Cavuto: Politicians say one thing

You can't talk up bipartisanship, then the very next day, huddle only with Democratic leaders.

You can't promise finding common ground on extending tax rates for 98 percent of Americans, and ignore anxious Democrats increasingly saying, maybe for now, extend 'em for "all" Americans.

You can't say obsessing over silly birth certificates is a distraction, and not say obsessing over your opponent's tax returns from decades ago is not.

You can't say you're focused on our shared pain, when all we hear out of you is Bain, Bain, Bain.

You can't bash negative campaign ads, complaining they're not about the issues that matter...

Then fire off even worse ads on your opponent's wealth....

When three out of four Americans say none of that matters.

You can't rip his offshore accounts

Only to discover that your chief bomb thrower has them too.

You can't talk about helping all Americans with their tax returns

Yet obsess over your opponent's tax returns.

You can't rip the other side for out-sourcing

Then discover the green companies you created are out-sourcing too.

You can't rip the private capital record of your opponent

Even as many in your own party commend the private capital record of your opponent.

You can't bemoan jobs you said he lost with that private money

Knowing full well you lost far more jobs, with taxpayer money.

You can't expect people to take you seriously when you say tap all energy sources, when you consistently rule out traditional fossil fuel choices.

You can't complain about all the money your opponent is getting from fat cat bankers, and not think the public would find out...

You're actually getting more money from fat cat bankers.

You can't say Republicans serve up the same old tax cuts...

As if you've gotten stellar results pushing the same old spending.

You can't say you take nothing for granted...

Then pass up a chance to speak before the NAACP, suggesting some voting blocs you "do" take for granted.

You can't swing by swing states and say you feel their pain, but offer little in the way of tax relief to ease that pain.

You can't say you're protecting our border, then shut down key border patrols.

Just can't do any of this, and think voters won't make hay of this. And remember this. And remember a president who time and again, said one thing, then did another.

It is human nature to make a promise, and not keep it.

Things happen...

Like bemoaning the massive debt under your predecessor when you were running

Only two had more than five trillion bucks to it, and now "you're" running.

No, it's not the stuff you said then, that you regret now.

It's the stuff you're saying now, that you know are wrong now.

That's what strikes voters as devious.

What's more...?

That's what strikes voters as desperate.