Cavuto: More rich Americans say they want to pay more taxes

So Will Smith has no problem paying more taxes.

It's the least he can do because, and I quote here, "America has been fantastic to me."

And he's happy paying, "Whatever I need to pay to keep my country growing."

The "Men in Black" star was nice about it.

Stephen King was more graphic.

In a profanity-laced "Daily Beast" column last week, the terror author unleashing a terror attack of his own on fellow one percenters, suggesting a lot of 'em would sooner light a certain appendage on fire than pay more taxes.

Not king, who screams....

"Tax me, for *&!$# sake!"

King being graphic.

And that's Will Smith being kind.

But they both speak of an entertainment community being kind of on the same page.

...that President Obama is right. The rich should pay more.

And a compliant and fawning media loves it.

...all but saying the guy who wrote "coo" should know...quite a few publications referring to the fact Stephen King gives four million dollars to charity every year.

...many leaving out, that as recently as a few years ago, Forbes estimates king made north of 45 million dollars a year.

Still, 10 percent to charity, not too shabby.

But then again, not the 12.4 percent Mitt Romney gave to charity last year.

Or the 14 percent he gave to charity the year before that.

Media didn't cover that too much.

That's to be expected.

And very rich guys feeling they owe the government something is to be expected as well.

--as if Stephen King and his estimated 400-million-dollar fortune.

--and will smith and his estimated 20-million-dollars-a-movie fortune.

--or even Warren Buffett and his billions-in-just-dividends fortune...are typical of the rich.

Or their eagerness to trust the government with more of their money means other rich guys are selfish dolts because they have issues with giving this government more money.

Billionaires like Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus who'd prefer not throwing good money after bad.

Or tech giant TJ Rodgers who'd opt for a complete accounting of government waste before funding still more waste.

Who'd prefer giving to causes they see fit...than a squandering government that's causing them fits.

No they're greedy bastards.

Of like evil creatures from space in a movie.

Satanic forces in a book that becomes a movie.

It's one thing when Hollywood plays off these stereotypes.

It's quite another when the news media...lets them.