Cavuto: Nothing comes free

Who doesn't like free stuff?

Kids being offered free community college sure do.

Just like stressed out homeowners given mortgage rescues sure do.

And auto companies on the brink of bankruptcy given bailouts sure do.

Or banks.

Or solar companies.

Or anyone else who got in deep and now wants Uncle Sam to dig them out.

It's human nature to grab at something free.

As long as you're not the human paying for it.

Someone else is.

It's like this whole "Student Aid Bill of Rights" thing.

Who's paying the bill for their bill?

Who's paying back the loans they won't?

Making good on the obligations they're not?

That's what happens with bail outs pretty soon, you're bailing everyone out.

And leaving fewer to complain.

After all, who are the bailed out to rip those getting bailed out?

That's why I find it kind of funny when my Wall Street friends complain.

Who got more money than banks?

The problem is, nothing comes free.

Free college sounds good just like helping underwater homeowners feels good.

But it costs a good deal of money.

These rescues that never seem to rescue.

These bailouts that themselves often need bailing out.

You'd think by now, we'd figure it out.

That the bill for all these rights is looking more than a right-scary.

And the folks who can pay, more than a right too few.

Yet the demands keep coming, egged on by politicians who act like the guy in the bar who shouts drinks on the house.

Then he up and walks out the bar.

Leaving it up to others to figure out how you strategically invest money they don't have.

On drinks that always know will leave the house broke.

It rings hollow.

Forget a bill of rights for those who say they can't pay.

Where's the bill of rights for the rest of us who have no choice but to pay?