Complete Breakdown of the Judicial and Immigration Systems

If you missed this story last week, 25-year-old illegal alien Paulo Sheispan-Landero was arrested and charged with felony sexual assault on a 12-year-old girl. The young girl and her mother say Landero on a number of occasions molested the child with his hands.

Landero already has two convictions on his sheet, as well as a voluntary deportation called a "departure," which turned out to be a joke. According to the girl's mother, Landero snuck back into the U.S. across the Mexican border a few days after he returned home.

So when Landero appeared in front of Brown County, Wisconsin Court Commissioner Lawrence Gazeley, the authorities knew he was facing 40 years in prison and should have known he was in the country illegally.

Yet Gazeley gave Landero just $5,000 bond. Landero paid it, skipped town. We now believe he may be in Monterey, Mexico.

Obviously, the $5,000 bond was a joke. Here's what former Wisconsin D.A. Paul Bucher said last week.


PAUL BUCHER, FMR. WISCONSIN PROSECUTOR: The D.A. probably will be going in even with the court commissioner and new judge to significantly increase bail, but it's going have to be in absentia because I can't imagine this guy's going to return.


And he was right. Bucher was right.

So why did Lawrence Gazeley give such a low bond? Well, Gazeley wouldn't speak with us. So "Factor" producer Jesse Watters went to him.


JESSE WATTERS: Jesse Watters with FOX News. Can I talk to you for a second? Why did you give that guy only $5,000 bail? He was accused of molesting 12-year-old girl. You know he's out now because he blew off the hearing.


Legitimate questions. Gazeley obviously running away. Also, Homeland Security tells us Brown County officials didn't even notify them about Landero's situation.

So what the heck's going on? Well, my analysis is this: Brown County officials do not care about illegal aliens in their midst and obviously do not believe felonious sexual assault on a child rates high bail.

Again, everybody knew Landero would take off. Wouldn't you if you were in this country illegally and facing 40 years?

So what we have here is a complete breakdown of the judicial system and the immigration system in northern Wisconsin. Don't we?

And that's the Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item

We've been telling you that NBC has taken a sharp turn to the left, not only in their news department but also in their entertainment programming. Listen to this from "E.R."


CONDOLEEZZA RICE, SECRETARY OF STATE: ... who might have been responsible for the attack, obviously. We will do the...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can't even look at this.

LAURA INNES, ACTRESS: Don't you think she's a role model? Not for me. But she never mentions...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If Shaquita (ph) needs a role model, she can turn on "Oprah."

INNES: But what if Shaquita (ph) wants to be secretary of state?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Then she can look at Madeleine Albright.


Now that scene was completely unnecessary to the narrative in "E.R." It was thrown in there simply to demean Secretary Rice. This kind of thing is happening more and more at NBC, and these two men are the reason.

The programming chief, Jeff Zucker, presides over both news and entertainment and supposedly answers to Robert Wright, although many believe Wright is on his way out.

Word is some members on the board at General Electric are getting fed up with these cheap shots. And we are trying to get some of those people to go on the record about it.

We'll keep you posted on this ridiculous situation at NBC.