Candidate Casino: Panelists place their bets

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BRET BAIER, ANCHOR: It's Friday, time for Candidate Casino. We will start since we are talking with the Hillary campaign Democrats, $100 in chips. Jason?

JASON RILEY, WALL STREET JOURNAL: I'm going to give $80 to Hillary Clinton. I think she is still in the driver's seat. I've giving $10 to Kerry and Biden as well because I think as the drip, drip of these scandals continue other Democrats might think about getting in. In terms of Republicans --

BAIER: Wait, wait, we're not there yet.

RILEY: OK, all right.


RON FOURNIER, NATIONAL JOURNAL: Actually same thing -- $80 to Hillary, $10 to the rest of the field, and $10 to Biden and another big dog.

BAIER: A lot of people not so sure about Hillary. "Travis writes in $50 on Hillary, $45 on Bernie Sanders, $5 on the field." This is Travis from Twitter. Patrick: "$30 on Clinton, $50 on O'Malley who many thought had a tough week, $20 on Sanders." OK. Charles?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: I remain all in on Hillary, $95 on Hillary, $5 on an act of God. I would have added five for an act of DOJ except it's less likely that the DOJ will act and that lightning will strike.

BAIER: All right, how about the possibility, Ron, of Biden getting in this race?

FOURNIER: Very slim. I think we are more likely to get somebody outside.

RILEY: But increasingly likely as Hillary Clinton proves herself to be such a poor candidate.

BAIER: OK, let's head to the other side of the casino very quickly, and this is the Republican side. And as you can see, there are many more slots on the roulette wheel, 16 of them right now. OK, Charles?

KRAUTHAMMER: You have the top three, Bush, Rubio, Walker, each splitting each $25. Then we have the three outliers, Cruz, Trump, Kasich, and I have to double my allocation for wine because the campaign has gotten so insane and have to jettison the women and song.


BAIER: Ron, this is a first.

FOURNIER: This is my first one. First is always the best. It's $30 for Jeb, $25 for Walker, $20 for Rubio. This is a little bit celebrating those three. Kasich $15. I think in a perfect world he would already be a top tier candidate given his background and being from the Midwest and Ohio. And $5 for mad as hell.

BAIER: Put that on Trump.

FOURNIER: No, no, because Trump reflects this mad as hell move that I think could be for somebody who is not even in the field right now. Obviously we are running out of that time. I think the people are looking for is something much more than what's out there now.

BAIER: Michael on Twitter says "$30 on Walker, $30 on Trump, $20 on Cruz, $20 on Rubio." There are a lot of Trump bets, actually. A few of them just put the $100 black chip on Trump saying it's all in. Jason?

RILEY: I'm giving $35 to Bush, $35 to Rubio, $25 to Walker. I think the fundamentals are what they have been for a long time. I'm giving $5 to Cruz because I think when the Donald inevitably implodes, Cruz stands to gain the most at least in the short run.

BAIER: Emails go to Jason.


BAIER: Really quickly, lightning on winners and losers, winners first. Jason?

RILEY: My winner is Uber which won a big victory in New York City where progressives have been trying to stop it from expanding. My loser is Planned Parenthood. Videos of high ranking officials discussing selling the body parts of fetuses, I think, is disgusting the public and it has caught the attention of the Republican congress. So Planned Parenthood could have more headaches coming down the road.

BAIER: Winner and loser?

FOURNIER: Winner is voters who are channeling Trump and Sanders to express their disappointment in the system and who will continue to do that long after Trump and Sanders are out of the race.

BAIER: Loser?

FOURNIER: Loser is Trump, who seems to think this campaign is about him and doesn't realize it's about angry, disenchanted voters and a broken political system.

BAIER: OK, winner and loser.

KRAUTHAMMER: George Weidenfeld is the winner. He's a lord, a philanthropist, a publisher in England who is organizing an airlift of Syrian Christians. He, himself, was a refugee from Austria in the Second World War. The loser is Israel. It will be called a pariah state if it opposes or does anything to stop the Iranian nuclear program. Iran, of course, is going to be declared a non-pariah state as a result.

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