that somebody is labeling them.

GUTFELD: What is interesting thing is -- they label -- somebody, they have traditional marriage beliefs and they are against gay marriage but they don't behead gays or throw them off buildings.

KENNEDY: No but the people that do behead gay people and throw them off buildings and don't and kill women for adultery, they give money to the Clinton foundation. That is completely different. Is it this tax exempt organization? It could be a money laundering operation. I don't know what came first, the southern poverty law center or the egg. It looked like they looked at the Clinton foundation and they sort of mirror one another. The labeling is very suggestive. We are in such a politicized era that unfortunately, people that are fans of groups like this, they are so obsessed with confirmation bias that they don't do any sort of investigation where they would be even slightly curious about the other side or curious about an objective observer.

WILLIAMS: I don't think the clan -- they want to bring them down.

KENNEDY: It sounds like you are for and in the south, you're much likely to get a job here. They pay much more money to massage one another than help other people. According to this raw data. That is not my opinion that is --

WILLIAMS: I think I don't know about all the numbers.

KENNEDY: I know they are very inconvenient. So funny.

WILLIAMS: I will say that it's very important I think that somebody is looking at the growth of these neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups across the country.

GUTFELD: Dana, let's look at what they are looking at. This is a guy who is basically a hero. He is risking his life every day coming out against radical extremists.

PERINO: One of the very few willing to come out.

GUTFELD: This group puts them on a hate list, basically targeting. This is why people don't like to be labeled. They are in danger. This guy is already in danger. He is doing more than anybody.

PERINO: I don't know about his story in particular but their real-world consequences for this type of targeting because she lives with 24/7 security. She has a husband and two young children into was never able to rest easy, because these Muslim extremists are after her.

GUTFELD: They murdered her --

PERINO: The other thing is the Weekly Standard after ACLU, do you have offshore accounts and the answer was no. I think there is a clear difference to say that the ACLU isn't doing the work they say they are. I do wonder if Elizabeth Warren will ask the southern poverty law center to bring the money back to the United States when she asks everybody else too.

KENNEDY: They could ask them to repatriate, absolutely.

GUTFELD: I have an offshore account. A jar of coins down by the river.


I have it on the string. In case everything goes bad, I am pulling that.

WATTERS: Very offshore.

KENNEDY: Is that where you hide your ingredients for your hobo chili?

GUTFELD: you know I do. My hobo chili has some very interesting ingredients. The host of the view spent the morning bashing President Trump again and lashed out at their invited guest the Huckabee family for supporting the president. It is a new segment called "What do you expect?"


KENNEDY: Hello, welcome back. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her father, former Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee dropped by the view where the host shamelessly aired their grievances. About President Trump.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Trump, the things he says about women are just horrendous. We all know that is a let's not pretend that he hasn't said some horrifying things about women.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We know that. Come on. You know it's true. Having said that, how can you let your daughter defend him?

MIKE HUCKABEE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: He has also empowered a lot of women. He is given my daughter in incredible opportunity.


HUCKABEE: No, also the women he has hired in the private sector and White House.


KENNEDY: How paternalistic. What, are we living under sharia law? How could you allow your daughter -- oh! Quick to defend the President from the onslaught, watch.


SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS, DEPUTY WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I've spent a lot of time with the President. I've never felt anything but respected and empowered to do exactly what I am there to do every day and that is my job. You know, I think he is an equal opportunity President. He is been just as hard. Women want equal opportunity. This President certainly gives it to them.


KENNEDY: They know what they are getting on that show, Dana. They know what they are walking into. Joy Behar has turned into an undead version of Marian from Brooklyn. It's very difficult to listen to a harping - oddly enough, you've been in that position when you've gone --

PERINO: I was never invited on "The view" when I was press secretary. I always thought it was better as a Republican woman to not go on. But I admire Sarah Huckabee Sanders for going on. You have to try. It's one thing to blow off the women's magazines and "The view" and say they'll never understand me. They will never understand my conservative viewpoint. That is not necessarily always the case. It's such a big audience. Obviously, she shows herself extremely well. There are a modern-day political family. I think they said they are all big fans of Mike Huckabee.

KENNEDY: They did. Joy Behar said that is her favorite Republican.

PERINO: So fair-minded.

KENNEDY: What did you make of the exchange?

WATTERS: I don't want to criticize "The view" before my book tour. Let's see the rest of my time to lawn. I will for her to go on the view as a conservative, you have two options. Your strategy is you go on and fight. It turns into a brawl and it goes viral and you try to dominate. Bill O'Reilly has done that, and Coulter has done that. High risk/high reward. I would recommend everyone do that or you go on and kill them with kindness. You smile.

PERINO: Self-loathing Republicans might.

WATTERS: Exactly. That was part of their strategy. I think the White House communications team deserves a lot of credit. I think it's a great idea, putting them on together. Mike is very disarming. He is very relatable and very charming. Sarah I thought showed a real personal side to her when she is talking about being a mom too but didn't give an inch when they attacked her boss. She was tough, professional. She did a great job.

KENNEDY: Greg, she has the onslaught every day. That shark infested journalist --

GUTFELD: I've been very impressed with her. She is a tough cookie. She would be an amazing prison guard. She be walking down with that thing saying get your food. She is a tough lady. You know what the thing is? For once, I would like to watch "The view" and be surprised. I'd like to see something coming out of somebody's mouth that I could not have seen a mile away. Everything that comes out of their mouth is like a Norwegian cruise ship. You can see it coming. Oh, it's coming at me. Anecdotal. The thing is about the idea of the two kinds away you can approach the show as a guest, they really want you to disown your values. If you disown your values and say I'm not really pro-life, I'm pro-choice, oh, now you are a Republican that we like because you like to kill babies.

KENNEDY: That actually happened with Tomi Lahren. That actually happened. Took a real shot without one. I hit claiming she was pro-life on the show. You have to be careful not to compromise yourself in those moments. Not to throw too much red meat. You have to remain authentic and true to who you are. I heard you're being auditioned as a cohost for --

WILLIAMS: I would fit in. Given my high estrogen levels.

KENNEDY: Gender?


WILLIAMS: As you get older, these things happen to you. I'm glad I'm not the one that was comparable to a prison guard.

GUTFELD: That was a compliment. Was that sexist? Too tough? Ok.

WILLIAMS: It sounds like nurse hatchet. I don't think so.

GUTFELD: Don't mince my words.

WILLIAMS: I think when you hear Joy Behar ask the question how do defend this guy? It tells a lot of things that just aren't true, it's a legitimate question. A legitimate question for her to answer and she never answers it. She said while he is in equal opportunity guy.

KENNEDY: I am not going to be evasive. We have the most powerful hurricane ever, ever recorded in the Atlantic heading towards the United States. That almost looks fake. It is not. It is all too real. It is Irma. We will discuss when "The Five" returns in moments.


WILLIAMS: The largest ever hurricane in the Atlantic is barreling towards the United States. Florida bracing for a possible devastating direct hit. Let's get the latest on Irma's path from Chief Meteorologist Rick Reichmuth at the Fox Weather Center.

RICK REICHMUTH, FOX NEWS: Juan hard to admit. Three hurricane in the Atlantic right now, that might probably move very close, just being pummeled overnight, then we have Katia, moving towards Mexico. Hurricane Irma now category five now just north of Puerto Rico. Unfortunately for Puerto Rico, the worst of the winds stayed just to the north of the islands. We have some very strong winds and rain but I don't think we've seen the worst of it. Here's what will happen over the next day or so. Going to get pummeled by category 5 storm. We will see that towards the Bahamas and after that is where we start have a lot of questions. We still unfortunately have a lot of questions. This takes us towards Saturday and then we know it's going to make a right-hand turn, where that happens, we still can't say. There looks to be a little bit of a consensus here. We still see them shifting back and forth. To be a 90- mile spread in deterrence. That 90 miles could be the difference between a cat 4 cat 5 landfalls hurricane in Miami.

A lot of people still need to be watching this very closely including everybody in the Florida peninsula, the Florida Keys as well. It will also tell you upper coast, Georgia. One of our models, a very reliable model brings a cat 4 hurricane right here Sunday, midday or so in the Miami area. And moving back off store, maybe strengthening and moving back on shore around areas. Lots of questions, unfortunately, Juan. More questions than answers. We know there will be some impact. We continue to watch closely.

WILLIAMS: Rick, thank you so much. That is shocking and coming on the heels of what happened in Texas. The governor of Florida, Rick Scott, he says get out.

PERINO: Save yourself basically. When Rick showed that model, the hurricane possibly hitting between Savannah and Charleston, just a year ago hurricane Matthew hit that area right before the election. Hardly got any attention but it did a lot of damage. I hope that the storm goes out to sea and doesn't hurt those folks again.

WILLIAMS: Kennedy, what about the Caribbean?

KENNEDY: It's terrifying that there are these other storms swirling on the heels of Irma. The evacuation is very different than what we saw with hurricane Harvey. That was a rain event that no one could have anticipated. The damage from rain and wind, very difficult for people in Florida. They are fortunately very used to these storms. They live through Andrew 25 years ago. Rick Scott said this is stronger than Andrew. Get out now.

WILLIAMS: Oh, boy. We will be following this massive storm. Also, stay tuned for "One more thing." It is up next.


WATTERS: Time now for "One More Thing." Greg?

GUTFELD: My podcast is up right now. Go to I'm interviewing the band dream machine. It's quite delightful. I am sure you will like it. Now let's go to this. Greg's secret to happiness. Sometimes you only need two things in life. A hammock and one single rice snack. Take a look at this little fella. The key to happiness is you find a comfortable place to relax and you just take your time and nibble away. Don't eat too fast because you are lying on your back and you could choke on that but that is the secret to happiness right there. And if you can enlist the help somebody scratch her head. That would be really nice. There it is. That little guy, he is not sure what that is. He is not saying that the or anything.

WATTERS: That is fake news Greg. That is not a rice snack. That looks like shredded wheat, Juan?

WILLIAMS: Peggy Whitson return to earth from the international space station Saturday. It was a historic return. She is the astronaut would spend the most total days in space, male or female and the oldest female astronaut to travel to space at 57 years old. The thing she missed the most? Pizza and flushing the toilet. Don't ask. Whitson is from Houston and she made a point to thank her Houston coworkers for staying at NASA during the flooding.

PERINO: Also back on that one was Jack Fisher. I got a call from space. He is a great Colorado. That is not my "one more thing." I also have a podcast. Tonight, my husband filled in because Chris Stirewalt was on vacation. Take a look.


PERINO: Do you ever get jealous that Dana loves Jasper more than you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I recognize it. She said she liked the idea of the convertible once. She said she liked the Audi TT. It only has two seats, there's no room for the dog. And she said yes there is, there's no room for you.


WATTERS: "Star Wars" jobs at risk. He has a great voice. Kennedy?

KENNEDY: Speaking of great shoes, Adidas has just released their Oktoberfest issues. Just in time for October. At DPP are coding. There's a lot of drinking at Oktoberfest. Around the world. That is a durable puke and beer repellent coating. So they are vomit resistant shoes for the alcoholic who also enjoys the sporting life.

WATTERS: Get Greg two pairs.


President Trump donated $1 million to the Harvey relief from his own account. Red Cross, Salvation Army, see the next page. There we go. Habitat gets a little money. Shout out to Jimmy Carter. There you go. Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of "The Five." "Hannity" coming up next.

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