Conway: We are processing the memo at the White House

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to "Hannity." Tonight, we are broadcasting from the sewer, the swamp, Washington, D.C.

Tonight, we have major breaking news. Disgraced FBI Director Andrew McCabe is out at the FBI and Fox News is now being told he was removed from that post.

Now, Sara Carter also is here with breaking news, sources tonight telling her that McCabe's exit is just the beginning of more resignations, firings, to come at the FBI.

And also breaking this hour, this is huge, the House Intelligence Committee has voted to publicly release the classified memo, release the memo. We've been telling you all week, that shows severe FISA abuse against members of the Trump campaign. Now, the president needs to get final approval before you can see it.

All of that plus a "Hannity" expose into just how deeply corrupt and dishonest and conspiratorial they destroy Trump media really is. They have been lying to you, the American people, for over a year while ignoring a mountain of evidence of wrongdoing and corruption in what is one of the biggest scandals in American history.

That is tonight's breaking news, all important opening monologue. A busy hour.


HANNITY: All right. We start tonight with a massive shake-up of the FBI. Fox News now reporting that Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has not been removed from his position at the bureau. This is very important -- the timing of McCabe leaving the bureau comes just hours after the FBI director went to Capitol Hill to view the classified memo, detailing Obama administration FISA abuses against the Trump campaign. And remember, The Daily Beast is reporting that McCabe, James Comey, and Rod Rosenstein, are all named in this four-page document.

And other reporting now suggesting the FBI Director Christopher Wray was concerned about an upcoming inspector general report on the actions of McCabe and other top FBI officials during the 2016 election. Now, McCabe being shown the door is long overdue and our sources are now saying tonight that his exit is just the opening salvo and what is a much bigger scandal that will be unfolding in the days and weeks and months ahead.

Now, here's why: current and former FBI officials are telling Sarah Carter tonight -- she'll join us in a minute -- that McCabe, quote, "quitting" is the beginning of more resignations that will be coming.

Now, before we detail why McCabe deserved to be removed, I want to be very, very clear tonight especially to the "destroy Trump" media: the political bias and corruption that we are now detailing at the FBI and the Department of Justice and then in the intelligence community, we've all been reporting on, it has nothing to do with rank-and-file members. Those people work tirelessly to keep us safe. They deserve the utmost praise and support which we give them on a daily basis.

And who we are focusing on here is key. We're exposing what is a row group of unelected deep state bureaucrats that have been trying to disrupt our democratic republic and our system. Andrew McCabe is one of those people.

Now, here's what we know about him and why it was about time he was removed. McCabe lied to -- in terms of the corrupt Clinton email investigation. That we know was for show. In other words, it was rigged. The fix was in. It was a total sham.

He oversaw Trump aiding FBI agent Peter Strzok's work on the Russia investigation. Fox News has reported that McCabe is thought to have been the central point of contact for handling that Clinton bought and paid for phony salacious Russian dossier. And according to The Wall Street Journal, McCabe ordered FBI agents to stand down on an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Now, remember, McCabe's wife -- his wife's name is Jill -- she took $700,000 in campaign contributions from a super PAC tied to the Clintons and their ally Terry McAuliffe, former governor of the commonwealth of Virginia, from Virginia Democrats in her failed state Senate run.

And finally, Trump-bashing FBI lovers right there, Strzok and Page, they texted, remember about the insurance policy that they talked about with Andy, we believe is Andrew McCabe, in case Donald Trump actually won the election, which they didn't think was going to happen.

Now, McCabe is tied to literally every single instance of corruption, of abuse of power at the FBI that we are exposing. He should have been fired or should have resigned a long time ago. Now, the top ranks of the FBI need to be cleaned out and McCabe is just a good start.

Now, we also have huge developments tonight. The House Intelligence Committee tonight has voted along party lines. They are releasing to the public that classified four-page memo that details massive FISA abuses against the Trump campaign.

Now, no Democrats voted yes. The reason is simple. They do not want you to know the truth.

Now, President Trump now has five days to approve the release so you the American people can see it, and my sources are telling me tonight that the matter is being taken very seriously at the White House. It will be thoroughly reviewed in the next 48 hours, and while the president believes in transparency, he will be deliberative in this process. Until that happens and we can see it all for ourselves, here's what we know about the document and why this is so important.

Remember, The Daily Beast reported that Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein are all named in this memo, and other reporting says that Rosenstein, well, was the official that approved the warrants to spy or at least extended him on the Trump campaign supposedly under the pretext looking at Carter Page.

Now, members of Congress that have seen this memo, they have called it shocking, alarming and said it literally mirrors KGB-style tactics. Now, members are also saying it could cause many people to go to jail and it could lead to the end of the Mueller investigation. It is that serious that we're being told that exposes severe and massive constitutional violations of our Fourth Amendment, privacy rights, massive FISA abuses.

Now, this is a major development and those of you out there that call Congress and tweeted and texted and put notes on Facebook and Instagram to release the memo, tonight, you should be very happy because you the American people deserve to know about these abuses. Now, we're going to have all the details of course as soon as we get them.

Now, also breaking this hour -- all right, we have a news media in this country that is obsessed with calling one of the biggest scandals in American history that we have been following that has a mountain of evidence and a mountain of facts supporting it -- well, they're trying to dismiss it as some kind of conspiracy. By the way, the same media, ironically, that has been pushing what is baseless black helicopter tinfoil hat conspiracy theories about so-called Trump-Russia collusion for over a year. The difference is we have evidence. They have none whatsoever.

Now, in case the liberal media has forgotten, well, we put this little montage together to remind them. Take a look.


CARL BERNSTEIN, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST, MAY 14, 2017: We are looking at the possibility that the president of the United States and those around him during an election campaign colluded with a hostile foreign power to undermine the basis of our democracy.

DAN RATHER ON MSNBC, AUG. 30, 2017: Donald Trump is afraid like political hurricane is out there at seems for him. We'll call it Hurricane Vladimir, if you will, the whole Russian thing.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN, JULY 11, 2017: This is evidence of willingness to commit collusion.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE, MSNBC, JULY 11, 2017: There's outright treason. I mean, there is no question that what he is doing is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

NICOLE WALLACE, "TODAY"/NBC, JULY 6, 2017: This cloud about collusion with Russia will hang over him no matter where he stands.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE, MSNBC, MAY 24, 2017: It certainly feels like we're in the opening stages of a devastating political chapter in America history.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE, MSNBC, FEB. 15, 2017: Tom Friedman said the election hacking is at the caliber of a Pearl Harbor or a 9/11. Do you agree with that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE, MSNBC, FEB. 15, 2017:: I completely agree with that.

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, MSNBC, MAY 16, 2017: Donald Trump now sits at the threshold of impeachment.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE, MSNBC, MARCH 28, 2017: You told The Washington Post last week that, quote, there's a smell of treason in the air when it comes to this investigation.

DOUGLAS BRINKLEY, MSNBC, MARCH 28, 2017: A lot of people are afraid to use the T-word treason, but in the end, that's what people are investigating.

CHUCK TODD, MSNBC: If there's any day to be watching, Ari, it is today. Russia, Russia, Russia.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A lot going on.


HANNITY: Now, what's been playing out here is a coordinated effort by the media to smear, slander, besmirch President Trump with what they know now is a total fabrication. Now, we have seen nothing -- I mean nothing -- showing Trump-Russia collusion for over a year. OK. Don't take Sean Hannity's word for it, forget me, all right? Many top ranking Democrats, people in the intel community, have all said the same thing. This is a reminder for the destroy Trump media. Take a look.


REP. ADAM SCHIFF, D-CALIF., "THIS WEEK"/ABC: The allegation, of course, is that the Russians in the hacking and dumping of documents in the election had essentially relationships with Trump campaign people. But I'm not prepared to say that there's proof you could take to a jury.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, "THIS WEEK"/ABC, JUNE 11, 2017: Do you agree with this conclusion that the president has reached that there was no evidence of collusion?

SEN. JOE MANCHIN, D-WVA., "THIS WEEK"/ABC, JUNE 11, 2017: You know, we haven't seen any of that whatsoever, George. We've been looking and showing everything that they possibly have. That has not led to that.

WOLF BLITZER, CNN, MAY 18, 2017: The last time we spoke, Senator, I asked you if you had actually seen evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. And you said to me and I'm quoting you now, you said "not at this time." Has anything changed since we spoke last?

SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN, D-CALIF., MSNBC, MAY 18, 2017: Well, not -- no, it hasn't.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE, MSNBC, MAY 18, 2017: I know -- just to be clear we haven't there has been no actual evidence yet?

REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF., MSNBC, MAY 18, 2017: No, it has not been.

JAMES CLAPPER, FORMER DNI, "MEET THE PRESS"/NBC, MAY 28, 2017: But at the time I left, I did not have seen any smoking gun and certitude evidence of collusion.


HANNITY: No evidence of collusion. Now, the corrupt media in this country, they seem impervious to facts, truth. They don't look for the truth any more. They're believing at this point their own lies I think many have actually convince themselves with their destroy Trump mentality that their phony narrative is actually true without any evidence.

Now, to help you understand exactly what's going on, I want to compare and contrast real facts, real evidence between a massive American scandal and so-called Trump-Russia collusion. Here's what the media is ignoring. Let's compare and contrast.

Hillary Clinton we know broke the law by having a secret -- top secret special access program and classified information on her server. U.S. Code 18 -- USC code 1870 -- whatever, there's a million laws. We put them up on screen many times.

Clinton broke the law when she deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails, remember? And then just to make sure, she acid washed and bleached bit the hard drive, so nobody could ever get them and then Clinton broke the law when her aides were smashing the BlackBerry's and mobile devices with a hammer. Do any of you at home do that? And then they turned her over cellphones to the FBI, but those cell phones had no SIM cards. Those are facts, incontrovertible.

Now, we found out, too, that Peter Strzok, James Comey and others, remember -- they put the fix in. Who writes an exoneration before an investigation, before you interview Hillary Clinton herself and 17 other key witnesses?

And remember, they also changed the legal standard in their many exoneration letters, they took out the legal standard gross negligence and changed it to extreme carelessness and then they altered references to Clinton's server being hacked by hostile actors. Well, that's people the lives in jeopardy and that what that allowed Hillary Clinton to stay in the presidential race. What we know there are facts.

And we also know, according to Donna Brazile, Clinton controlled the DNC, rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders. Imagine if Donald Trump did it against 16 Republicans.

Now, we discovered that Hillary Clinton tried to rig the general election, remember? She used a lawyer to pay Fusion GPS over $12 million, create a phony Russian dossier full of lies and propaganda to influence the American people, so she could rig that election.

And now, we're also learning that the Clinton bought and paid for dossier -- and this is the scary part -- was used by top administration officials to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on an opposition party the Trump campaign in an election year and then a president-elect. These are all facts. And new text messages have also exposed the massive bias from anti-Trump FBI officials Strzok and Page. Remember, they called Trump an idiot, a loathsome human being, F Trump.

And we know that Strzok and Page talked about the so-called insurance policy with who we believe is Andrew McCabe who was fired today. And remember, July 1, before they ever interviewed Clinton, before Comey ever went came forward and went public on July 5, they revealed that Loretta Lynch knew the fix was in in the Clinton investigation.

So, let's see. Strzok and Page and McCabe and Comey and Loretta Lynch all knowing?Now, they were hesitant to investigate Hillary Clinton. We also learn because they thought she might win and retaliate against them. Those are facts, those are real text messages, and it's only a small sampling of what has been released. There is evidence showing and proving all of this.

So, what does the media have to prove as it relates to Trump Russia collusion a year later? Nothing. No evidence. No facts. They're basing everything on nothing but their own conspiracy theory in their own little media bubble. We have been giving you facts. We have been telling you the truth, and the media has been proven to be pathological liars at a level we've never seen before in history.

They have become tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists at the highest levels. The media is now married to this phony narrative and they cannot let it go. And, by the way, they're massive hypocrites. They don't care about truth. They obviously don't care about equal justice under the law, or do they care about the Constitution of the United States, because if they did they would be reporting all of the facts that we just gave you.

Here with reaction, we have the hosts of "Justice", Judge Jeanine Pirro, FOX News contributor Sara Carter, former deputy assistant to the president, Fox News national security strategist, Sebastian Gorka.

We got to start with you. You're breaking new news tonight about Andrew McCabe. Let's start there, work our way back.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: What we know tonight is that FBI Director Christopher Wray went Sunday and reviewed the four-page FISA memo. The very next day, Andrew McCabe was asked to resign.

Remember, Sean, he was planning on resigning in March. That already came out in December. This time, he asked him to go right away. You're not coming into the office. I heard reports he didn't even come in for the morning meeting, that he didn't show us.

HANNITY: Some -- a source of mind told me tonight that when Wray read this, it shocked him to his core.

CARTER: Shocked him to his core and not only that the inspector general's report, I have been told tonight by a number of sources --

HANNITY: One-point-two million pages already handed over to Congress.

CARTER: Correct, 1.2 million pages, but there's indicators right now that McCabe may have asked FBI agents to actually change their 302s. Those are the interviews with witnesses. So, basically, every time an FBI agent interviews a witness, they have to go back and file a report.

HANNITY: They changed it, that would be what? Obstruction of justice and against the law?

CARTER: Exactly, obstruction of justice. This is something that the inspector general is investigating. If that is the case, if this is true and not just alleged, if this is true, McCabe will be fired. I heard they are considering firing him within the next few days if this -- if this turns out to be true.

HANNITY: Sebastian, as you take all of this in, as you absorb all of this, it's kind of -- for some, it's hard to believe. But now, the evidence has been mounting and mounting and mounting, and one smoking gun after another. It's incontrovertible at this point.

SEBASTIAN GORKA, FOX NEWS NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGIST: It is, but it has to be put in the context of the history of our great nation. Remember, why was America created? It was created because of the usurpation of power, the capricious usurpation by a leader thousands of miles away. That's why America was created. It was about tea tax. It was about stationing troops on private property without permission.

This -- this is a hundred times bigger. This is our government spying on political adversaries. This is federal law enforcement officials obstructing justice. You listed all the things Clinton did and all the things her team did, but let's not forget, the FBI destroyed the laptop that were part of the Clinton investigation. Who gave that order?

HANNITY: Hey, who has an exoneration before an investigation?

GORKA: Right.

HANNITY: The fix -- because they wanted Hillary to remain.

All right. Judge, let me go to you. You're great on the law. I know you've been very passionate and on your own show on this. Let's break this down.

JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO, "JUSTICE WITH JUDGE JEANINE" HOST: All right. You know what we're seeing here, Sean, is what we would expect to see in a third world country where a political party is using their justice system to not only surveilled individuals, but to change the course of a presidential election this is not just you know some case where people are you know playing around with statements trying to get them to change statements. This is about changing the course of American history by using the most powerful weapon that we have in the justice system, and the federal anyway, the FBI.

I have been saying from the beginning, Sean, this guy McCabe needs to be taken out in cuffs. They should not be paid by the American people. He shouldn't be able to dictate when he's going to leave.

And by the way, I have to say one thing. You know, Sean, you just said that Christopher Wray was shocked when he read of that four-page memo. You know what, how could he be shocked? He's a head of the FBI.

Everything that you and I have seen that we've been talking about for the last year has been something that has been corroborated factually, and now, all of a sudden, he's shocked? Why are they shocked on the day before the public is going to get to see this information?

HANNITY: I'm not going to disagree with you.

PIRRO: Presuming the president lets it out. They knew about it and now, they're caught with their hands in the cookie jar, and now, they have to say, oh, we're going to make McCabe going, maybe more charges.

HANNITY: The reason that this will be coming out and I'm glad that the White House told me tonight that they will be deliberative, that they're taking it seriously, they're not rushing out with it. Obviously, the State of the Union tomorrow, I'm hoping we'd see this by Wednesday night or Thursday.

But they're doing the right thing because this is not a game. We are talking about people's lives, we're talking about potential crimes, we're talking about people being charged, going to jail but more importantly, and the scary part of this and I'll throw this to Sara for more information -- is that we have now weaponized the powerful tools of intelligence. FISA is important because we -- that means that's our government spying on citizens, and if Hillary's bought and paid for dossier was the foundation to do this, wow.

CARTER: Sean, it was a very shoddy foundation.

HANNITY: To influence a presidential election.

CARTER: A duly elected president of the United States, voted for by the people of this country, Sean, this is bigger than anything anybody can imagine.

HANNITY: And when you say that, this makes Watergate like stealing a Snickers bar from a drugstore.

CARTER: Absolutely, and think about this -- this is why there were so many whistleblowers, Sean, not even just the whistleblowers that were going to the inspector general, to the House Intelligence Committee. But think about this.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court chided the Obama administration, we broke those stories last year, remember that?

HANNITY: Of course, it's been a year we've been --

CARTER: He chided the Obama administration for violating the laws.


CARTER: And this is where it all started.

HANNITY: Yes, Dr. Gorka?

GORKA: There's a very special reason why America doesn't have an internal security service. We don't have a KGB. We don't even have an MI5, think about that. A lot of people after 9/11 said we need to have an internal security service to spy on Americans and we said, no, it's un-American.

What have we just heard? That the Obama administration used the intelligence community --

PIRRO: Exactly.

GORKA: -- for political purposes.

HANNITY: It was a bought and paid for opposition dossier of lies.

All right. You get the last word tonight, Judge Jeanine.

PIRRO: You know, one of the things that we have to worry about going forward is as the evidence is out there and my head is off to Sara Carter, to "The Hill", John Solomon all those guys but we need a prosecutor in the Justice Department.

HANNITY: There's a not a lot.

PIRRO: We need a prosecutor in that Justice Department, not Rod Rosenstein, who right now is in the middle of all this --


HANNITY: Judge, we need a special counsel. We need it yesterday.

PIRRO: So, what is everyone waiting for, Sean?

HANNITY: I don't know what they're waiting for. I don't know. It's a scary night but there's going to be a lot of news all week long.

We are part of a small group of people, I'll add John Solomon, I'll add Gregg Jarrett, I'll add Tom Fitton. I'll add Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing, anybody I'm missing?

GORKA: Chris Farrell.

HANNITY: And will say Freedom Caucus members and some others, not a lot of them. Ron DeSantis, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan.

Sad. The media has been lying to you. We've caught them.

When we come back, Kellyanne Conway -- by the way, they have us doing the show in the cold. It's freezing. That's a real open cold air back there behind.

We'll continue from the swamp, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. And as we come to you from the swamp, the sewer that is Washington, joining us now with the big reaction to breaking news tonight, counsel to the president, Kellyanne Conway.

Good to see you. How are you?


HANNITY: You like it, we didn't give you any heat. They actually -- they handed me -- I give it to the guest, I don't need to give it heated seat.

Welcome back.

This is not small. You've been in the White House for the entire year. There's no evidence of this collusion narrative of the media. I've watched you try and fight with these idiots over on the shh-hole network.

CONWAY: (INAUDIBLE) shapers on your show. There's so easily baited, collusion delusion illusion (ph), conclusion no collusion. And here we are six months later still.

HANNITY: But here we are also --

CONWAY: But it's a very serious matter now, of course. People should be outrage at --

HANNITY: We know the fix was in on Hillary's emails so she could keep running. We know the people involved. We have the text messages and then we know that her paid-for dossier was used to spy on a opposition candidate, and an incoming president. This isn't funny.

CONWAY: Look, I want to make something very clear. The president went to Quantico last month and he respects greatly the rank and file of the FBI, 25,000 or so men and women who work very hard and who are not involved in this particular episode. We are just processing the memo at the White House. The president will look at on it very deliberatively, he takes it very seriously.

But at this moment, we should just leave it to those who are going out and investigating and making some new facts than this some of your guests are doing, so that the American people can at least have the transparent accountable way to decide what they what they see here.

HANNITY: The president --

CONWAY: We're focusing on that man in the White House giving a speech right behind us in the capitol tomorrow.

HANNITY: There's a big story to tell that again I have to go back to the media that they have never told it. They've never talked about we have 2.2 million new jobs, 2 million fewer people on food stamps, consumer confidence through the roof, two quarters of three plus percent GDP growth, and we still -- the tax plan kicks in February 1.

CONWAY: But let's keep going. Even before it, quote, kicks in, Sean, you have as of this morning, 274 employers, company taking action directly related to the tax cuts.

HANNITY: No, no, there crumbs reported. Thousand -- I was poor my life, for my adult life. Crumbs is a thousand or two thousand dollars.

CONWAY: That's according to Nancy Pelosi. It sounded much like that comment, the deplorables. And they're just so out of touch, so out of the mainstream, so out of touch with America. Tonight, the Senate rejected -- the Democrats rejected an ability to put into law the Pain-Capable bill that would ban abortions after the 20th month when a fetus can feel pain.

They're so out of touch with America, calling that crumbs -- it's a real bread, lady, it's not crumbs. What's the real bread? A thousand dollar, two thousand dollar bonuses raises, and wages.

But obviously, you see all these companies repatriating their wealth now, agreeing to create new jobs here.

HANNITY: All the factories coming back, all the manufacturing centers.

CONWAY: Over two hundred thousand manufacturing jobs created.

And, Sean, this is very simple. In 2010, when the Democrats lost control of the House, Nancy Pelosi was no longer the speaker and likely won't be again, Barack Obama went on to be successfully reelected, but he even admitted that they had suffered a shellacking, but they were all trying to defend their votes for Obamacare and that was becoming increasingly unpopular.

The Republicans are going to brag about their vote for tax cuts and what it means to the American people. So far, you have over three million Americans who have directly benefited from that tax cut because of what their employers have done, and the pressure is on other employers now. If you don't go ahead and reinvest that money in your workforce, in your workplace, those workers will go somewhere else. We are becoming a nation of jobs intensive labor.

HANNITY: We have since the history of demographics on unemployment. The lowest unemployment level for black Americans and Hispanic Americans and women, 17 year low. It is amazing

KELLYANNE CONWAY, WHITE HOUSE COUNSELOR: You don't hear it because people are focusing on other things. It doesn't matter and I will tell you why. Folks know that the 41k are battered. They know their confidence is up and they are spending more money. The value of their retirement savings, or education cadence this President's tax bill extend the 529 saving plan to education. That allows you to save money earlier.

HANNITY: Gotten very little coverage.

CONWAY: We will talk about that. People ask me, how do we get women? Talk about the education saving expansion. This is what people care about, this President between the regulations, the taxation and ISIS is on the run, what he is done in one short year to stimulate this economy is remarkable.

HANNITY: Back to our top story. Andrew McCabe is gone. This memo is going to be released. I am told it will shock the conscience. Then you have an investigation fixed on top of Hillary Clinton's primary, but an investigation obviously gets from crimes were committed. No wonder people were shouting lock her up. It's get worse than that. Her phony Russian dossier use as a foundation to get a warrant to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign and an incoming presidency. This to me is the biggest political scandal in American history.

CONWAY: Sean, you know what happens when we talk about the 2016 elections and that woman who lost miserably. Her. You can't get over the election. We are way past it. This is not about an election that Donald Trump won. It's about democracy and the constitution. It's about people being able to know if justice and democracy were subverted. You think woman had every advantage. All of the king's horses and king's men and all of the money and still blew it. People were telling her, I was in Wisconsin and there were Trump signs and no Hillary signs you better get out. They didn't come.

HANNITY: Kellyanne, I know you are working hard every day.

CONWAY: A great state of the union address tomorrow. Everybody should watch it. Great economy.

HANNITY: Immediately thereafter. I hope people tune in. All right. When we come back on, Ed Henry has a preview of the state of the union address. Brit Hume weighs in on the top story of the day as we continue from our nation's capital.


HANNITY: All right. President Trump is preparing to deliver his first state of the union address tomorrow night in the capitol building, that one right behind me. All right. From the White House a preview of the president's speech Fox news chief national correspondent -- how unfair is it for me to whine about the cold when you are out there in the cold every night?


HANNITY: Tell me to shut up Hannity and just stay in the comfort of your warm studio.

HENRY: I would never tell you to shut up. You have a cushy tent and a little heater and probably some blankies and all the rest.

HANNITY: Really? I don't have an overcoat on. Give me credit.


HENRY: Bottom-line is that we were told that the President stayed back here at the White House over the weekend after that trip to Davos instead of going to Florida in Mar-a-Lago, because he wanted to work on his first ever state of the union address and he spent a chunk of his time today, in fact going through some of those edits from the weekend. Last year at this time, he gave a speech to a joint session. It's not called a state of the union technically in the first year in office. The President himself told reporters today he sees it as a big speech. Get the focus for the nation back on his legislative agenda and his advisers are saying, there are really 5 key pillars to this address. Jobs, the economy. Infrastructure, a plan that we had been waiting on for a long time. Immigration, obviously has been dominating the headline. Trade, another big issue dated from the campaign as well as national security and the fight against ISIS. Now, a special focus on immigration. The clock is ticking on the deal, to deal with DACA. And what is clear from the President told reporters today. Is that he understands politically Republicans don't have the votes to go it alone here to actually beef up border security. He will issue a challenge in the state of the union address tomorrow night with Democrats. And say look, I will deal with you on DACA if you give me funding for the wall. He laid it out today. Watch.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: So many years, many, many years White House had been talking immigration, they have never been done. We will get something done. It has to be bipartisan. Hopefully the Democrats will join us, enough of them will joins us so we can really do something great for DACA and immigration in general.


HENRY: This is obviously an opportunity for the President to try to build on the momentum from the tax cuts which is how he ended last year with the FBI investigation and the Mueller probe he doesn't have that agenda back on track so far this year. Obviously with millions watching tomorrow night is an opportunity to do that. Back to you, Sean, in the cushy tent.

HANNITY: It's not that cold out. I like to complain. I used to build houses in the freezing cold. Thank you very much, Ed Henry. Joining us now is Fox news senior political analyst Brit Hume. Brit let's go to the top story here. You have the House Intelligence Committee, they release this memo. It's going to the White House. My sources told me tonight that the president and the White House will be deliberative and take this seriously. There is no rush to get it out. They want to know what is in this first.

BRIT HUME, SENIOR FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, that is what the President called for. There is a possibility when the President and advisors look at and they will hear from the department of justice that this information or the implications of this information coming out, the summary would contain would be damaging to sources and methods of intelligence gathering and therefore should not be made public. I have a hunch, they will look at it and say this won't hurt anything. It doesn't contain the underlying raw intelligence upon which it's based. Probably in a week or so we will see this memo and know what the real deal it.

HANNITY: Brit, look, you have been around Washington a long time. I am now in my 23rd year in Fox and 30 years in radio. I have a lot of sources as you do and every single person that I know who saw this memo, they used words like explosive, shock the conscience will be a political earthquake. It's only the beginning. There is a lot more they know is coming that will follow. What are your sources telling you?

HUME: Well, what I am sensing about this, Sean, is this is going to be interesting. It is very likely be outlined here, abuses of our intelligence processes and the use of the FISA court. I want to wait until I see it. One thing being in Washington a long time taught me there are few things live up to their hype. There has been a considerable amount of hype about this. I will withhold judgment about how explosive it is until I see it.

HANNITY: That is fair. You have been around this town a long time. Here's what we do know. It's scary from Donna Brazile says the primary against Bernie Sanders was rigged and it does get scary when you read the text messages between Strzok and Page and the exoneration was written months before the investigation in terms of Hillary's emails. It get a little scary when one candidate pay for Russian dossier with salacious phony details and that can be use as a FISA warrant to spy on an opposition candidate. At that point, when is the media begin to cover this? You know many in the media in this town.

HUME: The media in this town, most are interested in one story. That is the Russia story. For a long time the focus was whether there was collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. The absence of any visible evidence seems to have cooled that story a little bit. Now they are on to obstruction of justice being a possibility here. The media in Washington cannot stand Donald Trump. They can't stand the sight of him. They would like to see him brought down. There is no doubt in my mind about that. I am not prepared to believe that Robert Mueller's investigation won't in the end be fair. He made mistakes in people he hired and FBI agents that he used to help conduct this investigation. I am still not prepared to believe that in the end this guy will come out with a slanted report or flimsy report with accusations it will not hold up under scrutiny. At the same time, however, I believe there is every chance we may find out serious misconduct in the FBI and the Justice Department in the latter stages of the Obama administration and the beginning of this one. I think that bare serious investigation as well, although I am not a fan of having another special counsel. They always end up being unaccountable and out of control and they wander very far afield from the original mission. I think it's a bad idea. I wish this special counsel process had not been used in the case of Mr. Trump either.

HANNITY: All right. Brit Hume, always great perspective. Thank you, sir. When we come back, Sean Spicer, and Ari Fleischer they will weigh in on today's big blockbuster top story. Straight ahead.


HANNITY: Back to our top story tonight. The House Intelligence Committee voting to release the classified memo thanks to a lot of you tweeting out, calling your Congressman and saying release the memo. Following the blow, Democrats and the members of the mainstream media immediately began condemning the move. They don't want to see the memo and they don't want you to see the memo. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All you need to understand is that the Republicans declared war today on our national security on classified information.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think we are seeing a breakdown of democracy. We have never had a situation in which the congress moved into a criminal investigation and turned it into a political circus. That is exactly what is going on here.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It looks like Watergate. It also has fringes of the Salem witch trials and throw in the McCarty hearings and I think we have one crisis about to happen here.


HANNITY: All right. Joining us now former White House press secretary for President Trump Sean Spicer and former White House press secretary for President Bush, Fox news contributor Ari Fleischer. Good to see you both. All right. Let's talk about the origins of this. This is important. The origins are simple. You have an email server investigation that clearly they were exonerating before investigations? It was written months before they interviewed main principals. Then we have a dossier full of Russian lies and propaganda that was used to influence the American people. That was not true. And then we know it was used as a foundation to get a FISA warrant to spy on a campaign and the President-Elect. To me that is the biggest story in our lifetime. It's such a danger, because FISA is all about spying on Americans. You better have good cause rather than op- research that was never verified as Simpson said.

ARI FLEISCHER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: And you also have the office of the national security advisor and others in the Obama administration unmasked. You knew the names of Americans that were spied on.

HANNITY: The man in power did one a day.

FLEISCHER: That is correct, Sean. And the Bush administration virtually never did it. The amount of times the Obama administration compared to the predecessor, night and day.

HANNITY: 300 plus percent increase. That is one of the early stories we broke.

FLEISCHER: To me Sean.

HANNITY: I think the American people need to see. It we need to put all of the fixes in so we protect everyone's constitutional rights against unreasonable search and seizure. We have to vet out those people who clearly, purposely abused this program that was designed to keep Americans safe.

SEAN SPICER, FORMER WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: There is a balance. We have to make sure that people don't abuse the system. We are not using government classified information against American citizens in a way that is alleged. We have to make sure it's done in a way that doesn't reveal sources and methods. I think there should be balance. I think that the house should work with the department of justice to make sure this is done in a responsible way. So we get the objective of making sure there is transparency. The people understand what might had happened, but we do so in a way that doesn't burn a lot of sources and methods are that used.

HANNITY: We knew foreign intelligence agencies got ahold of Clinton's email server.

SPICER: I agree with that. That gets lost in the mix here. Just because she didn't win an election doesn't mean you don't get off being investigated.

HANNITY: Do you think the fix was in when they exonerated, writing exoneration letter before investigating?

SPICER: Absolutely and they were talking about water down the language in a prep release before the investigation was concluded. And you looked back, a lot of things that are being said now, in terms of the text messages and such, and you got to wonder what really went into it.

There is an IG report that is coming out in March. I think that will be revealing as what really happened inside the department. Look, one of the things that is interesting about what the Democrats are saying is that if you question anybody in the government right now you are anti-law enforcement. That is not true. 99 percent of the people who work day in and out in law enforcement are good, hard working people who care about this country

FLEISCHER: The other thing they watered down. More than one of the emails Hillary Clinton sent went to President Barack Obama from her private server. You know what they did in the FBI investigation, they changed the name to Hillary's sent it to Barack President Obama senior government official. They cleaned it up to protect Barack Obama. They could not handle the idea that the President knew Hillary Clinton had a private server.

HANNITY: She committed crimes and they covered for her. They are using her paid for dossier to spy on an opposition campaign, how severe is this?

FLEISCHER: Sean, you know that I on your show have defended Robert Mueller. I used to defend James Comey on his investigation of Hillary Clinton. I can no longer do that. The investigation into Hillary is a sham. Anybody who loves the FBI, in this instance the FBI let us all down.

HANNITY: That is scary. When we come back, up next, Grammys off the rails last night. We got the best tape video of the day, Hannity hotline from nation's capital the sewer. Straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. Some of you I hope you had better things to do than watch the Grammys last night, but there were some wild moments, take a look.


TREVOR NOAH, HOST, "THE DAILY SHOW": I love that song. I love that song. It takes me back, leg way back to when Trump wasn't president.

CAMILYA CABELLO, SINGER: We remember that this country was built by dreamers, for dreamers chasing the American dream. Just like dreams, these kids can't be forgotten and are worth fighting for.

JAMES CORDEN, HOST: "Fire and Fury" spoken auditions, take one.

JOHN LEGEND, SINGER: Trump won't read anything. If he gets up halfway through meetings with world leaders because he is bored.

CARDI B, SINGER: I can't believe this. This is how he lives his life.

HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE: He had a longtime fear of being poisoned. One reason why he likes to eat at McDonald's. Nobody knew it was coming.



CORDON: That's it, we've got it. That is the one.

CLINTON: You think so?


CLINTON: The Grammy's in the bag?



HANNITY: It works so well this year's Grammys. Lowest ratings on record. Down 24 percent in one year. Time for the "Hannity" hotline.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. Hannity, every time I watch her show I get a migraine. I just see her face and I get a migraine and when you start talking it becomes blinding.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are a lunatic!


HANNITY: Blinded migraines? Every time I open my mouth I kill kittens. Wow. This is tough on my ego but you said nice things about Laura Ingraham, call us 877-225-8587, let not your heart be troubled, we will never be the destroy Trump media.

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