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MARTHA MACCALLUM, GUEST HOST: Again, Britney Spears has stumbled into an embarrassing mess. Apparently she had sort of a meltdown during an OK Magazine photo shoot last week, and it got really ugly. So ugly, in fact, now the magazine is not going to publish those photos.

There is a variety of thinking about what's going on behind that, but they are trashing her. They are spilling all the details of what happened there.

Dawn Yanek, Editor at Large with Life and Style Weekly, joins us. Hi Dawn, good to see you.


MACCALLUM: We were talking in the break about this. It's really, it's gross. Tell people who didn't hear all this, who didn't have the benefit of seeing some of these gross details, just how bad this got.

YANEK: It got really bad. Britney, first of all, did not like any of the clothes that were pulled at the photo shoot. They weren't "tight enough, short enough, or sexy enough." So that was a problem.

She also decided to eat lunch wearing one of the dresses after just a few minutes of an interview. She answered a couple of the questions, and she said let's break for lunch.

MACCALLUM: Let’s take a break for fried chicken.

YANEK: Yes. And then she ends up wiping her hands all along the dress -_

MACCALLUM: What is wrong with her?

YANEK: —which was bad. But then her dog decided to — her little Yorkie, OK, it's a puppy — decided to defecate on a $6,700 dress.

OK. It's a puppy. But then she and her assistant didn't volunteer to clean it up. They left it until somebody at the shoot said you have to clean this up.

And that was of course after she was kicking the hair and makeup people out, and saying that she wanted her friends to do her hair and her makeup.

MACCALLUM: So they do such a great job, we have seen that.

YANEK: Exactly. So it was just a disaster all around, it sounds like.

MACCALLUM: So what do people think is going on with her? What kind of drugs is she doing? What is she doing?

YANEK: It's very, very curious. What we heard at Life and Style Weekly is that Kevin Federline is very, very concerned. He is actually talking to his lawyers right now about getting full custody of these children.

But it was interesting, because at the shoot, it sounded like something was going on, and it sounded like that's what the editors were implying, because, apparently, Britney went into the bathroom repeatedly, and kept coming out more and more disoriented.

So that raises the question…

MACCALLUM: You guys did a shoot, and you guys caught her doing something strange a few days before that, too.

YANEK: Yes, absolutely. She ended up, she was driving along with her two sons. She pulled over the side of the road. There were photographers all around. She stripped down to her underwear, this shear underwear and this pink bra, and she jumped into the middle of the ocean. That is very strange behavior.

MACCALLUM: That's what I do when I'm out with my kids on the afternoon.

YANEK: A refreshing little dip.

MACCALLUM: Kevin Federline, you remember the days, of course, when he was the bad boy, he was the horrible father who was going to Las Vegas all the time, and using all her money. And she looked like the innocent one in the whole thing. Now he is looking like the better dad.

YANEK: Absolutely. He is coming across like father of the year. And somebody has got to be looking out for these kids. And what we have heard is that Kevin is siding with Britney's mom and her former assistant and cousin Allie, who seems to have defected from camp Britney at the moment.

MACCALLUM: And they seem to be ganging up against her, which has to make her even more crazy if she thinks they are in cahoots, because you have well documented that she has a tough relationship, at this point, with her mom, too.

YANEK: I think people are concerned, and that's the main thing. They want her to get well, get healthy, and be back to the Britney that everybody loves and knows.

MACCALLUM: What about the ethics of printing this whole thing? Because the story was, as I get it, and tell me if I am wrong, that they were going to pay her $1 million for this interview and for the photos. The whole thing went to hell in a hand basket, and they decided not to print the photos, not to pay her.

But they did tell all these details. And literally this kind of story, it really could ruin her career.

YANEK: It's very damaging, this kind of story. But that said, it is a story. They are reporting the facts of what happened, according to them. So, it's an interesting story, and let me tell you, it will sell magazines.

MACCALLUM: You know, we have been hearing Lindsey and Britney tonight. Who does the country have more sympathy for in the long run?

YANEK: That is such a good question. I think those two are vying for the title right now, and it is not a title that anyone wants. These are two girls who have talent, and who have a lot going for them. But they are both having very, very public meltdowns right now, and neither of them is doing that well.

MACCALLUM: And they were both so fresh-faced, and cute, and enthusiastic as young girls. And it really is sad to see what has happened to them. Let's hope they can both turn things around. But this particular episode isn't going to help Britney one bit.

YANEK: Everybody loves a comeback, so let's hope.

MACCALLUM: Everybody does love a comeback. We'll leave it on that positive note. Dawn, thank you very much. Good to talk to you.

YANEK: Thank you. You too.

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