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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: In a sure sign that liberalism is run amok in this country, the latest FOX News poll shows that Democrats are not only pining for withdraw from Iraq but that one in five actually believe that this country would be better off if we lost the war outright.

Joining us now to try and make sense of that tragic poll result, Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway, Democratic pollster and author of "The Power of the Vote." Doug Schoen is with us.

Doug, 20 percent of your party wants us to lose the war, lose the war?

DOUG SCHOEN, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Sean, we don't know what victory is. First it was deposing Saddam, then it was political reconciliation, now it's rooting out terror. A lot of Democrats are fed up with this war. And what that figure says to me is they've had enough. They don't know what our goals are, and they just want out.

KELLYANNE CONWAY, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Well, then they're not going to vote for Hillary Clinton, because she doesn't know what her war strategy is. But this is compelling to me as a pollster, because, as Doug, the expert in the field knows, phraseology is so important. This question was not the usual, "Should we get out of Iraq? Should we pull the troops home? Are we there too long?" This clearly said, "Would the world be better off if the United States loses the war?" And one out of five self-identified Democrats -- to their credit, only 7 percent of independents -- said yes, absolutely. Anti-Americanism!

HANNITY: I know that Harry Reid has said the war was lost, you know, called Rush Limbaugh unpatriotic this week. I have avoided those terms about Democrats. While we have seen Democrats say the war is lost, compare our troops to Nazis, call our troops murders and terrorists, as they all have here. But I've got to tell you something: Their rhetoric has emboldened our enemies. I will say that, Doug. The rhetoric of your leadership has hurt morale of our troops. And now to say 20 percent of the Democrats want to lose, I would be embarrassed as a Democrat to want to be associated with this MoveOn party.

SCHOEN: This is a poll, not rhetoric. Eighty-four percent of Democrats, according to that same poll, are praying for our troops. Eighty percent are praying...


HANNITY: They want to lose... We'd be better off if we lost, Doug. That's your MoveOn.org party.

SCHOEN: Sixty-two percent disagreed with that, and those of us who are reasonable Democrats agree with you, Sean, that we've got to have a bipartisan approach to stabilize Iraq.

HANNITY: Kellyanne, I guess what this now symbolizes to me is that the Democratic Party is now the party that is bought and paid for and owned by the "Daily Kooks" and the MoveOn.org.

SCHOEN: You know, that's not right.

HANNITY: That's what this poll shows.

CONWAY: Well, I think that's a fair assessment. I mean, the Democratic presidential candidates, Doug, wouldn't even debate on FOX News Channel or respect a network that you [Doug Schoen] have the foresight to be an analyst for.

SCHOEN: I disagree with them.

CONWAY: But wait a second. Yeah, they're wrong on that. But the minute that MoveOn.org rings that Pavlov dog bell, they're all on their hind legs, Hillary Clinton panting away...


ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: First of all, let's look at the actual numbers here, Kellyanne and Doug. Seven percent of independents and 5 percent of Republicans said the same thing. Why do they hate America?

CONWAY: Well, you can have those 5 percent...


COLMES: Why does 5 percent of your party hate America?

CONWAY: If you can give me the names of them, and you can have it.

COLMES: I'm going to give you their names. Go to their homes. In terms of emboldening the troops, when Gen. David Petraeus said the war cannot be won militarily, when Colin Powell said it's grave and deteriorating and we're not winning, when Newt Gingrich said that the war -- they have to develop a strategy, they have to admit that they're losing...

CONWAY: Those are very nice select quotes, in brackets...

COLMES: ...are these all conservatives who are emboldening the enemy, Kellyanne?

CONWAY: No, not at all.

COLMES: Oh, of course, because they're conservatives.

CONWAY: These are people who are giving their own opinions, and I think that you've selected phrases out of context.


COLMES: Yes, the same phrases out of context that you take with the Democrats.


SCHOEN: Alan, the war is not succeeding. Democrats know it. Republicans and independents know it. We are looking for a way out that stabilizes the country, tries some measure of reconciliation, and roots out terrorists.

COLMES: I'd also like to know what's -- as Doug pointed out, they keep changing the goal posts. First it was remove Saddam Hussein, we're going to get the WMDs. All right, there are no WMDs. We're going to get Al Qaeda out of Iraq because they were involved with 9/11. It turns out they were not involved...


COLMES: They keep changing what the mission is. How is an American to know what victory means, given the efforts to change the goal posts?

SCHOEN: We don't know.


CONWAY: That is not what this poll question asked. And I think you want to change the subject.

COLMES: But that's why there's confusion.

CONWAY: We've discussed that many times. I think you want to change the subject, because finally people were asked very straightforwardly: "Would the world be better off if the U.S. lost the war? And one in five...

COLMES: Define lost.


CONWAY: ... Barack Obama, since he took off his American flag lapel pin so proudly...

COLMES: Let's make the election about the flag. And this country.

CONWAY: I love the flag in this country.

COLMES: I love the flag, too, and I don't have to display it to prove it to you. Go ahead, Doug.

SCHOEN: We're in a situation now where the American people really don't know what we should do. You have some percentage of Democrats, Republicans, and independents, and more Democrats than Republicans and independents, say we should lose reflects abject frustration. It's a bad poll question, not bad Democrats, given that two-thirds of Democrats reject that notion.

COLMES: Hey, so, Kellyanne, why don't you praise the 81 percent who love America and say we should win in Iraq, the 81 percent of Democrats...

CONWAY: It was 62 percent, actually. It was 62 percent.

COLMES: Why aren't you praising those people?

CONWAY: It was 60 percent. Thank you so much for having the patriotic...


SCHOEN: It's good news that, while only 11 percent of Democrats in that poll give George Bush a positive rating, 37 percent of those Democrats are praying for him. We Democrats are a beneficent people who believe in rejecting the politics...


HANNITY: I would pray for them, too, in light of the leadership of the Democrats accusing them of murder, being terrorists, and killing...


COLMES: ... And all those God-hating liberals who are praying for George W. Bush, what about all those people?

SCHOEN: That's good news.

CONWAY: Some of them are. That's nice.


COLMES: Most of them are.


SCHOEN: We should stay patriotic. And we should stabilize Iraq.

COLMES: I don't need to wear my patriotism on my sleeve. Where's your pin? I don't see it, Kellyanne. Where's your pin? Where is it? I want a pin next time.

SCHOEN: She's wearing red.

HANNITY: But your party, Doug, has been taken over by MoveOn.org. They bought you. They own you.


CONWAY: They're controlling the primary process.

HANNITY: Thank you guys for being with us.

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