Cavuto to GOP: Don't be thinking you're all that grand

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So it's the day after the Georgia special election, and Republicans are in a peachy state.




Democrats not so peachy.



Not at all excited.

Let Democrats debate the wisdom of spending more than 30 million bucks trying to flip a district when they could have spread that money around and targeted so many more potentially promising districts.

This isn't about lecturing the left.

Maybe more reminding the right.

You won. So go ahead and pat yourselves on the back.

But do remember voters can just as easily kick you in the… just below the back.

Let's review. You're 4-and-0, but oh, all the sweating to get there.

You survived the 4th special election

Since Donald Trump's election. And that's a relief.

But that's all it is a relief.

Don't go crazy here.

You won. But you won seats you already had.

And by margins that were a fraction of what they were.

Take Georgia. Republican Karen Handel's four-point victory in that sixth district race against an unprecedented Democratic money onslaught is very impressive.

But it's not nearly as impressive as Tom Price's 23-point win in the same district.

Before he went on to become Health and Human Services secretary.

Ditto Republican Ralph Norman's win in South Carolina for budget director Mick Mulvaney's old congressional seat. He won by three points.

But last November, Mulvaney won it by 20 points.

Then there’s in Kansas, where a special election to fill CIA director Mike Pompeo's seat

Turned out to be much closer than thought for Republican Ron Estes.  He won by 6 points.

But keep in mind Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 27 points in the same district.

Same in Montana, a state Donald Trump won by 20 points, but Republican Greg Gianforte could only manage a six-point victory for interior secretary Ryan Zinke's old congressional seat.

So, message to the Grand Old Party: don't be thinking you're all that grand.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't be content.

You just better not get too cocky.

So maybe you better just get to work.

Because you don't own these seats.

Voters lease them out.

Take it from Democrats who didn't see it coming when they lost the House in 1994.

Or Republicans who were convinced after that, they couldn't lose the White House in 1996.

Let's just say things didn't go as planned for either party.

Maybe because each got caught up just enjoying the party.

Until the party ended.

And so did the lease.

Funny thing, history.

Funnier thing, forgetting it.

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