Cavuto: Lance Armstrong is a 'Tour de Fraud'

You've probably heard -- Lance has now come clean.

Now I'd like him to apologize to me. That's right, just me.

And not for doping, for duping, for lying, for conniving, for fooling. And taking idiots like me for fools.

So Lance, allow me to get something off my chest. Don't even bother with this 'fessing up. You frankly make me want to throw up. Because, I was one of those idiots who believed you. Who took your fervent denials you ever used drugs, to heart.

I was a sap. I was a stooge, for thinking you were an unfairly maligned saint.

Now, I didn't come to this view on my own, Lance.

You helped me.

You were so damn convincing. Despite all the evidence that was piling up, I admired the way you just dug in -- which told me, you had to be right and all your critics were wrong. They didn't appreciate your unique skills on a bike. And they were just spinning their wheels desperately trying to take all those Tour de Frances you won on that bike.

How could they prattle on when you made it so clear?

Now I know. Because they were right.

And you were the one spinning wheels, and stories, and lies, and defrauding a nation of imbeciles like me who trusted you and liked you and who liked you -- a fellow cancer survivor who admired you.

And now you want to make things right to make your career right?


Lance, you're a dunce. A lying, deceiving, phony, disingenuous "Tour de Fraud."

You made your faux-fame climbing mountains.

How about pedaling this mea culpa to someone who cares?

How despicable. How do I tell this to my kids? This guy who denied, denied, denied, denied...Liar!