Cavuto: Our leaders seem like they are living in a bubble

I don't blame President Obama for all the problems so many folks are having after Hurricane Sandy.

But I do blame President Obama for all but taking bows for addressing those problems "ahead" of Hurricane Sandy.

...and all his "get out the help quick" officials, who didn't remotely get out the help quick "since" those problems with Hurricane Sandy...

It's like they're all in this big bubble. each other a high-five, when the folks they're supposed to be helping would sooner give 'em a finger.

We need an amber alert...for a clue.

Something smells. And it ain't the exposed sewer water.

...this isn't about boots on the ground. This is about a slap upside these idiots' heads.

Because you can't be praising your folks for helping out folks when they're not helping out folks.

Or not nearly as many folks.

With not nearly as much help.

Most galling in this post-sandy, now post-nor'easter aftermath, is this "heckuva' job," alleluia coming from government officials.

Officials who insist they're on top of a problem, but aren't.

Who insist in New York’s Staten Island, boots are on the ground, but for days, shipments of promised bottled water were not.

Who say relief centers are up and running...

But storm victims are having a very tough time simply, finding.

It's all b-s, to me, because I've seen it for myself.

People are hurting and government officials are lying.

...telling their even more clueless bureaucratic bosses that they're on top of things.

Let me tell you something...they're on top of nothing!

It's like that smarmy guy at work...every company has one...usually a few...who sucks up to the boss, saying everything he's overseeing is just fine and dandy.

The boss shakes his beleaguered workers just shake their fists.

Only these aren't beleaguered workers.

These are sick-of-b-s human beings.

Without homes. Without direction. Without hope.

People who aren't easily wow'ed because Janet Napolitano helicopters in to say all is fine, when it isn't.

Then helicopters out, promising more help is coming, when it's not.

Or when the president brags about a 15-minute rule he has about getting back to folks who want an answer.

Then helicopters off to a campaign event, clearly, without a clue.

Somehow, incredibly, the president got high marks for his handling of a storm that he didn't.

And the bipartisan promise to avoid a modern-day Katrina, that he hasn't.

The election's over. But these folks' pain is not.

I guess they were pawns in a campaign big on imagery.

But not much on simple help.

It's just amazing to me that officials are still patting themselves on the back...

When so many of the average, and still hurting folks they're supposed to be serving...

Would sooner kick them in the ass.