And now the most absorbing two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

Poll Results

A new FNC opinion dynamics poll shows that 50 percent of Americans have a favorable view of President Bush, compared with only 39 percent who have that view of John Kerry. The poll also shows that, in a head-to-head challenge held today, President Bush would edge out Kerry by 3 percentage points -- a slightly wider lead than two weeks ago.

Those numbers are closer in just the 17 battleground states -- but not by much. In addition, the poll shows that more Americans trust President Bush over Kerry to handle terrorism, Iraq, foreign policy, the economy, and education. Kerry, however, leads President Bush on Social Security and health care.

Capital Offense?

The official Website of this summer's Olympics in Athens names the capitals of each of the countries participating... every country, that is, except Israel. Israel's capital is listed as: asterisk... even though Israel says its capital is Jerusalem.

A footnote refers readers to the United Nations. According to the Jerusalem Post, the Website had originally listed Jerusalem as the capital of -- "Palestine," but after a number of complaints, decided to list no capital at all.

What's more, the Website calls Israel part of Europe, but says the nations bordering Israel -- including those to the north -- are part of Asia and Africa.

Certainly Not A Single-Issue Candidate

Say this for Ralph Nader ... He's no single-issue presidential candidate. Two weeks ago he was worrying about the nation's role in Iraq and demanding immediate U.S. withdrawal. Now he's worried about the national pastime, and has written to baseball commissioner Bud Selig insisting the game's -- "overcommercialization is sapping the fun out of being a fan."

Specifically, he's upset that during a season opening series in Tokyo little more than a month ago, the logo of the copier company Ricoh was on the sleeves of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and New York Yankees uniforms. That, Nader says, was an -- "obscene embarrassment" and a "greedy new low."

Protests Just a Class Topic?

Students at Lehigh University -- taking a course on protests and social resistance -- have apparently taken what they've learned to heart: They're refusing to take their midterm exam to protest what they say is education's emphasis on grades.

The students, now calling themselves "The New Resistance," say they oppose -- "the whole idea of ... writing down all that we had learned into a little blue book," and they want other students to know that -- "what they learn and take away from [school] is up to them."

According to the school newspaper, course Professor Ted Morgan now plans to offer students an alternative assignment.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report