Cavuto: Stop the blame game

Lax security at a navy yard.

Blame sequestration cuts.

Floods in Colorado.

Blame climate change.

Growing angst over the healthcare law.

Blame Republicans bashing the healthcare law.

Time and again, if something goes wrong it's never this administration's fault.

Never Harry Reid's fault.

Never Nancy Pelosi's fault.

It's either Mother Nature.

Or those mother-you-know-what Republicans.

It's getting old.

But it's nothing new.

Forget, the buck stops here.

Just keep passing the buck here, here and here.

I always figure there's plenty of blame to go around.

So why this same runaround?

Leaders who should know better, blaming everyone but themselves for messes they at the very least, had a hand in creating.

No, they prefer to get just creative.

Like those sequester cuts they keep in a back pocket for the next time their backs are up against a wall.

John Kennedy was right when he famously mused that, "Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan."

Part of coming together after a tragedy is stopping behavior that is just tragic.

Recognizing flooding for the natural phenomenon it is and not some GOP-led-climate-cabal it is not.

Or admitting a healthcare law's failings have more to do with the folks who wrote it than blaming average Americans for being too stupid to appreciate it.

Sometimes shootings happen because there are nuts in the world.

Not because the other party is driving you nuts in the world.

It's like when you draw a red line, but insist you never said it.

Folks start tuning you out because they've had enough of it.

And after a while they just think you're full of it.

Stop the blame game.