Cavuto: I'm 'pro-choice' on Walmart

Who is really being intolerant here?

Sometimes I just cannot understand all this hysteria over Walmart.

Me? I'm pro-choice when it comes to Walmart. I'm pro-choice on giving customers choice. On giving average Americans choice.

As I told the councilman, who is he to deny us that choice? Who is he to keep Walmart out of my city?

If New Yorkers truly hate Walmart, well, they just won't go to its stores if one is ever allowed to open in this city.

But Walmart stores aren't allowed in this city, are they?

New Yorkers don't even have that choice, do they?

No, in one of the most expensive cities on earth, the one retailer that could give New Yorkers a break, can't break in?


Because of intolerant politicians who have the gall to call Walmart intolerant -- is that fair? Is that right?

But intolerant of what? The way Walmart treats its workers?

Maybe it's just me, but I have as yet to walk into a Walmart and see any of its employees chained to shelves. Or any of its famous greeters shackled to the entrance.

No matter, now I'm also told that Walmart's intolerant of gays?

Well, that must be news to lots of Walmart workers and managers who are gay, and openly gay, and whose Walmart-sponsored health plan includes coverage for same-sex partners and provides discounted HIV drugs. Just like it provides discounted drugs for all its workers, and lots of $4 prescription drugs for all its shoppers?

So it sounds like, gay or straight, they're all getting good deals -- that is to me.

But New Yorkers will never know. Because politicians hell-bent on keeping Walmart out of their city, will never give 'em the break.

So who's really intolerant?

Who's really the bigot?

Who's really inflexible?

Who's really looking after those New York causes and charities that liberals love to cheer but when push comes to shove, only Walmart puts up the dough to support?

And then -- then rip Walmart for having the temerity to support!

Who's exactly zooming whom here?

Because maybe it's just me but i don't see any other big box retailers treated this way.

Then again, they're union. Walmart is not.

So Walmart is not to be tolerated, so how intolerant is that?

Politicians are free to choose their excuses.

But they're not really free to pick and choose their facts.

Pro-choice, to me, means letting people choose.

Now, I've heard of cutting off your nose to spite your face, but cutting off the company cutting the checks to help New Yorkers?

Cutting off breaks for New Yorkers?

Cutting off potential jobs for New Yorkers?

Cutting off vital support for services that help New Yorkers?

And now, cutting off Walmart funding for summer concerts enjoyed by New Yorkers?

Nope, that doesn't cut it.

Because that's what happens when you cut off debate -- you cut off choices. You cut off choices that aren't yours to make.

So it's like I said, I'm pro-choice when it comes to business.

So councilman, here's my very fair and balanced idea --

I want you to leave it up to your constituents.

Let them shop.

Let them decide.