Cavuto: Agency for veterans has forgotten veterans

Imagine if they waited for us when it mattered.

Not now when for us, it doesn't matter.

Imagine if when they were soldiers, they took their sweet time defending us.

Not now, when many are old and have been pretty much forgotten by us.

Imagine if they did the same.

Imagine if they were in that fox hole, they never got out of that fox hole.

Imagine if they never raced the enemy's lines?

Imagine if they took their sweet time pulling that trigger?

Or never pulled that trigger, at all?

Imagine if they didn't respond as quickly after Pearl Harbor?

Imagine if they said, "We'll get around to it?"

Imagine if Union soldiers told Abraham Lincoln, "Hold your horses?"

Or 80 years later, soldiers at Normandy told FDR, "Hold the boats?"

Imagine if after terrorists attacked us here, they said, "Can't you see we're busy here?"

Imagine if they told their generals telling them to take that hill, "Not until you show us the paperwork to take that hill."

Imagine if they treated us then, the way we are treating them now?

Imagine if they told us to take a hike when it mattered?

Is it any less offensive than us telling them to take a hike because now they don't matter?

Doesn't that matter?

Doesn't what they are matter?

Doesn't the liberty they helped secure matter?

How is it an agency's paperwork takes precedence over their work?

How is it an agency for veterans has forgotten veterans?

How is it their battles only count when they're fighting them in their prime, and not now, when we don't even give them the time?

How is it they warranted parades when it mattered?

And not now, when presumably they don't matter?

Because of them, we're free to do what we want.

But is this what we want? Is this who we are?

We could do a lot worse this Memorial weekend than remember those who made everything we take for granted possible.

Come to think of it, we already are.

All I know is they didn't take their sweet time defending us, why are we taking our sweet time looking after them?

They're not even asking for a thank you, but they're sure due a hell of a lot more than a screw you.

Because it's one thing to show respect after they're dead.

It's quite another thing to forget them entirely when they're very much alive.