Campaign cash double standard?

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Well, in The Washington Post, Michael Moynihan looks at the media's take on the presidential backers and finds it isn't exactly fair and balanced -- a phrase I just invented, Dana.

Yes, the media made sure we knew how rich those at Mitt's Hampton fundraiser were by zeroing in on their wheels. Yeah, they drove cars -- probably made of Faberge eggs and kittens.

The A.P. listed the "Mercedes, Bentleys... and candy red Ferrari Spider."

The L.A. Times added, "a line of Range Rovers, BMWs, Porsche Roadsters and one gleaming cherry red Ferrari."

In The New York Times, "gleaming Bentleys, Porsches and Mercedes-Benzes."

Mind you, The Times CEO Janet Robinson got a $24 million severance. I bet she won't spend it on a moped.

But somehow, the coverage isn't the same when President Obama attends the star-studded fundraisers. As Moynihan notes, you won't see the press focusing on Meryl Streep's transport.

Here is why -- political reporters are starry-eyed school girls whose palms sweat and hearts flutter in the presence of coked up, therapy-driven, chuckle bags who thinks wearing a ribbon makes them look smart.

If a star says Earth good, people bad, they get a gold star from the A.P.

But rich Republicans are easy targets because they're rich. And the media envies that. But the rich and famous celebs get a pass. The media doesn't envy them. They just want to be like them.

I get it. Dana is like that around me. Poor thing.



GUTFELD: Poor you.

Do you think they are biased toward Republicans or just gaga-eyed over celebrities?

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: Both. I don't think it's mutually exclusive. It's not even about them being rich. I think it's about the connected versus the not connected, right? It's not even political beliefs.

I mean, as you pointed out, look at the fundraisers they had Sarah Jessica Parker, "Checks and the City."


TANTAROS: Their townhouse in the West Village is over $20 million or something like that. The money, the Martha's Vineyard vacation that the Obamas take. The $500 Lanvin sneakers Michelle Obama wears. The trip to Spain.

It's hypocrisy at the highest level. And the media just lets it go time and time and time again.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: What do you think of the person -- I don't know if they quote it to, but quoted one to Romney. She said I don't think the common person is getting it.

PERINO: I would love to go to one of those. If you were a fly on the wall, then you'd hear --


BECKEL: Now, lady, maybe the common people don't get what you get, which is a lot of free stuff from your rich old man. But, if you leave that aside, the Koch brothers made their money by trading arms illegally with the Iranians.


BECKEL: I mean, why do you think this is the top --

PERINO: I hope they sue you.

TANTAROS: You beat up on the bankers all the time. You know that Obama got the most money from JPMorgan, the big banking industry? Why doesn't the media get in that?

BOLLING: Can I just point something? I got another e-mail from Barack Obama. Thank you, sir. Appreciate it. "Eric" -- personalized no less -- "we are getting outraised. I'll be the first sitting president if this continues, not just by super PAC, but by outside groups."

Guess what, President? You know, we find out today in the Wall Street Journal $4 billion, $4.4 billion are coming from the union. So, you're not getting out raised. Super PACs aren't outraising you on the Republican side.

If you add in the unions, you are beating the doors off everybody.

BECKEL: What if you add in the Koch brothers?

BOLLING: First of all --

GUTFELD: That's all you have.

BECKEL: I don't. I have Karl Rove. He has a super PAC.

GUTFELD: I want to move on. I want to talk -- Dana, I want to go to you.

I want to talk to you about Denise Rich -- big liberal and big supporter of Bill Clinton. He is leaving the United States, now senior citizenship can save tens of millions of dollars, in U.S. tax dollars. So, she is going to Austria. I think they have wallabies and kangaroos. I might be wrong.

But, you now, isn't it great you see a big liberal who favors taxes for everybody except for herself?

PERINO: Not only that, let's take a little trip down memory lane. Her husband, ex-husband, Mark Rich, got a big pardon from Clinton after she agreed to pay for the big expansion of the library.


PERINO: So she benefited from America in the most amazing way and now is leaving.

BOLLING: Quickly point, and, I know you want to get here.

But, Bob, there is a man who actually did trade Iranians illegally and that's why he was in Switzerland because he was told never to come back here. He made $1 billion --


BECKEL: We did a segment on the show three weeks ago talking about Republicans --

TANTAROS: It's Obama who is paying more taxes is patriotic, right? Obama says paying more taxes is patriotic -- 1,800 people denounced their citizenship last year alone.

BECKEL: I can't say anything about Denise Rich because I've got a conflict of interest, but --

GUTFELD: What does that mean? You slept with her?


BECKEL: That is a very --

GUTFELD: I want to raise a point to you --

BECKEL: I can't believe you just said that.

GUTFELD: It's what happens between the breaks.

BOLLING: She's single.

GUTFELD: About the guy from Facebook. When we talked about him in May, you called him a traitor.

BECKEL: I did. I think this is being a traitor. Absolutely.

GUTFELD: Good for you.

BECKEL: So, I can't be with her anyway so it doesn't matter.

TANTAROS: So, that is what it is about?


TANTAROS: That you can't date her?

BECKEL: No, I think anyone who denounces the citizenship to dodge taxes, is a traitor.

BOLLING: Wait, wait, dodge future taxes. And the good news is, there is an exit tax. If you want to do it --

BECKEL: Does Romney pay taxes on the Swiss bank account? Does he pay taxes on the Swiss banks accounts Romney's got money --

BOLLING: It's the same tax --

PERINO: I think he pays the same amount as Debbie Wasserman Schultz pays on hers.

GUTFELD: Yes. And, by the way, Vanity Fair spent, what, 4,000 words trying to figure out what he did and realized he didn't break any laws.

BECKEL: That's because he won't tell anybody. But he's having a fundraiser in Salt Lake City next week. A big one.

GUTFELD: You know, he's about as transparent as our transparent president.

TANTAROS: And who cares?

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