Cavuto: Cut the Notion We're Cutting Spending

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": Finally, we really got to cut this out.

This notion we are cutting spending.

We are not.

The president isn't.

Republicans aren't.

No one's being remotely draconian here.

Because no one...and I mean no one is cutting.

The president isn't when he talks up wacking 4 trillion bucks off the debt in 12 years.

And Paul Ryan isn't when he brags about lopping six trillion off the very same debt in ten years.

What both leave out is the debt will be higher when they're done.

Just not "as" high.

So that's what's really going on here, folks.

These guys are talking about slowing the growth of the debt, not wiping out the debt.

There is a difference.

Don't get me wrong, I commend both sides for even taking on the issue.

Just don't tell me this cutting is draconian...because on that, I will take issue.

...because we'll still have trillions more in debt under Paul Ryan's plan.

And trillions more in debt under the president's plan.

Whether we just curb spending as Ryan wants.

Or curb spending and maybe raise taxes as well, as the president wants.

Still more debt when they're done.  Not less debt.

So if that's draconian, then I'm Darwin.

And we are reversing budget evolution.

Which we are.

Because if we call slowing the growth in entitlements, savaging the elderly.

We are quickly digging our own grave.

Think of it this way.

We'll still be in a hole

A deeper hole.

Our only consolation...not as deep a hole as we could have been.

And that's draconian?

Sheesh...imagine if we actually really cut anything?

What would that be?


No, we're already calling this that!

Enough of this.

And that.

These politicians are killing me.