Cavuto: 'I feel ashamed' of Congresswoman Barbara Lee

It's the quote of the week that for me, still sounds so weak.

California Democratic congresswoman Barbara Lee bemoaning our treatment of these tens of thousands of illegals, largely kids, just dumped on our border.


Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif.: In listening to your testimony I felt ashamed and I ask my colleagues: are you talking about America? Is this America, where you have fled and were treated as you were.


Wow. Congresswoman, I feel ashamed too.

I feel ashamed of you.

I feel ashamed you would feel more compassion for folks who shouldn't be here, than the folks paying the bills who already are here.

I feel ashamed you somehow feel we aren't doing enough.

I feel ashamed you think processing them and feeding them and clothing them, and for likely years now, looking after them, isn't enough.

I feel ashamed you think enrolling them in schools here at great expense to towns that can't afford it here, isn't doing enough.

I feel ashamed you have it in your heart to suddenly care for all these illegals who just showed up here, but apparently not your head to explore how they got here.

I feel ashamed you seem to have now just discovered there even is a border, let alone what's happening at that border.

I feel ashamed you somehow think illegals live in the shadows here, yet mention nothing about the illegals who showed up in broad daylight to protest outside the White House for rights they shouldn't even have here.

I feel ashamed you're perfectly fine granting 1.4 million illegals with licenses in your state, and cannot fathom how that's driving many legal Californians nuts in your state.

I feel ashamed that you would somehow imply it's racist to say stop, when it's more reckless to say nothing.

I feel ashamed that you would condone allowing illegals to cut in line, and prefer taxpayers shut up and just cut the check.

I feel ashamed that you would forget that, and forget us.

I feel ashamed that you would find us all so embarrassing, when it's our money, our schools, our towns, our municipalities, and our increasingly meager resources behind all the processing, all the providing and all the paying.

I feel ashamed that we apparently shame you.

But you know something, congresswoman?

I feel more ashamed for the fools who voted for you.