Cavuto: Critics of Ann Romney need to use some common sense

I promised myself I wouldn't get involved in this one.

...that I'd butt out.

Defending Ann Romney and this latest attack on her riding horses to deal with her multiple sclerosis would look too self-serving.

That because I have MS, my comments might be taken with a big grain of pity salt, and more than a hint of sympathy bias.

Well, guilty as charged.

But sorry, I'm charging in.

Because I’ve had...enough!

Enough of condescending commentators at another news channel, whose incredible ignorance of an illness I know all too well, risks being accepted by an audience that might not know the facts that well.

So here "are" the facts.

Ann Romney has multiple sclerosis.

I have multiple sclerosis.

Ann doesn't need your sympathy.

I don't need your sympathy that is, unless it makes you feel sorry enough to have pity on me and watch my show at eight against a not remotely ill, at least not "physically" ill, Bill O'Reilly.

But enough of me. Back to me and this crucial point:

Romney deals with her MS riding horses.

It's called hippotherapy.

Some call it "dressage."

But at its core, for MS patients, it refers to the use of horseback riding as a treatment for medical conditions.

Namely for treating walking difficulties.

Neurologists have long debated whether riding around on horses is a cure for MS, but many firmly believe it helps relieve some of the very real symptoms "of" MS.

As their industry bible "neurology care" noted last year, a number of studies have found that, and I quote...

"Some people treated with riding therapy exhibited improvement in balance, emotional functioning, pain, and muscle stiffness."

Studies have pointed to improved mood and walking ability. Still others, more energy.

My point is this is a legitimate therapy.

Now, do "I" use this equine therapy?

No, but that's only because I'm generally bigger than the horses, and I don't want to hurt them.

Ann is not, so no such risk.

But seriously, let's get serious.

Ann Romney doesn't need my defense.

But her critics need to use some common sense.

Because you might find such therapy strange, trust me when I tell you, the disease it helps treat, is a lot more strange. And cruel.

So go ahead and have a good laugh over Ann and her horses and whether they have anything to do with her illness.

Ignore the fact she got really into this big time about the time she was diagnosed with this illness.

Just seems odd to me that a network with the very letters "MS" in its name wouldn't resist making fun of someone who has to live with m-s every day.

Ann Romney doesn't need their pity.

Just their accuracy.

She's got a lot of money.

But it clearly hasn't bought her a pass from a lot of hell.

Take it from me I’m not horsing around.

These guys taking pot shots at Ann Romney "are" horse's asses.

It from the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The American Academy of Neurology.

The European Neurological Society.

The MS Research Center.

The Child Neurology Society.

So many others who devote so much to an illness that is so bad and chronicle the very real benefit of horseback riding that they all report has a proven history of doing some good.

Hippotherapy. Dressage. Working with horses. Whatever you want to call it

You don't have to "lean forward" to appreciate it.

Just check your facts before you joke about it.

Because right about now, you condescending sanctimonious twits...

You've proven you don't know the benefits of horseback riding one bit...

But you sure are good at piling on the lies, shoveling your unadulterated horse... (rhymes with "fit")