Christine O'Donnell Responds to Vicious Attacks From Left

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: As we previously told you, new data suggests that in the final days leading up to the midterms, Democrats are losing key support from voter groups that helped sent President Obama to the White House just two years ago.

But perhaps the most significant of these groups is women. Now according to the latest New York Times/CBS poll, a majority of women are switching over to the GOP. Now if more women vote for Republicans this year, it will be the first time they've done so in a midterm election in nearly three decades.

So why the mass exodus? Could it be because Democrats are demonizing female candidates all across the country? Sharron Angle in Nevada, Meg Whitman in California have been among the top targets of late, as well as our next guest, Republican Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell, who joins me now.

By the way, we've also offered her Democratic challenger Chris Coons an opportunity to appear on the show. Shock, he has not responded to our interview request.

Christine, welcome back. Thanks for being with us.

SENATE CANDIDATE CHRISTINE O'DONNELL, R-DEL.: Thank you for having me, Sean. You know what? It is funny, because after a series of a couple debates my opponent cancelled the last two we scheduled at Dell State University and a local TV station. Don't take it personally. He's gone in hiding these last couple of days.

HANNITY: Let me stay on this issue. We know what Jerry Brown's campaign on that answering machine saying about Meg Whitman. We heard Joy Behar on "The View" talking about Sharron Angle. She didn't say it one day, but two days.

Today, I guess she shifted her position and says, oh no, that's a term of endearment, I shouldn't have used it in referring to Sharron Angle. You know, I don't know what to do with this. I read something about you today.

It is so horrible and you know, it is in keeping with what we see going on around the country about conservative women. I don't know if you want an opportunity to respond or if you want to move on or what is your -- why is this happening to conservative women?

O'DONNELL: Well, I have an answer to that, but I'm not sure what you saw today. We've had numerous events, at least six events today so I've been meeting the voters not watching what the liberal media is saying.

You know what is happening? Right now, the Democrats can't run on their record. We spent nearly a trillion dollars in stimulus bills and we were promised economic recovery, but instead we lost 2.5 million jobs.

Our country is going broke. What they are doing is taking us in the wrong agenda. We are right on the issues. What the government can do right now is lower taxes, cut spending and whether it has been cutting taxes with President Kennedy or whether it is President Reagan, it doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or Republican, when you enact fiscal policy that is based on cutting taxes, cutting government spending, the economy recovers.

This administration instead of playing the blame game like they inherited this mess, and oh golly gee, there's nothing they can do. That's why they are attacking candidates like me, who are doing well in the polls, who are challenging that blame game, challenging the political establishment that caters to special interest groups.

I want to go to Washington and do what is important to the people of Delaware, fight for jobs based on private businesses to come back. We are facing the largest tax increase in U.S. history this January.

My opponent has had no less than four different positions on how he's going to vote, but every day, Delawareans, the common sense men and women in America know that raising taxes on anybody, let alone, the top two percent who are the small business owners, who are the job creators that's not what we need do to get our economy back on track.

So instead they are trying to make it personal. They are trying to make it about me, because they can't attack my positions.

HANNITY: You know, it's interesting because I watched one of the debates that you were in. It was like an obsession to try and paint you as an extremist. Do you believe in evolution? Do you believe in creationism?

I'm listening to what you are campaigning on here and it seems that message, a little bit has got lost in the campaign because they want answers to questions -- you think that has to do with your outspoken Christian faith?

O'DONNELL: Right. You know what it is, yes I have a personal faith that's what gives me strength to endure the hard campaign trail. However, when I go to Washington, it is the constitution that I will defend.

My opponent again can't stand on his record so he's trying to mischaracterize who I am and almost make voters areas frayed to vote for me because they know that if they look at the issues, he's broken his promise, his campaign pledge is not to raise taxes and raised them over 54 percent.

He said that he's going to be a rubber stamp for the Obama/Reid agenda. He's going to vote for cap-and-trade even though -- see this is the most appalling -- his family business, he personally can make millions dollars if-cap and-trade is passed.

Now cap-and-trade will cause our utility bills to go up no less than $1,200 per household. We'll lose 6,000 more jobs in Delaware. The only one who stands to gain if cap-and-trade is passed is my opponent. He has yet to say if he wins he will recuse himself.

He doesn't want voters to be paying attention to this. He doesn't want the voters to look at his positions. So he's trying to create scare tactics. But fortunately, Delaware is a state that's small enough that I can go up and down the state and give voters an opportunity to get to know me, hear my message first hand and that's why we are gaining in the polls.

HANNITY: Have you been able to bridge the gap with the NRSC and the establishment? There was obviously a conflict that you defeated Mike Castle in the primary. Has there been any peace between the two of you or is it status quo? Are they helping you?

O'DONNELL: Well, Chairman Steele was just here. We're doing this show from a rally where Chairman Steele came into Delaware, into Kent County and showed his support and was motivating everybody to turn out the vote on Tuesday.

At this rally, we had well over a dozen Democrats, at least people who told me they were Democrats, voting for me, because they are frustrated with what is going on in Washington and they don't want someone who has a history of raising taxes and wasting our tax dollars.

So we are gaining a lot of momentum and a lot of support, because of the people on the ground, because of the grass roots folks who are outside of the political establishment. So in these last days, I do hope that the NRSC might run ads, help us do voter education and outreach.

Because the polls that came out today, what I've been told we are anywhere from neck-and-neck to double digits behind. And the reason for that I think is because there's a momentum and an excitement happening here in Delaware that you can't quantify.

There is definitely something special happening here in Delaware and it's not reflected in the polls because many of the people who are behind my campaign are first-time voters. I'm not talking about people who are just turning 18. I'm talking about people I've met who are 40, 50 even in their 60s who tell me they've grown frustrated with the process and never voted until now and that's an honor to realize that my candidacy has given people hope to have their voice heard in Washington again.

HANNITY: Christine O'Donnell, good to see you again. Thanks for being with us. Appreciate it.

O'DONNELL: Thank you, Sean.

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