Cavuto: 'Idiocy out of control' in Washington

What's the definition again of doing the same stupid thing over and over again and expecting different results?

I think it's Washington.

And I think it's in hyper drive.

No less than Vice President Joe Biden pushing still more infrastructure spending, and we can't even account for the more than 100-billion bucks each year we're already spending.

Or the White House dismissing a CBO report that warns hiking the minimum wage will cost 500,000 folks their jobs.

No matter keep spending. Keep pushing.

Keep spinning a healthcare law that won't sign up the 7 million you expected, but say it's still pretty good that you got 5 or 6 million.

And that the millions who've been thrown out of their plans as a result of this law will soon miraculously start appreciating this law.

I've heard of hope springing eternal.

But this is idiocy out of control.

It's one thing to ignore the political critics who don't like what you do.

But the folks whose numbers you once swore by, as long as they supported what you do?

Talk about fair weather friends.

Unfortunately, same results.

Look, all you big spenders.

If you're not going to listen to small business guys complaining, and those evil fat-cat CEO's whining, and countless Americans ripping the new healthcare law that you apparently think are just millions of Fox News plants belly-aching.

Have some shred of decency and respect for the folks who crunch the numbers and are warning.

The path you're on is treacherous.

If you're not going to stop. Would it kill you to at least slow down?

Because the thing about mistakes is they just get bigger the second time around.

It'd be like the captain of the Titanic thinking, maybe if I go through that iceberg faster that'll do the trick.

Same ship. Different span.