Cavuto: Does Bill Gates practice what he preaches?

Brace yourself, my friends. This is another one of my crass teases for Fox Business Network -- which, if you don't get....

Demand it!

Because tonight, you've really, really, really got to watch it and a very revealing interview with the second richest man on the planet: Bill Gates, who's on a mission today to make sure Congress doesn't cut foreign aid today.

He says it only hurts those who most need the help. Let's say, we didn't quite see eye-to-eye. It gets a tad more... umm, heated. You'll see for yourself tonight on FBN.

But I take no issue with Gates' sincerity. He believes what he says and to his credit, he acts on what he believes. His $17 billion charitable foundation that he and his wife Melinda started proves his point -- and actually proves mine as well.

He wanted to attack serious problems head-on -- poverty, disease, you name it -- I would assume, because he discovered existing government structures had not and could not.

And keep in mind, Bill Gates likes the government and has long-advocated the wealthy paying more in taxes to help the government. Just like his friend Warren Buffett, who goes so far as to say the rich owe it to the government.

What I find interesting is how these men happily extol the virtues of government, but when push comes to shove and it's their own money? It isn't going to the government.

Buffett says when he dies, all of his dough will be going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Sage is no stooge; he invests his money wisely. And Buffett is betting he'll get more bang for his buck, giving it to the guy they call "Mr. Softy" than that other guy we know as Uncle Sam.

I don't think that makes these guys hypocrites -- just realists.

They like government; they don't love government.

They like the idea of the wealthy giving more to the government, just not in their case and, after they die and it's their money -- not everything to the government.

So focus not on their words. Focus on their wallets.

See for yourself tonight, when for the first time in a television interview, I try and get Bill Gates to focus on both, when Bill discusses our bills.

I guarantee you, it will make you think very differently about how even the richest advocates for bigger government now and then say one thing but do quite another.

Three hours from now on Fox Business.

You don't get it?

Demand it!