Cavuto: French voters say 'no way' to 'no pain, no gain'

No pain. No gain?

If French voters have anything to say about it.

They wouldn't hear it.

Because while Nicholas Sarkozy's wife was hot.

His policies were not.

So both he and hot wife are like cold fish...

They now stink. And must go.

And next week!!!...they "will" go. How's that for fast?

What's the French term for "don't let le' screen door hit you in the derrière on the way out"?

Now the 11th European leader to be treated this way.

The 11th guy to fall defending membership in a European club to which voters have once again way.

...which tells me...that's got to be one lousy club.

Members are saying it. And the club owners are seeing it.

Why I’m predicting they're gonna "club the club."

They're gonna shut this European Union club down.

And you know why?

Because it's a stupid club, that's why.

And because no one relished doing any of the things it took to be a member of that club. That's also why.

First off, because no one had the money to get in the club.

Then even after some of them borrowed the money to get in the club...they discovered, "hey, you know something, this is a stupid club."

It's like the guy who joins a swanky golf club here, only to discover the course is in horrible shape, the food stinks, and to add insult to injury..."I’m" part of your next foursome!!

Not good.

And apparently not worth the price. Any price.

...even while the Germans, who run this club, kept cutting the price.

Until the Germans themselves started complaining.

"We keep bailing out these idiot members, who really shouldn't "be" members."

And now the French, who actually were in better shape and "could" golf, have all but boogied out.

Leaving the Greeks, who are still a mess.

The Italians, who are always a mess...

And the Irish, who are about to become all over, an even bigger mess.

And all because none of ''em wants to do what the club rules say you gotta do.

Cut spending. And start growing.

Turns out none of 'em can cut spending. And as a result, none of 'em are remotely growing.

This isn't about a lack of will, my friends.

This is about a lack of interest...

Being part of a club that was supposed to be the "crème de la crème"...but now looks more like the "crumb de la crumbs."

A golf club that not only never asked whether its members could pay the dues.

But whether a one of 'em could