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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: My next guest is taking green to a new level. The one and only Carmen Electra has partnered with Phillips Norelco kicking off the "Deforest Yourself, Reforest the World" campaign earlier today in New York City.

Now get this, men lined up in Madison Square Park to actually have chest shaved by Carmen. Overall, the initiative will plant one tree for every Phillips Norelco Body Groom Shaver sold. Here to tell us all about the event — go back to the video — is model/actress, the one and only Carmen Electra.

How many guys did you do this to today?


HANNITY: Just five.

ELECTRA: We selected five guys the hairest guys we could find.

HANNITY: Did they like it? Did they —

ELECTRA: Seemed to like it, yes. They seemed to like it.

HANNITY: Why do they don't like it because you were doing the shaving and they didn't have to do it themselves. We got the video.

ELECTRA: Do I look uncomfortable?

HANNITY: Were you?

ELECTRA: I think I was, yes.


ELECTRA: I don't know. It's a weird thing. It is such a personal thing.

HANNITY: It's a weird thing to meet a stranger.

ELECTRA: It is such a personal thing. It feels like such a personal —

HANNITY: You could have waxed them.

ELECTRA: I'm telling you waxing is the best because you actually get to feel the pain.

HANNITY: So you wanted those guys to feel pain? This is too easy for these guys.

ELECTRA: Yes, look too easy, it is too easy. Plug it in, trim, shave. Easy.

HANNITY: I use an electric shaver. Thank you, you brought me one, I really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

ELECTRA: That's a gift — yes, just for you. You're going to have some fun in your bathroom. It's going to be a world for you. You're going to get into a world with Phillips Norelco. I promise.

HANNITY: You think so?

ELECTRA: Yes. It's going to be so much fun for you. Are you excited?

HANNITY: You are really — this is embarrassing me.

ELECTRA: Not to tell you how embarrassed I have been all day.

HANNITY: You were the one shaving these strangers today it wasn't me.

So you're going to plant a tree. Trees are a renewable resources. You don't have problems cutting down trees do you? You're not like one of these environmental crazy —

ELECTRA: It seems like such a positive thing to give back.

HANNITY: To plant a tree. It is a renewable resource. You can plant as many as you want.

ELECTRA: Deforest and reforest. That's what we're talking about today.

HANNITY: Yes, because you got to cut down trees to build houses, right?


HANNITY: What do you mean? What are you going to build a house with?

ELECTRA: Your hands.

HANNITY: Look, I think we should be environmentally — I think all gifts from the environment are gifts from God. But we've got to be good stewards of the gifts that are given us.

ELECTRA: That is so beautiful of you.

HANNITY: Isn't that?

ELECTRA: You are so romantic. I'm swept away by your words.

HANNITY: I swept you off your feet. Alright, great.

ELECTRA: And I'm going to have fantasies. I want to see.

HANNITY: You want to see what?

ELECTRA: I don't know. I'm lying because I really don't want to see it.

HANNITY: Thanks so much. I don't know what was worse, wanting to see it or not wanting to see it. You consider yourself an environmentalist? A lot of Hollywood people —

ELECTRA: Not really.

HANNITY: You don't think so. You don't have problems like flying on a private jet, that's a good thing, right? You prefer a private jet than a commercial, right?

ELECTRA: Not necessarily.

HANNITY: You don't want to admit it.

ELECTRA: Because you are turning me on you are so hot and sexy.

HANNITY: I feel like I'm back on "The Howard Stern Show."

ELECTRA: And I'm picturing you hairless. I'm seeing what's under the suit.

HANNITY: Really?


HANNITY: OK, alright, let me ask you about you. You posed five times in Playboy.


HANNITY: You did a DVD aerobic striptease video.


HANNITY: Right? You were in "Baywatch."


HANNITY: Playboy, "Baywatch," DVD striptease, you wrote a book "How to Be Sexy."

The answer is just put up Hannity's picture. Don't be like him, there's your answer.

Serious question, do you think we are too sexualized as a society? Do we judge people too much by their looks? Obviously, you are an attractive woman, you are known for this. Do you think at times that maybe we put too much emphasis on looks?

ELECTRA: I think I — you know — not necessarily. I probably judge everything based off of that that's why I've done what I've done.

HANNITY: Do you think — for example people that have wonderful hearts maybe not as attractive as Carmen Electra, but they're wonderful people, great hearts, great souls. Is that as important as what you look like outwardly?

ELECTRA: No, it's —

HANNITY: No? You could be miserable inside as long as you look good and you wear the right clothes?

ELECTRA: Yes, you know.

HANNITY: Oh my goodness. You really believe that?

ELECTRA: Not necessary.

HANNITY: A little bit.

ELECTRA: You can't tell me you haven't opened up a Playboy and — and —

HANNITY: Not since I was 13-years-old. I never saw you were in Playboy five times, I never saw you.

ELECTRA: I think you're lying. I'm not saying your looking at me but I'm definitely saying you open up —

HANNITY: I have no interest in Playboy and I have no interest in the articles either.

I know, I'd only open it for the articles.

ELECTRA: But you've definitely have looked at some girls nude in magazines, for sure. For sure!

HANNITY: I've been happily married for 18 years.

ELECTRA: If you say that you're lying.

HANNITY: You are asking if I have lust in my heart. You don't think we're too — do you think we are too focused — because everything I read about you, sex appeal, sex appeal. You don't think we are a little too focused on that?

ELECTRA: I do, but —

HANNITY: Don't you want people to know you as a good person with a good heart, a good mind —

ELECTRA: Absolutely.

HANNITY: — and great sense of humor?

ELECTRA: Absolutely.

HANNITY: What is more important that or your looks?

ELECTRA: I think at the end of the day that's more important. But you know, when you are put in that position you get a good sense of humor by yourself and make yourself laugh because it is too serious, you know?

HANNITY: I didn't even ask you about Dennis Rodman either.

ELECTRA: And you won't.

HANNITY: And I won't.

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