Cavuto: Greece is very desperate and very broke

Attention all you fathers of the bride...or future brides...

Have I got a wedding deal for you?

As the father of a marrying-age daughter myself, may I be the first to tell you there is now an alternative to that reception at the Acropolis diner...

How about...the Acropolis itself?!!

Yea, the real one. In Greece! Now!

It's true.

Greece's culture ministry open to renting out the country's most cherished archaeological sites.

I guess Greece is so hard up for cash that it's willing to open up its greatest troves to the highest bidder.

And never mind Greek scholars and artists have their nose out of joint...I am talking pennies on the dollar to rent any one of their ancient joints!! It’s true

Now, you don't have to be a fancy-scmancy filmmaker like Nia Vardalos or Francis Ford Coppola…please!

To use these stunning you can use them yourself!

For a price, of course. And we don't know that price.

But we do know that Greece is desperate. We do know very desperate. And very broke.

So I’m thinking, go for broke...everything's negotiable here!

But imagine that...the greatest antiquities on Earth, props for your little girl's biggest day of her life!!

Now assuming she doesn't go through spouses like Aphrodite, of course.

And won't she be surprised when she and that significant other of hers you still can't stand...

Are standing in the Parthenon, chowing down pigs in a blanket.

Talk about the "wow" factor.

Now, there is that little issue of "flying" your guests over there.

I say, that's their issue. Not yours.

But I bet you can help them get big discounts on hotels, because these Greeks are wheeling and dealing, my friends and may I tell you bearing lots of gifts my friends.

I even bet you they'll throw in the me, they've got plenty of "that"!

Talk is, in fact, "this" thing takes off in Greece. Italy's next.

Coliseum Christmas party, anyone?

Egypt after that? Pigroast at the pyramids?

"Family putt-putt" at the tomb of King Tut?

Amazing. Just saying, start plannin'.

But better move fast.

Because these antiquities won't be around...forever!