Cavuto: Veterans deserve better care 'now'

Enough with the VA screw-ups.

We know they screwed up.

We know a lot of them screwed up.

We know because of their screw-ups, a lot of veterans waited, and waited.

And some got sicker, and sicker as they waited.

And yes, some even died, as they waited.

We know everything that went wrong and how many were wronged.

But is it me or are we forgetting all the veterans who continue to be wronged?

Who continue to wait for care that never comes.

And stupid bureaucratic delays that invariably do?

Why all this rear-view mirror watching now?

And second-guessing now?

And blame-game nonsense now?

Who's watching out for our veterans now?

The veterans hurting now?

Who's addressing their needs now?

We already know their care has been abysmal.

What good does it do to go back in time and confirm how abysmal?

Or how many more of our bravest endured abysmal?

Forget about their deserving better then they deserve better than that.

They deserve better care now.

And if the VA isn't up to providing it now, give veterans vouchers for it somewhere else now.

This isn't a capacity issue, this is an administrative indifference issue.

So this goes out to any VA facility that's overwhelmed and can't handle this give those soldiers you're ignoring a fighting chance, so they can now.

Don't give them a number, give them a voucher.

Give them a ticket out of your hell.

Get them out. Now.

Do it. Now.

Make the fix the House voted unanimously voted for today reality today, now.

You'll never be faulted for caring too much.

You already have for doing too little.

Heroes shouldn't have to wait.

And knowing a lot of these guys, they'll hardly take that voucher and dash to the front of some other private hospital line.

But they could.

They should.

Give them the freedom so they can.

Not when you get around to it.

Now when they're still alive and can benefit from it.

Look at it this way, VA, you could do worse.

Take a look around, you already are.

All I know is they didn't waste a nano-second when it counted to save your ass.

So why are you treating them like cattle and just being an ass?

Make a difference now.