Cavuto: Mitch McConnell deserves better

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Haven't talked in weeks.

Last phone call they had was a doozie. Cursing. Shouting.

Can't confirm how it ended, just that they haven't talked since.

Now at first, I thought this was about one of my Italian relatives slamming the phone down on, likely, another Italian relative.

Relax! We're family. We get through these things.

Mitch McConnell and President Trump?

I'm not so sure.

First off, because it seems so odd.

I can see the president getting in someone's face, he's legendary for it.

But McConnell? I don't see it.

Too buttoned up to act up.

But who knows. I wasn't in on the call.

I am in on the fallout. And it's not good.

But here's my message for the president -- it's especially not good for you.

And dragging out this unseemly fight in public is going to come back to haunt you.

Remember, Mitch McConnell's on your side.

He wasn't the deciding vote against your healthcare repeal, another senator was.

Mitch tried. He failed.

Just like you tried, and you failed.

You didn't always get your way in business,

Listen to McConnell when he says you can't always get your way in politics.

Especially, mister president, when you blast those trying to help. Calling them names even when you don't mention their names.

John McCain. Jeff Flake, and now, Mitch McConnell.

So you're mad at Mitch now. But do remember how he made possible your biggest achievement up to now.

Neil Gorsuch. Mitch was the guy who held up a Supreme Court choice by your predecessor to clear the deck for your own choice now.

Recall how he helped secure Gorsuch with a simple majority of votes.

Some didn't like that. But what he did sure helped you.

He was there when it counted.

Don't forget the strings he pulled to make it happen. You didn't do that. He did.

Yet he gets the nasty tweet and the veiled threats.

He's better than that.

Mr. President, you're better than that.

The two of you are very different.

But you share goals that are very similar.
You might not like how Washington works. But this is the only Washington you've got.

I know your base loves the fight. But it won't like the results.

Because pointing the finger at your team only invites them to point a different finger back at you.

Who'd have your back if you keep kicking the guys on your side in the ass?

I'm telling you, Mr. President, people notice this kind of stuff. They're not idiots.

Could you blame anyone who's seen how you hung Jeff Sessions out to dry, that maybe they're next for the ringer?

Your anger got you here. But take it from someone who knows a thing about food fights, it ain't gonna keep you here.

Loyalty works both ways, Mr. President.

You're the quarterback. Appreciate the team.

Go ahead and rip their institution. Many have.

But they're the only institution you've got. And you're running out of friends.

Don't threaten them. Work with them. Because I'm betting right about now, a lot of them are wondering if there's any upside to working with you.

Prove them wrong. And prove your better angels right.

It's clear you want to right your ship. But first you've got to stop this ship.

Mitch McConnell deserves better.

And actually, Mr. President, so do you.

So do all of us.

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