Cavuto: 'Occupy Wall Street' Is So Inconsistent

You know why I love working in New York City?

It's a place of such amazing contrasts.

The health food store within feet of greasy spoon.

The button-up business guy competing for the same cab as the pierced punker guy.

The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ crowd "protesting" capitalism.

And not two miles away, the apple crowd "celebrating" capitalism.

It's weird.

So close. But man, so far. So "way far" apart.

And when it comes to some of these wall street protesters, so inconsistent too.

The supposed "have-nots" selectively choosing the evil "haves."

"Wall Street" haves. Bad.

"Apple" haves. Good.

Bankers making money hand over fist. Awful.

Apple making money hand over fist. Fine.

Of course, bankers aren't making much money these days, are they?

And Apple's making tons of money these days, aren't they?

But throngs drawn to each.

Protesters crowding streets to bash bankers for not opening their wallets.

Similar-sized crowds stuffing themselves into apple stores to happily open "their" wallets.

One group bashing bankers for not sharing the wealth.

But not the Apple geeks for all but hoarding the wealth.

I'm not here to judge, just ask.

Who's the real i-phony?

The company that can't make enough iPhones?

Or the protesters who seem to have no problem with that company printing money off those iPhones?

Money is money, right?

So why are some companies' green truer than others.

Exxon-Mobil makes a mint...satanic.

Apple makes a per-share "bigger" mint...saintly.

All's good. All's right. Right?


Bankers leave much to be desired. And their greedy demands for bailouts that this show criticized robustly under the last president...

Leave even more to be desired under "this" president.

With money should come responsibility? But capitalism shouldn't come demanding it.

Just like Apple shouldn't be ordered to take a percentage of those hefty iPhone 4s sales and share it.

Even the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ crowd seems ok distinguishing.

What's so crazy if I ask simply...?