Celebrities Endorsing Politicians

Oprah loves Obama and took time out of her very busy schedule to endorse him in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.


OPRAH WINFREY, TV TALK SHOW HOST: The reason I love Barack Obama is because he speaks to the potential inside of every one of us. Each one of us has a calling and a potential here on Earth to do the good and the great thing. He knows about that.


Now polls show that most of the Americans do not care about celebrity endorsements, but I believe Oprah will help Obama in the primaries. Surely

Hillary Clinton can't be too happy about this. Well, she's got support from billionaire Warren Buffett, who's also supporting Obama, hedging his bets a little bit. Senator Clinton also trotting out San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. That move is questionable, to say the least, as the mayor is a very far left guy. Mr. San Francisco values.

Now Mrs. Clinton knows the far left votes in Iowa and New Hampshire are very important, but in the general election, even Newsom admits his association with Clinton may damage her.

And even crazier is Hugo Chavez's best friend Harry Belafonte endorsing John Edwards.


BELAFONTE: I have looked at his platform on education, healthcare, poverty, what young people are going through. And I have come to believe that he is the best candidate.


Oh, I guess that means Edwards has a lock on the Fidel Castro vote! By the way, our pal Tim Robbins also endorsed Edwards, capping quite a weekend for him.

In making her campaign speech, Oprah Winfrey cited Martin Luther King. So looks like there's a civil rights component to her support for Obama.

Buffett apparently believes that income redistribution is the way to go. He supports higher taxes for the wealthy. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama believe in redistributing income through taxation. So Buffett's support is understandable.

Now all I can say about Edwards is that he has no chance. But after the primary season, he can hold a big party in his mansion, his huge mansion, his enormous mansion, and invite all his radical left supporters. That'd be quite a display, wouldn't it?

Now in the end, voters will not be swayed by celebrities, or the media, or even by political ads. These days the one-on-one debates usually tell the tale. And I expect that will be the case next fall.

However, in the crazy primary season, Oprah and Buffett do matter, at least a little bit.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads and Patriots

You know, a lot of athletes get bad publicity, but there are good guys, as well.

Former New York Giant linebacker George Martin is walking across the entire country, raising money for 9/11 responders who have health problems. Right now, Mr. Martin is in Tennessee on his way to San Francisco.

So far, he's raised $1.5 million. His goal is $10 million. And for this, George Martin is a patriot.

On the Pinhead front, easy choice tonight. Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has been sentenced to 23 months in a federal prison for allowing brutal dog fighting on his property.

Today the judge says Mr. Vick doesn't seem to be as sorry as he should be. Obviously, Michael Vick is a pinhead.