Cavuto: 'Washington's Stuff Is Rotten'

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": Before we consider paying more, shouldn't we be focusing first on getting by with less?

Because the problem isn't the money coming "into" Washington.

It's the money going "out" of Washington.

We have a spending problem.

We're just spent.

It's as simple as that.

We spend too much.

So let's focus on that.

The spending.

And the product we get for that spending.

Improve the product.

Before you even consider, as the president plans this week, charging more for that product.

Sadly, the product stinks, Mr. President.

And you want to hike taxes to pay for that product?

Who do you think you are...Apple?

Apple can charge top dollar because its customers think their stuff is top notch.

The U.S. government? Well, let's not confuse padding a budget with owning an iPad.

Very different iTune.

So let's change the tune right up front, right away.

I think tax hikes are like training wheels…something you can count on, in case you fall…in this case, short of your goals.

There are always those backup tax hikes to keep you spinning.

But we're just spinning our wheels.

And we're going nowhere fast.

Dependent on a smaller and smaller slice of taxpayers to bear the burden...

While never addressing the burden, or addressing the fact that half of all Americans who file for their taxes, pay no taxes.  They don't remotely share in that burden.

They have no skin in the game. So what does it matter to them other folks paying for the game?

That's the problem.

Too few already paying too much for a gadget that is way too busted.

I know the U.S. government isn't a gadget.

But it sure as heck churns out, well a lot of awful gadgets.

I wouldn't pay more for that?

Would you?

I know Washington's not Apple.

For one thing, it needs thousands of pages to explain its stuff, its bills.

Apple can do it in a tiny brochure.

Maybe because Apple's stuff is worth the cash.

And Washington's stuff is rotten...

To the core.