California on Guard

Governor Schwarzenegger says yes to the National Guard: That's the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

But he didn't want to. The government did not want to move the National Guard to the Mexican border to help the Border Patrol.


GOV. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: It is not my preference to send the National Guard to do this mission. But under the circumstances, to help the federal government to secure our borders, because that is our number one concern, is securing the borders.


So help me out here. Schwarzenegger understands that border security is vital, but he resists the solution — the Guard. Make sense to you?

Here's what's going on. The lawbreaking on the southern border could be stopped cold by 50,000 military people working in tandem with the B.P. [Border Patrol]. Most sane people understand this.

Human smugglers and drug runners wouldn't even try it with a force like that awaiting them. And the Pentagon has almost a half million National Guardsmen available for duty within the USA.

Yet, President Bush allots a paltry 6,000 Guardsmen. And Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't like the mission.

The reason is that the governor wants to be reelected and doesn't want to alienate Hispanic-American voters. So he's not bullish on a tough solution.

Same thing with President Bush. He got 40 percent of the Hispanic vote last time around. And Republicans can't afford to lose any of that, thus, the tiptoe.

So, once again, politics trumps what's good for the country.

The Senate also rejects the military solution for the same reason, fear of losing votes.

A new Congressional Budget Office report shows that, if the Senate's soft immigration bill becomes law — which it will not — 20 million foreigners will become citizens within the next 10 years.

Be that as it may, the crux of this matter remains border security.

"Talking Points" believes that, if Americans saw massive security on the border, most of us would compromise about earned citizenship for illegal immigrants already here. Most of us would do that.

But 6,000 from the military is not going to cut it. Thus the controversy rages on.

It's truly a shame that vote getting has become more important than problem solving in this country.

But high gas prices, rampant illegal immigration and out-of-control spending all prove that politicians put themselves first and the folks a distant second.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

A couple of days ago, I suggested to Diane Sawyer on this program that she could take Shepard Smith's job. He could take over “The Factor” and I'll retire to a life of idleness. Well, today Shep responded.


SHEPARD SMITH, HOST, "STUDIO B/THE FOX REPORT": He invites her over here to take my job. Look at him. I'm looking out at you, Bill.

JANE SKINNER, FNC CORRESPONDENT: Because there was a rumor that if she was not going to stay at ABC, she was going to go to another cable ...

SMITH: She can't have my job!


O'REILLY: Well, you can have my job. What are you whining about? It's a much better job than your job. See that poster, that's right across the street here on 48th Street.

Ridiculous? Of course it is.


Smith's involved with it!