Cavuto: Obama no longer walks on water with media these days

Here's all the proof you need the president no longer walks on water with the media these days.

No sooner does he start a press conference with the leader of Italy than news networks immediately switch to another presser involving a certain Italian-American governor in New Jersey.

Well, at least it had an Italian theme!

And get this Chris Christie wasn't even speaking. It was the guy in charge of that whole bridge scandal investigation and today he was releasing his findings.

It's true. The president bumped for a traffic jam.

The media more interested in hearing from a guy who could derail a possible future candidate for president than the guy who already is president!

Spoiler alert: the investigator didn't derail anyone. Certainly not the governor who comes out of this jam-packed presser looking pretty good.

His people were the ones playing these traffic-tit-for-tat games. Not the governor.

His critics say not so fast. Immediately dismissing the findings because they're from a law firm hired by the Christie administration to look into the traffic mess. As one put it, that's like the Fox reporting on how he policed the hen house.

I'll let the media debate that one.

No escaping this one.

When push came to shove the media shoved the president of the United States to the side.

Even after meeting with the Pope the president didn't have a prayer.

I don't know what any of this means. But I'm thinking I'm Barack Obama, here's what I fear:

I'm already old news.

Because I've just been upstaged by a guy who survived a traffic jam.

Which is why I swore I heard the president whisper this question to Italy's new prime minister in his best Italian:

"Che cosa devo fare per ottenere la loro attenzione e li rendono fame di me?"

"What do I have to do to get their attention and make them hunger for me again?"

To which I also swore I heard the prime minister respond:

"Forse fermarsi con le conferenze stampa. Hanno avuto il loro riempimento."

Maybe stop with the press conferences. They've had their fill.