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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: One year after her first protest against the war in Iraq thrust her into the national spotlight, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, she's back in Crawford, Texas. But with a new conflict raging in the Middle East, will Sheehan's repeated criticism of Israel damage her image?

Joining us now, the author of the forthcoming book, "American Mourning", radio talk show host with KSFO in San Francisco, Melanie Morgan. And the director of the Human Rights Programs for Global Exchange, Ted Lewis is with us.

Melanie, you know, the e-mail she had [sent] said, my first son born was killed for lies and for a neo-con agenda to benefit Israel, repeatedly saying 'America out of Iraq, Israel out of Palestine,' you'll stop terrorism that way. Do you think those statements are anti-Semitic?

MELANIE MORGAN, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Well I don't know if Cindy Sheehan herself is anti-Semitic, I suspect she may have some Jewish friends. But I can tell you for sure that those comments are anti-Semitic and they're deeply hurtful and divisive.

I have no idea whether or not she realizes that. But what I can say is that she talks about Jewish cabals and these very dark conspiracy theories that are terribly frightening.

And the people that she associates with, some of her very closest friends are very much in the anti-Semitic movement. Some of those people are Madea Benjamin of Code Pink, which is a violent anarchist group that went and upset and overturned the WTO conference in Seattle. Some of the other people are Lynne Stewart, who is the lawyer who obviously passed secret information to a jihadist who had dedicated himself to kill Jews and all Americans --

HANNITY: It seems that she's gotten a pass in the media in this regard. I mean they spent months and months covering this woman, anything she said or did, you know, her, or her friends, her associates, others on the hard left can call the president a lying, filthy bastard. That's ok, they can make these references that I don't think anybody else in the media would get away with. Why does she get a pass? Is it because the media just doesn't have a willingness to confront her because of what happened with her son?

MORGAN: I think it's because many of the members of the media are complicit themselves. I mean, she's not saying or doing anything new or different that she hasn't done for the last 18, 24 months now. And what is really sad is that Cindy Sheehan does not seem to understand that with all of her radical leftist friends that she's only hurting her own credibility and hurting the peace movement itself.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Melanie welcome. Ted Lewis, Melanie's playing a game of guilt by association here and she's not getting a pass. Conservatives have been critical of Cindy Sheehan since she began an anti-war protest, Ted.

I don't know whether she's anti-Semitic or not, I'm guessing she's made some non-Zionist statements, that doesn't make you an anti-Semite.

TED LEWIS, GLOBAL EXCHANGE: No of course not. To call for the end of the killing of civilians either by Hamas doesn't make me anti-Islamic nor does calling for the end of killing of civilians by Israel make anybody anti-Semitic.

What we're looking at here, unfortunately, is turning these issues into cartoons. You know Cindy Sheehan, for all her defects and the positive elements, she's right. Eight hundred more Americans have died in Iraq since she started her protests.

But you know more so than Cindy Sheehan, what's really leading anti-war sentiment in this country is just the common sense of Americans who realize that this war is a disaster and that President Bush is not leveling with us about what's really going on in Iraq. This is a disaster and it's taking our country down in a way that's just reprehensible.

And Sean, you know, I think that it's important that you stop trying to tell Americans that there were weapons of mass destruction, this sort of thing, and level with us about what's really going on.

HANNITY: Wait a minute Ted. Ted, there were 500 canisters, 500 of them that we found there and you may want to put your liberal head in the sand and ignore it because you've got a political agenda that doesn't allow you to see the truth, but I don't live my life in such a way.

You have played, and people on your side, have played politics with this war from the beginning. You call our president a liar every day and then when confronted with evidence you ignore it because your agenda and your ambition is more important. I don't live my life that way.

COLMES: I don't want to get off topic. This is about Cindy Sheehan, but those WMDs the administration itself hasn't jumped on that and further more, our own state department and pentagon have said this is not the reason why we went to war. These are not the weapons, why we went to war.

But Melanie, you're playing with Cindy Sheehan a game of guilt by association. You're accusing other people who she may demonstrate with as being anti-Semitic, that's not about Cindy Sheehan. Mel Gibson put out a movie blaming Jews for the death of Christ which historically has been used to fuel anti-Semitism for centuries.

It's quite a difference there than what Cindy Sheehan has said.

LEWIS: Thank you.

MORGAN: Cindy Sheehan will be judged by the friends that she keeps. And I have a news flash for Ms. Sheehan and all of her radical leftist friends. By protecting Israel's interests we are protecting American interests and if she cannot understand that if we turn a blind eye to evil, evil will overtake us and kill us all. And the jihadists will not care whether she is a lapsed Catholic. They will go on to kill her and every single member of her --

COLMES: We've got to run...

HANNITY: Mel Gibson's movie was about the scribes and Pharisees specifically. It did not attack Jews, and that is a false characterization to say that.

COLMES: It blamed Jews for the death of Christ. That's exactly what it did in that movie.

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