Charles Prince and Prince Charles

I noticed with great interest the passing of the baton at Citigroup as Sandy Weill announced his successor Charles Prince.

Maybe it was just me but I kept thinking, Prince Charles.

After all, Charles Prince is taking over but Sandy Weill isn't going away.

Prince Charles is supposed to take over but Queen Elizabeth won't go away.

Charles Prince wants to clean up a company that can't buy good PR.

Prince Charles is part of a battered monarchy that needs good PR.

Charles Prince probably wants to cultivate good relations with a skeptical press.

Prince Charles would be lucky to have any relations with any press.

Charles Prince no doubt wants to run the shop without people mentioning the name Sandy.

Prince Charles no doubt wants to run a monarchy without people mentioning the name Diana.

Charles Prince wants to restore Citigroup to the luster of days when it was the unquestioned business leader.

Prince Charles longs for the day his country was the unquestioned global leader.

Charles Prince still matters.

And Prince Charles still hopes… each for the day he can run the show, and there's not a Sandy or a queen to rain on his parade.

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