Cadaver Dog Focuses on Dumpster in Haleigh Search

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: There is breaking news out of Florida in the disappearance of five-year old Haleigh Cummings. We are learning that just a short time ago a cadaver dog hit on a dumpster near the home where Haleigh was last seen.

Haleigh, allegedly last seen Monday, February 9 at about 10:00 p.m. by Misty Croslin, the 17-year-old girlfriend of Haleigh's father. Joining us is WAWS reporter Leslie Coursey.

Leslie, first of all, where are you standing, because I know you are in close proximity to where all of the activity is?

LESLIE COURSEY, WAWS: That is right. Where Haleigh lived is about one-quarter of a mile down that way. Where Haleigh's grandmother lives is maybe two tenths of a mile down this way. The fence is right here, and right on the other side of this fence is where the dumpster was located.

VAN SUSTEREN: What else is behind that fence? Is it a residential area? Are there mobile homes or other dumpsters? What's behind the fence?

COURSEY: What it looks, it looks like a storage lot for the adjacent mobile home park. Inside this fence you will find boat trailers, parks. You'll find sheds an RV's.

VAN SUSTEREN: We are told that a cadaver dog had a hit. Do you have any more information beyond that? Can you tell us what time a day it was, or had they been there before?

COURSEY: I do. About 3:00 today, three different cadaver dogs hit on the same exact dumpster. They do not know why the dogs hit on the dumpster. This area has been searched before, but this was the first time the dumpster was empty.

The emptied everything out. It took about two hours. And just a few minutes ago police came outside and said they found nothing. They found no evidence, no dead animals. They have no idea why these dogs hit on the dumpster.

VAN SUSTEREN: Have there ever been cadaver dogs at that dumpster after February 9 other than today?

COURSEY: They have had canines out here and bloodhounds, but this is the first time they have had cadaver dogs out. There was seven dogs out today. There will be 12 dogs out tomorrow.

VAN SUSTEREN: I take it the dumpster has been dumped since February 9. Is that right?

COURSEY: No. This was the first time the dumpster was emptied. The area, this lot behind me, has been searched three or four times, police say. But they had bloodhounds out.

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But they never got a hit on the dumpster. They said before tonight's there was really no reason to empty it. Tonight was the first time it was emptied.

Inside all they found was construction debris and leaves and branches, things like that.

VAN SUSTEREN: So, assuming the cadaver dogs were correct, the three different cadaver dogs, the suggestion is that there was one time a dead body in that dumpster, but that now they have searched that dumpster, and there is not a dead body in that dumpster.

COURSEY: Exactly right. Police are calling this an anomaly. They don't know why the dogs hit on the dumpster. Like I said, they didn't even find any dead animal. Sometimes these cadaver dogs will pick up on the scent of a dead animal. Go ahead.

VAN SUSTEREN: Was the material in the dumpster put there recently? Could the material had been next to a dead body and then placed in the dumpster and then hit by the three cadaver dogs?

COURSEY: Police haven't said when the last time the dumpsters was dumped, so we do not know how long the trash has been there.

VAN SUSTEREN: But is the trash exclusively construction trash, or are their clothes or personal trash in there?

COURSEY: No. It's strictly construction. There is a lot of concrete block in there, sidings of mobile homes, a couple pieces of lawn furniture, but that was about it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Who owns the dumpster?

COURSEY: My guess is the adjacent trailer park right on the other side of this fence. It is owned and operated by them. They are the ones who take care of all of that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is there anyone in that mobile home area that you know has any relationship whatsoever with Haleigh Cummings family?

COURSEY: Like I said, right where we are--I can see Ronald Cumming's house from where I am right now. Where Haleigh lived is just about a quarter of mile down the road. So they walked past this every single day. There are a lot of relatives here in this neighborhood.

VAN SUSTEREN: What is the working theory of the police tonight? Do you have any idea?

COURSEY: They are keeping a very, very tight-lip. They say they are working 1,600 different leads, but they have no idea, they really have no idea where this girl is.

VAN SUSTEREN: The dumpster looks like a typical dumpster, at least the aerial shot that we had. Did the dogs hit in the same exact area of the dumpster?

COURSEY: Police didn't say that. They did say just three different dogs hit on that exact same dumpster. They emptied the dumpster. They even lifted up the dumpster to make sure nothing was underneath. And, again, they found nothing.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where is the family of Haleigh Cummings these days?

COURSEY: Right now the family is very divided. They keep to their own camps.

Ronald Cummings camp, they have been staying out of the media spotlight. They don't want to talk to us at all.

Haleigh's mother, however, they have been very friendly. They set up camp on the outside of the neighborhood. They have a tent set up. They have candles and flowers and a grill, and they stay there from sun up until sundown every single day.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where is the girlfriend, the 17-year-old girlfriend?

COURSEY: Misty Croslin has been noticeably absent. We have not seen her in a couple of days. In fact, we talked tonight to Ronald Cummings' mother, and we asked if it was possible that they broke up. She said they are still a couple.

Obviously Haleigh's disappearance has put a strain on their relationship, but they are still a couple and they are still working through this.

VAN SUSTEREN: And has the girlfriend been questioned again? I heard that she might have been questioned again recently.

COURSEY: She was questioned again last week. I have not heard of any questioning again this week.

VAN SUSTEREN: And are they still getting tips, people spotting this little girl in different places?

COURSEY: Absolutely. Just yesterday a truck driver friend of the family thought he saw Haleigh in Michigan, snapped a picture of this little girl, sent it down to the family. It turns out it was not her. So they are getting leads in all the time.

VAN SUSTEREN: Leslie, thank you.

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