Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

New 9/11?

Washington woke up to morning headlines that Rudy Giuliani predicted a "new 9-11" if a Democrat wins the presidency in 2008. Barack Obama responded that Giuliani has "taken the politics of fear to a new low." John Edwards said Giuliani's comments were "divisive and plain wrong." And Hillary Clinton called it "political rhetoric" that would not lessen the threat of terrorism.

The problem is Giuliani never said what the headlines claimed. It all started with a story in The Politico newspaper, which contained not a single quote to support its lead and headline. But it got picked up elsewhere nonetheless.

What Giuliani actually did say is what he has been saying for weeks, that Democrats would play defense instead of offense in the War on Terror, the same approach tried back before 9/11.

Segment Cancelled

A few days ago we told you PBS had canceled a segment in its series on challenges to post 9/11 America dealing with the struggle of moderate Muslims against extremism. The producers of the program now tell Cybercast News that the episode running in its place is a "fawning portrait" of U.S. organizations with extremist ties. They say that episode was produced by Robert MacNeil, who hosts the series — and had a key role in dropping their film. Producer Martyn Burke says replacing their program was a "triumph for the Islamists." PBS said Burke's documentary was not ready for air. But the filmmakers say it was spiked because of an "ideological vendetta" and their refusal to fire some producers with ties to conservative organizations.

FBI Database

In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings - the National Rifle Association is backing a proposal to ensure that mental health records are entered into the FBI database used for firearms background checks.

Newsweek's Web site reports this puts the NRA at odds with another major advocacy group — The Gun Owners of America — which says the bill would amount to a new form of gun control. And the American Psychiatric Association is also slamming the idea as a "stigmatizing approach to a tragic situation."

The alleged Virginia Tech shooter had been ordered to undergo outpatient psychiatric treatment — but that information was unavailable when he legally purchased the firearms used in the shootings.

Extra Pollution

And the European Parliament's Green Party says the EU is belching out more than 20,000 tons of extra carbon dioxide a year because of its insistence on having meetings in both France and Belgium. That's more than some small island countries emit on their own. They say the EU sends thousands of legislators and assistants from Brussels to Strasbourg every month — wasting fuel and pumping out unnecessary pollution — instead of doing all its business at its Brussels headquarters.

The EU is pushing members to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent in the next 13 years.

—FOX News Channel's Martin Hill contributed to this report.