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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: He has starred in over 20 movies and is perhaps best known for the eight seasons that he spent playing "Walker, Texas Ranger."

Now Chuck Norris is out with a brand-new book. It is "The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book: 101 of Chuck's Favorite Facts and Stories." And in it, he discusses the values that have guided him and his life and a lot of lighter material, as well.

Chuck Norris is here with his wife Gena, who makes us both look good.

Good to see you guys. It's been a long time. Good to see you, my friend.

GENA NORRIS, WIFE OF CHUCK NORRIS: Hi Sean, so good to see you.

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CHUCK NORRIS, ACTOR: Good to see you, too.

HANNITY: I forgot which rule it is. That if somebody comes into your house, which one is it?

C. NORRIS: The NRA thing?


C. NORRIS: I said that someone — if a burglar came into my house.


C. NORRIS: You know, I could round kick him in the head, you know, but I'd prefer he looked down the barrel of my gun.

HANNITY: It's like Lynyrd Skynyrd has a new song, if you have a Bible and a gun, you're pretty — you feel pretty safe in public.

C. NORRIS: God and guns, that's right.

HANNITY: You do a terrific column. You write on a regular basis. You follow politics closely. Both of you do. You are not happy with the direction of the country.

C. NORRIS: Heck, no. It's really — you know, I feel like I'm in a nightmare, and I can't wake up, Sean. And — and I really don't — I wish I knew what to do. The thing is, I have solutions, but, you know...

HANNITY: Why don't you run? No, no. There's a solution. Why wouldn't you — Chuck Norris could be governor of Texas one day.

C. NORRIS: You know why? Because I'd be sitting here with my opponent and debating, and then he'd start attacking my character, and I'd jump over there and choke him unconscious.

HANNITY: You have more control than that.

G. NORRIS: He'd probably get a lot more votes.

C. NORRIS: I don't — that's the problem, you know? I have a thin skin. And it was really tough in the film world.


C. NORRIS: And believe me, in the political world, I would be killing half the people.

HANNITY: Would you want him — if he just came to you and said, "Honey, I think I'm going to run for the U.S. Senate," would you do it? Would you want him to do it?

G. NORRIS: I would support whatever decision he makes.


G. NORRIS: I think we can get more done where we are now, but if he made that decision, I'd certainly support him.

C. NORRIS: The thing is, you know, with all the senators, you can't get anything done. You know...

HANNITY: No, no, no. You can. I disagree with you. You can.

C. NORRIS: What would I do? I'd have to choke out all the Democrats.

HANNITY: That's a good start. What do you call a lawyer at the bottom of the ocean? All right?

C. NORRIS: That's kind of my saying. One of the facts there is that America is not a democracy; it's a Chucktatorship.

HANNITY: I like a Chucktatorship.

C. NORRIS: And if it was, I — I said I would go to Congress. I'd line up every member of Congress, and I'd have Ron Paul, who believe is probably one of the more honest ones there, I'd say, "Ron, point out the honest ones."

HANNITY: I like Ron Paul. He's nuts.

C. NORRIS: Yes, I know. That's why I like him.

HANNITY: All right. Well, there you go.

C. NORRIS: He's nuts. But anyway, I'd choke every dishonest politician that's up there.

HANNITY: Are you — are you of the philosophy — I'm going to ask both of you. You don't think there's a dime's worth of difference between the two parties. You sort of make the case that there's too much Republican-Democrat.

C. NORRIS: I tell you, I'm very disappointed, because we had the Republican majority in Congress.

HANNITY: And they blew it.

C. NORRIS: And they blew it. We had George W. Bush, and they could've made a strong, positive difference in our country. They didn't.

HANNITY: See, I think Republicans lost their way. But now, I see — I see very bold differences on the omnibus spending bill, on the stimulus bill, on health care, on cap-and-tax. It seems like...

G. NORRIS: They're waking up. It seems that they're waking up and they're being accountable, which was the problem before. We couldn't differentiate anybody, one from the other.

C. NORRIS: And they weren't trying to change our country from what it was. I mean, like the party now is trying to do.

G. NORRIS: So radical.

HANNITY: Do you want — because Ron Paul is a Libertarian. Reagan said, and I'm a big Reagan supporter, and I consider myself a Reagan conservative. I'm not a Republican, although most people think I'm a Republican.

C. NORRIS: I'm a conservative.

HANNITY: I'm a conservative.

C. NORRIS: You, too?

HANNITY: But Reagan said in '75, is it a third party we need or a revitalized second party? I'm of the school that we need to go back to our conservative roots and take back the Republican Party.

G. NORRIS: Let's go back to basics. Go back to basics.

C. NORRIS: I totally agree.

HANNITY: A strong national defense, fiscal responsibility, energy independence, free-market solutions.

G. NORRIS: Right. The problem is, they're trying to come too much to the middle. But they need to go back to basics and the things that made them who they were to begin with.

HANNITY: Yes, and they lost it.

G. NORRIS: And they lost it.

HANNITY: They got wrapped up in that Washington culture.

C. NORRIS: And that's what happens. They get sucked right into that picture. It's like being in Hollywood. You're a strong, religious person and you fall into the trap of fame and fortune. You drift away from your faith.

G. NORRIS: We're really disheartened that this new administration is not listening to the American people, the voice of the American people. They're stifling their voice, and that's not fair.

HANNITY: Listen, they declared war against anybody that disagrees with them.

G. NORRIS: We're here tonight to say we disagree. And...

HANNITY: You have been very bold. You came out. You campaigned for Mike Huckabee. And he got mad at me.

G. NORRIS: We disagree respectfully.

HANNITY: I have always loved him, Mike. I just felt like at some point, that the conservatives were splitting their vote and we were going to get a more moderate candidate. I liked John McCain, but I thought he was too moderate.

C. NORRIS: Absolutely. I think Mike Huckabee — I don't think anyone could beat Barack Obama, no matter if it was Mike or anyone.

G. NORRIS: It doesn't matter.

C. NORRIS: No one could have because he was on a roll and he had a system. He had a system going.

G. NORRIS: Like a train.

C. NORRIS: It was the most controlled system I've ever seen in my life.

HANNITY: I don't want to forget your book, because you have a lot of really fun things in here. This is a fun book.

C. NORRIS: You know, writing these articles every week, and writing about patriotism, you know, like you say, build it up like that. I said, "I've got to lighten up, you know."

When I was in Iraq, you know, I'd be shaking hands with all the troops over there, and they'd be telling me these Chuck Norris facts. You know? And they'd say, what's your favorite one? And I'd come up with some fact. I thought — when I got back home, I thought, you know, I'm going to write my 101 best facts.

HANNITY: That's great.

C. NORRIS: And in fact, as I'm writing, my 8-year-old son says, Dad I've got one.

HANNITY: Boogey Man?

C. NORRIS: No. Chuck Norris eats bullet for breakfast. Watch out when he burps.

HANNITY: I like it.

G. NORRIS: All — all the proceeds of this book go to Kick Start. So we really...

HANNITY: Which is your charity you've been involved in for a lot of years. You know, I've been around you two a lot. And you guys really break the mold. I mean, I've never met a couple closer. I mean, you guys are really close. You do everything together.

C. NORRIS: We do.

G. NORRIS: Really, really. We're best friends.


G. NORRIS: We like being...

C. NORRIS: She is my researcher. You know, she's the one — the computer…

HANNITY: I think — I think you married way out of your league.

C. NORRIS: I did, believe me. The thing is, what is great...

HANNITY: I was expecting to get punched on that.

C. NORRIS: No, that's a fact. I can't fight the facts, Sean.

But no, the thing is Gena's been incredible in my life. And she has really helped me refocus what's really important in my life. Now, before, it was me. Everything was me, me, me. And then she really helped her focus that. It's about people and us and all of that.

G. NORRIS: We make a good team.

HANNITY: And you really do.

G. NORRIS: Thank you.

HANNITY: And by the way, it's a great book, guys.

Great to see you. Keep speaking out. Honestly, I think it's — your voice is your important. Good to see you.

G. NORRIS: Thank you very much.

C. NORRIS: In World Net Daily today, an article today.

HANNITY: I will. I'm reading it. Good to see you. Thank you very much.

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