The latest from the Political Grapevine:

Urgent Letter to U.N

Eleven House Democrats, led by Texas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, have sent an — "urgent" letter to the U.N., insisting that its Electoral Assistance Division — which has supervised elections in such countries as Afghanistan, Kosovo, Liberia and Jamaica — should send representatives to the U.S. in November, to oversee the presidential elections.

The letter says — "We are deeply concerned that the right of U.S. citizens to vote in free and fair elections is again in jeopardy. ... Given the deeply troubling events of the 2000 election and the growing concerns about the ... potential for abuse in the 2004 election, we believe the engagement of international election monitors [is appropriate]." No word yet from the U.N.

Causing Trouble at Convention?

Anti-Republican and anti-Bush groups are urging Americans to sign up as volunteers at the Republican convention in New York, and then cause trouble when they show up for duty... or just not show up at all.

One group, called U.S. Labor Against the War, says it wants to create — "chaos," and outlines three — "easy [steps]. First, volunteer for the Republican convention; second, attend any and all volunteer sessions [and] fill out the volunteer forms. Be polite, dress appropriately, and smile a lot. And third, don't call in sick, don't give any warning — just don't show up!"

End to Promotional Giveaway?

Peace groups in Minnesota are demanding that the Twins baseball team stop a new promotional giveaway because, they say, it sends the wrong message to children. The Twins plan to distribute G.I. Joe action figures, without the plastic guns, at an upcoming game to — "pay tribute to the real G.I. Joes and G.I. Janes serving the country [abroad]."

But Veterans for Peace in Minnesota insists the Twins are just promoting war, saying — "The last place we need [that] is at our national pastime." The Twins say they will not stop the promotion, but will also offer packs of baseball cards as an alternative.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report