Cavuto: Solar flare scare isn't scaring people

Well, that was close.

The largest solar storm in five years.

And it looks like we dodged the worst of it.

Airlines adjusting flights to avoid magnetic field disruptions, but no flights seriously disrupted.

Cell service. Check.

Computers. Check.

Human species still here. Check.

We survived.

This time.

Because to hear some astronomers tell it. These latest solar flares are just a warm-up act.

Many more coming.

This solar cycle only just starting.

But here's the thing about this "flare scare."

It ain't scaring people.

And the guys warning about it, frightening the you-know-what out of us, about it??

Well, they ain't helping. Too crazy.

Out of their pocket protector, mensa minds.

Always frightening us with solar flare-ups that just die down.

And doom and gloom warnings of electronic Armageddon that just fizzle out.

Good thing.

Here's what not.

Assuming they're always wrong.

Just like they warned us about that Russian rocket crashing through the atmosphere. And nothing happened.

Or Skylab decades before that...and nothing happened.

I think far more remarkable is all the stuff that's out there, zipping by this planet every minute of every hour of every day...and something "hasn't" happened.

What are the odds of that?

This tiny spec of space avoiding bumping into anything from space?

Maybe because we're so focused on the day-to-day, we forget in cosmic time, this stuff happens "all" the time.

All I know is something big hit this Arizona desert 50,000 years ago.

And an even bigger asteroid blasted Siberia a century ago.

And another asteroid about that same size came within 48,000 miles of earth only three years ago.

And some fast-moving chunks of space debris whizzed within just a few miles -- a few miles -- of the international space station only a year ago!

I'm not trying to alarm you. Just remind you. We're lucky.

But that doesn't mean we're still not big old targets.

Don't believe me.

Believe...I don't know...

The dinosaurs.

But they ain't talking, are they?

I'm sure just as convinced in their time, nothing bad was going down.

Until one fine day they looked up.

Not a good day. Major pain in the asteroid.

Pity there was no Fox Business back then.

At least they could have been warned about the odds...The numbers stacked against 'em...

Maybe giving 'em one last chance to enjoy quality family-o-saurus time.

But at least I needn't have troubled them...

About demanding Fox Business. A fallout shelter, maybe, but not Fox Business.

I'd have already reported.

They'd have already decided.


And balanced.

They'd have all known that they were about to become...


They'd have known they were toast.

But gosh darn it, thanks to Fox Business, they'd have known they were toast...together.