Cavuto: Is 'someone else pays' the new American way?

So I'm reading that Hillary Clinton's $350 billion college tuition plan is a hit. Students love it. The base loves it. And why not? They're not the ones paying for it. Those evil rich are.

So who wouldn't be for "doing the big" on somebody else's dough? It's like being treated to a big dinner at a fancy restaurant, knowing someone else is picking up the check.

Who wouldn't order an extra appetizer? Or dessert, or two desserts?

If you think about it, these last few years it's become the American way: Having somebody else pay. Who'd be against that? Or, pretty soon, start to expect that… even demand that? After all, if you're not the one paying, keep the drinks coming.

So, double the minimum wage -- you're not paying for it.

Demand overtime for millions more workers -- you're not paying for it.

Provide health care for all -- you're not paying for it.

And who wouldn't be for bailing out cash-strapped homeowners, as long as it's not your cash they're strapping to the deal?

As long as someone else is paying, keep the gravy train coming. And why not? The rich can afford it. It's only fair.

Just like it was only fair to return the top rate to 39.6 percent, because then the rich would finally be paying their fair share.

Until Big Government types needed more money for ObamaCare, so they slapped on a few more percentage points in extra fees and taxes, to bring that top rate closer to 44 percent -- because it was only fair.

Until they needed still more money to pay for free community college, so they pushed an additional surtax on the rich, bringing that rate closer to 46 percent -- because it was only fair.

Until Hillary Clinton decided, why stop at community college, how about all colleges and universities, and pay for it by limiting deductions for the rich, bringing that top rate north of 50 percent -- because it's only fair.

It's fair to say that "fair share" keeps changing. What's next? 60 percent? 70 percent? Back to 90 percent? All I know is pretty soon we're going to run out of rich folks to squeeze.

Then who do you think gets squeezed? I'll tell you who. The folks eating at that table, who have the nerve to complain about how much their host is leaving for a tip.

Until they discover the host just dropped dead and the waiter's coming with the check and they're feeling awfully sick.

Food for thought.

It's enough to make you puke.