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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: Oh, thanks so much, Sean. I really appreciate it. I'm Laura Ingraham. This is “The Ingraham Angle” tonight from Washington. Another rough day for their President and Bill Barr derangement clubs, it turns out that the term spying - well, it was appropriate. We're going to explain in just a moment.

Plus when the New York Times broke a story about the Biden family scandalous ties to Ukraine, the Obama team blamed conservative investigator Peter Schweizer. Well, guess, what he's here to respond to charges.

And also tonight Congresswoman Ilhan Omar with another anti-American statement, you won't believe this one, blaming America for the current unrest in Venezuela. It couldn't be the fault of Socialism, right? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is here to respond.

But first, stunts and noise versus substance and poise, that's the focus of tonight's ANGLE. Over the past 24 hours, social media, a lot of you - you were blowing up with expressions of conservative outrage over the Democrats' treatment of Attorney General Bill Barr.


SEN. RICHARD BLUMENTHAL, D-CONN.: I think history will judge you harshly. That conclusion is inescapable.

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS, D-CALIF., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I think you've made it clear that you have not looked at the evidence - we can move on.


HARRIS: I think you've made it clear sir that you have not looked at the evidence and we can move on

SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: That you've not only put your own credibility into question but seem to be giving sanction to behavior through the language you used in that press conference you held.

SEN. MAZIE HIRONO, D-HI: You lied and now we know.

Attorney General of the United States is a sacred trust. You have betrayed that trust.


INGRAHAM: Of course, it's all disgusting. It's incredibly nasty and it's patently unfair. But why would anyone be shocked now given that these same Democrats - what they did last September to another Trump pick, who also had a stellar legal career.


HARRIS: Are you willing to ask the White House to conduct an investigation by the FBI.

BARR: The FBI would gather witness statements. You have the witness - they don't --

HARRIS: I don't want to debate with you how they do their business.

BOOKER: She's not part of the Clinton's efforts to get some kind of revenge. She is a woman who came here with corroborating evidence to tell her truth.


BOOKER: No, sir, it was a final statement.

KAVANAUGH: I was obsessed with - basketball player.

HIRONO: So you only have 23 seconds. So you are not as sloppy drunk and so your roommate was lying.


INGRAHAM: Now remember Ms. Blasey Ford's decades-old allegations, they came to light only after some anonymous Committee Democrat leaked her letter leading, Blasey Ford, herself to reveal her identity to the Washington Post.

Well similarly on Tuesday, right before bars testimony, the Mueller letter was leaked to of course The Washington Post - stay with me here. Now the bottom line is, when the Democrats cannot win on the merits, on the substance, what do they do, they want to end the debate, go right for the jugular.


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: I strongly believe Judge Kavanaugh should withdraw from consideration and the President should withdraw this nomination if Kavanaugh won't do it voluntarily.

REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: I joined leader - Schumer and calling for Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw his name from consideration.

BLUMENTHAL: I think the nomination should be withdrawn.


INGRAHAM: Of course, Kavanaugh remained defiant, and he refused to back down to those Democrats and now he has a lifetime tenure on the Supreme Court. The Democrats crashed and burned on Kavanaugh.

But not only did their stunts flop, their stunts actors were actually frauds and criminals.


MICHAEL AVENATTI, ATTORNEY FOR JULIE SWETNICK: A lot of this would be substantiated if there was an investigation, which is what we want. We're not - we are not laying out all of the facts and all the evidence right now, that's not our obligation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley referred Avenatti and Swetnick last week to the Justice Department for a criminal investigation.

NICK HANNA, UNITED STATES ATTORNEY: If convicted of the 36 crimes alleged in the indictment, Mr. Avenatti will face a statutory maximum sentence of 333 years in federal prison.


INGRAHAM: Avenatti was practically co-hosting shows on CNN, wasn't he? But seven months later here we are, and Democrats facing another brilliant legal mind, with impeccable credentials. They went back to the prop closet once again.


REP. STEVE COHEN, D-TENN.: Chicken Barr should have shown up today and answered questions. He was afraid of Barry Burke, he was afraid of Norm Eisen. A Attorney General who's picked for his legal acumen and his abilities would not be fearful of any other attorneys questioning him for 30 minutes.


INGRAHAM: Does he sleep with that chicken? I didn't know it was pronounced acumen, I guess, I'm wrong. Well the real chickens are the Democrats who are too afraid to admit that they got it all wrong on Russian collusion.

And know what else, they're too afraid to actually advance an agenda to defend whatever policies they want to forward now in the midst of a roaring Trump economy, that's actually hard stuff. So what do they do, they just revert to their same old sleazy tactics, which we have exposed by the way and documented for all of you.

No glee, but we've had to document it, because it's really important night after night, week after week on this show. And just like with Kavanaugh they're now calling for someone else's head on a platter.


BLUMENTHAL: I think that Attorney General William Barr ought to recognize that he has an obligation to resign.

BOOKER: He's burned through any credibility he had in that role and he should resign.

HARRIS: I think he should resign and I think that he has made it very clear that, one, he hasn't - he is not able to perform his duties.


INGRAHAM: Remember by the way, that both Kavanaugh and Barr are Bush Republicans, so when you think it's just all about Trump, so anyone who's connected to this administration. This always shifts to Trump, doesn't it? If you (inaudible) to name, they're going to go after you.

But my prediction the more Barr learns about who and what we're behind the 2016 efforts to smear Trump as some type of Russian collaborator, the nastier and more desperate the Democrats attacks on Barr will become.


BARR: I don't want to be too specific. I talked to Mike Horowitz a few weeks ago about it and it's focused on the FISA - the basis for the FISA and the handling of the FISA applications. But by necessity, it looks back a little bit earlier than that.


INGRAHAM: Hmm, there must be a lot of Obama Democrats in and out of the Deep State who are sweating now.

They need Barr's reputation to be tarnished. That way whatever Barr ultimately concludes about the Obama DOJ, can this be written off as some mere piece of pro-Trump propaganda. They have to do that. Now it's what this is all about.

Now if Hillary and company had maybe spent more time trying to out-debate Trump on the big issues of the day rather than funding phony dossiers, paying all that money to Fusion GPS, maybe she would have fared better in the last election - I don't know.

And if Democrats today focused more on improving the lives of everyday Americans, instead of acting out their silly scenes in like a Kill Bill sequel, maybe they would have more to show for their first 100 days of house rule than just ridiculous subpoenas and character assassination.

I'm betting tonight that Americans prefer substance and poise over stunts and noise any day and that's THE ANGLE.

Joining me now with reaction Robert Ray, Former Whitewater Independent Counsel and delighted he's with us. Robert--


INGRAHAM: It's good to see you. The Democrats - you get this clear sense. It just struck me today. This is a lot like what happened with Kavanaugh.

RAY: yes the politics of desperation, no shame and you know ad hominem attacks - the only place left to go of course is now to impugn the integrity of Bill Barr. They have also tried it with Rod Rosenstein on his way out the door, and it will continue.

And I think you are correct, it will get particularly pointed and more heated once Bill Barr does what he said he was committed to doing, and that is following up on the release of the IG's report Michael Horowitz, and eventually and finally going inside the Obama Justice Department, because it's clear he's headed there, as well as Jim Comey's tenure at the FBI.

INGRAHAM: Well, a new political headline neatly captures this moment. It says Democrats channeled their Trump outrage on Barr. And there was no better example of that than Speaker Pelosi.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: He lied to Congress. As the Attorney General of the United States of America, was not telling the truth to the Congress of the United States. That's a crime.


INGRAHAM: Well Barr did not actually lie, and she and her entire caucus know it. Robert, your thoughts on Pelosi's smear, where specifically is she wrong here?

RAY: Well, she's not even specifying what she thinks is the lie. I mean it's a serious charge you're talking about as you know, false statements to Congress or perjury which would be a crime.

But look, I kind of tend to agree if to just keep this simple, Ted Cruz was right, really what the Democrats are about here is they don't like the answers that they got. And the only thing that was with withheld from the American people was the space of three weeks when the Attorney General controlled the narrative before the release of the redacted Mueller report.

I mean at the end of the day, that's what this is all about. And the notion that we're now going to yet again try to criminalize one more thing, where Democrats don't get their way so the only resort they have, which is like how many times do you have to ring the bell before cry wolf, before people finally conclude they really don't know what they're talking about.

INGRAHAM: I mean the whole thing - Robert, the whole thing is that, when Barr testified on April 10, he was asked do you think Mueller disagreed with your conclusions.

RAY: Right.

INGRAHAM: Conclusion on obstruction, that's what I'm talking about.

RAY: Right, I mean that that was the central piece of it.

INGRAHAM: And he said, I don't know.

RAY: And they completely ignored that, and I think to this day, from what it sounds like, as I reviewed the testimony, to this day I don't think Attorney General Barr to this day meaning today knows whether or not Bob Mueller agrees with his determination relative to the fact that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the obstruction, a portion of the investigation.

INGRAHAM: Well yes, but in that phone call, the phone calls they have, they were like, well give us your notes. He asked Mueller, are you talking about the conclusions and Mueller said well he was focused on the media reaction that they kind of got the context wrong.

So, this - it's defamatory, let's just be very clear to the American public last night. The smear of one of the most brilliant legal minds in the United States with utmost integrity, Bill Barr, is one of the lowest moments of this US Senate Judiciary Committee.

And I've seen a lot, okay, I went back to (inaudible) for Justice Thomas. I saw what they tried to do to him, okay. Then - but then - and what they did to all these other great nominees along the way. This was disgusting. But as I said in The Angle, not at all surprising, given what we know.

RAY: No, not at all surprising. And when you look at it, I mean in order to try to make the claim, they do obviously things that frankly are beyond the pale like selectively parse and edit from the Attorney General's answer.

INGRAHAM: Oh that's what they did.

RAY: And once you do that, what credibility really do you have with the American people when you're trying to make an argument from really nothing that the Attorney General of the United States has committed a crime?

I mean, are you kidding?

INGRAHAM: No, this is all about trying to smear Barr before that IG report comes out in his new findings, about how this whole thing started with the Deep State. All right, I want to get this other piece of breaking news in, and this is again the real reason why Democrats are trying to take down Barr.

New York Times, of all places, shocking to a lot of people, reported today that the FBI indeed sent to spy to try to trap former Trump associate George Papadopoulos in London, all right. Papadopoulos himself always contended he was being spied on and he was laughed at, but the liberal media well they just dismissed him.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This noise we are hearing from Papadopoulos and all the rest of them about something going on over there. It's spying, and I'm just wondering, spying seems to be a perfect word if you believe in the Deep State coming against Trump.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When he makes a charge like that, like what he said about the wiretapping, he makes governance difficult for himself.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Go-go-gadget backpedal Jake.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: For the Attorney General to imply or to say that there was spying domestically, he knows the language very well and he knows the terminology and he knows what it connotes.


INGRAHAM: Now you see Barr has found out the dirty little secret about the spying conducted on the Trump campaign and he's not about to step on the Inspector General's forthcoming report on the malfeasance at the Obama FBI.

So, joining Robert Ray is former FBI Special Agent and spokesperson John Iannarelli. He's been all over this issue. John, how big of a black eye is this for the FBI, New York Times bombshell?

JOHN IANNARELLI, FORMER FBI SPECIAL AGENT: It's certainly a black eye for the people that were in charge and did this. This is unlike anything I saw in the FBI during my career. The spy at a Presidential campaign is unprecedented and how they can deny this took place is unbelievable.

Robert Ray, this is something. So Papadopoulos said he was set up.

RAY: Right.

INGRAHAM: He's ridiculed. All these civil libertarians, by the way, Robert, like where are they tonight? All these people, these Democrats, I support the ACLU, they're all for civil liberties, except if it's the civil liberties of a conservative, or someone who is working for Trump.

RAY: Right, Papadopoulos has been saying for months, it's ridiculous prosecutorial and investigative overreach, and I think now we're finally going to get to the bottom of what is the true story here, and whether you think spying is a pejorative term or not, hey look it up.

There isn't any question that what appears to have happened is that spying was going on, not only with electronic surveillance, but also the use of informants, and what amounts to an undercover.

So, I guess the question would be, in the midst of a Presidential campaign, what you would ordinarily expect to happen, which didn't happen here, maybe he didn't want to talk directly to the candidate. But I cannot imagine law enforcement foregoing the opportunity to have communicated to somebody trusted within the campaign to say, hey look, we are looking at things.

Why didn't they go to Rudy Giuliani or Chris Christie, or Jeff sessions? Someone of integrity to say, hey look, the campaign needs to be aware of the fact that we are concerned about potential contacts with Russians, or whatever.

INGRAHAM: I will tell you why, John. They knew it was a set up from the beginning.

IANNARELLI: You are right.

INGRAHAM: They knew this thing, they were hunting around, we are going to get into the Ukraine ANGLE here, they had a DNC operative trying to get dirt on Trump, in Ukraine! So where is the collusion with Russia Trump, maybe it is Ukraine-DNC.

IANNARELLI: Absolutely. Obviously, they are looking for a way to get in and get any dirt at all, as if any actually existed. And more importantly, they trusted no one in the Trump campaign? The FBI would normally make contact with somebody and say we think we may have a problem. Didn't even the decency or respect to try to make contact and say, work with us.

INGRAHAM: So Robert--

RAY: And by the way, Laura, it continued because, remember - recall also in the first weeks of the administration, Jim Comey gloated over the fact that he snuck FBI agents into the White House to talk to Michael Flynn. I mean, they were still doing it. They were still operating--

INGRAHAM: It was a big set up. Flynn was part of it, Papadopoulos, Carter Page was the dupe that they used the dossier to spy on. This was all part of a story that's unfolding, the Democrats know it, that is why they are smearing Barr. That is the only reason really to smear Barr at this point. The report is already out. Guys, fantastic conversation, love having you on. And

And still ahead, team Obama coming after our next guest for blowing the lid off of the Biden family's foreign connections; Peter Schweizer here to respond in moments. And later, should Congresswoman Omar be booted from the House Foreign Affairs Committee? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo address her latest slam on America, so stay there.


INGRAHAM: Now when it comes to the media's coverage of this White House, it's often tough to keep up with all of the falsehoods. Now we at “The Ingraham Angle” are going to try to change that and hold our media brethren and sisters accountable.

Now tonight, we take a look back at a controversy that erupted over the security clearances of Trump administration officials, included a career civil servant being smeared and the existence of what they were calling a whistleblower, which some media folks just couldn't get enough of.

Tonight, we have an update to that story. For more, we are joined by Trace Gallagher live in our West Coast newsroom has been looking into it. Trace?

TRACE GALLAGHER, CORRESPONDENT: Laura, for the first two years of the Trump administration, Carl Kline was the White House Personnel Director. He oversaw security clearances, and that placed him squarely in the middle of a Democratic lion's den, where he was accused of being pushed by top White House aides into issuing security clearances for, among others, President Trump's daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The Democratic outrage was promptly put forth by liberal media outlets. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Elijah Cummings told me last night in his view what's happening with the security clearances is a million times worse than with Hillary Clinton and her email controversy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Security clearances are a Presidential prerogative. How do you go back and reestablish norms after processes like that have been broken as badly as they have by this President.


GALLAGHER: The common media narrative was that President Trump told then White House Counsel Don McGahn to order Carl Kline to issue Ivanka and Jared Kushner security clearances. And when McGahn refused, he told then White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to do it.

But after seven hours of testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Kline said that nobody in the White House, including John Kelly, ever interfered or pressured him to grant or revoke a security clearance.

His answer did not satisfy Democrats. Watch.


REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS, D-MD: I guess he's basically trying to say they're just - the buck pretty much sat with them, but that's not - I mean, there's much more information that we need to dig into.


GALLAGHER: Like information from Tricia Newbold, who worked under Carl Kline but accused him publicly of mismanaging security clearance files and retaliating against her. Kline's attorney responded to Tricia Newbold's accusations last month on “The Ingraham Angle.” Look.


ROBERT DRISCOLL, CARL KLINE'S ATTORNEY: she was below Carl in the chain of command and she was upset about some of the decisions he made and felt that her superior didn't explain them sufficiently to her. He'll be clear to that eventually, but all this is just dragging a career guy in for no reason.


GALLAGHER: We should note, GOP Congressman Jim Jordan says he was impressed with Kline's decisions on security clearances. Laura?

INGRAHAM: Well, Trace, thank you so much for that scandal reporting, complete bunk.

Now on to another question, who is colluding with whom? Now the Left is also blame shifting on a story we covered extensively on “The Ingraham Angle,” the Biden family's sketchy ties to Ukraine.

Now here's The New York Times headline. Biden faces conflict of interest questions that are being promoted by Trump and allies. One of President Barack Obama's most senior advisors Dan Pfeiffer suggested that it's just all a conspiracy tweeting, it's happening all over again. Peter Schweizer does oppo research funded by conservative interests. New York Times credulously writes it up. Trump and his allies bully the DOJ into investigating. Trump claims his opponent is corrupt.

Here to respond, Peter Schweizer, President of the Government Accountability Institute, who wrote the book Secret Empires that exposed the Biden family corruption. Peter, your reaction, break this down to our view - for our viewers on this Ukraine connection with Biden, and why it's not some pie-in-the-sky conspiracy theory.

PETER SCHWEIZER, PRESIDENT, THE GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY INSTITUTE: Yes, look, from the beginning when the book came out and even today with The New York Times confirming my reporting, what the Left is basically doing is attacking me personally and now attacking The New York Times.

They're not disputing any of the facts. And the facts are simple, Laura, and that is that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son, got on the payroll of a very corrupt Ukrainian energy company called Burisma in the spring of 2014, where he was paid about $50,000 a month to do "regulatory compliance" for this company.

He now admits to The New York Times that's not really what he did. He doesn't describe any work that he did. And the problem of course is Hunter Biden had no background in Ukraine, no background in energy. What he did have was a father who was Vice President of the United States, who's responsible for all aid flow of Western dollars going to Ukraine, and Joe Biden made decisions about when to look the other way, when money disappeared, as it did with prebought (ph) bank and in other instances when it did.

And it's just a pattern, Laura. We talked about it on your show before, as it relates to China. The Biden family has cashed in, while Joe Biden was Vice President, and they're not refuting any of the facts, they're simply attacking me and in this case The New York Times.

INGRAHAM: Well, in a few moments, I'm going to talk to Secretary of State Pompeo about Biden's curious position on China that they're not a threat.


INGRAHAM: They are not a threat at all, it's just I guess a friendly country that's not very powerful. Do you think we're going to learn more about this Ukraine connection and specifically all the trips that Biden made in that last year of the Obama-Biden Presidency?

SCHWEIZER: Yes, I mean very curious when right before Donald Trump was being sworn in, in the United States, where was Joe Biden in all places of the world? He was in Ukraine. Very, very unusual for a sitting Vice President to spend his last few days in a foreign country that far away.

We need to learn more about this. I've said before the Senate needs to have Hunter Biden come and testify and explain the $1.5 billion private equity deal he got from the Chinese government, flying over on Air Force Two with his dad, and he needs to explain this deal with the Ukrainians that makes absolutely no sense.

INGRAHAM: Peter, we're out of time but think of what they say about Ivanka and Jared that they're profiting and they're making all this money. They're working in Washington leaving the cushy lifestyle sure they had in Manhattan, trying to do stuff for this administration.

But they accuse them of everything, it always turns out to be false. And meanwhile, we have Hunter Biden making a lot of money, while Biden was Vice President. And Chuck Todd and these people, they're always just a bunch of conservatives attacking Biden, poor old Biden.

Unbelievable. Peter, we are going to keep tracking it. Thank you for your reporting on this as always.

SCHWEIZER: Thanks Laura.

INGRAHAM: And coming up, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar says the chaos in Venezuela is all America's fault. And Joe Biden, as I was saying, wonders what the big deal is about China anyway. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with his exclusive reaction next.


INGRAHAM: Venezuela was once a thriving, prosperous country, but under socialist leaders like Hugo Chavez and now Nicolas Maduro, the government's seizure of companies meant that when their main resource, oil, saw volatility, the economy collapsed. Now nearly nine in 10 Venezuelans live in poverty. Food is so scarce reports say that some have been forced to eat pigeons and cats they find in the street. Maduro has only tightened his grip, imprisoning political opponents, and all of this leading to violent clashes. And the global community, including the U.S., has lined up behind opposition leader Juan Guaido. Despite all that, Congressman Ilhan Omar is, well, you guessed it, blaming us.


REP. ILHAN OMAR, D-MINN.: A lot of the policies that we have put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in Venezuela, and we've sort of set the stage for a where are arriving today, this particular bullying and the use of sanctions.


INGRAHAM: Here now, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Mr. Secretary, thank you for being with us tonight. When you hear a member of the House of Representatives put the blame squarely on the, quote, "bullies" in the United States, what we are seeing tonight in Venezuela, what is your reaction?

MIKE POMPEO, SECRETARY OF STATE: So the nicest thing I can say is it is unbelievable ignorance. It is just factually wrong. You hit it in your opening, Laura. The problems in Venezuela have been years in the making, it has been a socialist regime, first with Chavez, now with Maduro, the destruction of a wealthy nation, a nation with more oil reserves than any other country in the world.

INGRAHAM: Beautiful country, too.

POMPEO: And a beautiful country with beautiful real estate, beautiful shorelines, all kinds of opportunity. And for a member of Congress, frankly, one who sits on an important national security committee, to make a statement blaming America first in this way, it's not only ignorant, it's disgusting.

INGRAHAM: What can you tell us tonight, still not a successful transition in Venezuela. Guaido was the guy that the world community chose. Why is he the right one at the right time?

POMPEO: So the world community has certainly supported him, but the Venezuelan people chose him through their national assembly and through their constitutional process. The military didn't fracture in the way that we would hope, but it is just a matter of time. It is the case that Maduro may rule for a little while longer, but he is not going to govern. Structurally, there is no way he stays in power. It is time for him to leave, and we need the Cubans and the Russians to follow him out the door.

INGRAHAM: Now, to the Americans who say we have a problem at our southern border, we've got 100,000 people a month being apprehended and released into the country, why are we focusing at all on Venezuela, what do you say to them?

POMPEO: So we can do more than one thing at a time. We have an obligation to secure our southern border, but we have had 3 million people, 3 million migrants leave Venezuela, too. They will end up somewhere. Today they are in Colombia, Chile, Peru. We have an important responsibility in Venezuela. First, we want to support democracy in South America, it is important for our vital national security interest, but it's also the case when we see a humanitarian crisis like this, the American people understand that taking food and providing humanitarian support is something that's in our nature.

INGRAHAM: I want to move on to another topic, which is China, something that you've been addressing lately. I've been talking about this for 20 years. But Joe Biden doesn't seem to think China is a big threat. Let's watch let's watch.


JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man. They can't even figure out how to deal with the fact that they have this great division between the China Sea in the mountains in the east -- I meet in the west. They are not bad folks, folks, but guess what? They are not competition for us.


INGRAHAM: I don't personally know what to say about that. But China not a threat to the United States, what is the truth they are?

POMPEO: President Trump and our administration has taken the threat from China very, very seriously, very different from what we just heard there.

INGRAHAM: He's leading in the polls.

POMPEO: We understand the threat. There is a trade imbalance that President Trump has taken on to try and get fair and reciprocal trade between the United States and China. The fact that the Chinese are working to put their systems and networks all across the world so they can steal your information and my information.

INGRAHAM: How about American universities?

POMPEO: And American universities, to feed this information back into their system. You've talked about this, we've talked about a million of their ethnic minorities being held in reeducation camps in Jianxin. This is stuff that is reminiscent of the 1930s. They present a real challenge to United States, and this administration is prepared to take this on.

INGRAHAM: American high-tech companies in China, there's a lot of concern that there has been, I guess, inadvertent assistance to the communist regime there as they seek to dominate part of their Belt and Road Initiative, dominate every major industry, including space and weaponry, artificial intelligence. What can you tell us about the concerns about American big tech going to China and setting up a shop?

POMPEO: We've talked about this, and we've got out to talk to each of these businesses. Laura, it is true, I think America was slow to recognize this challenge, the previous administration, the Obama administration just didn't want to touch it. The first step is to make these businesses aware. This is what this technology is being used for, here's who you are selling to, the separation between private companies and government doesn't exist there, not remotely like we have in the United States. And so we have made clear to them that their technology is being used in ways that they may not be aware of, and the impact, not only the impact it has for American national security, but the impact it will have on their business and the business' reputation is very real.

INGRAHAM: Mr. Secretary, I also want your reaction to something one of your predecessors said last night on MSNBC. Watch.


HILLARY CLINTON, D-FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Why should Russia have all the fun? And since Russia is clearly packing Republicans, why don't we ask China to back us? Not only that, China, if you are listening, why don't you get Trump's tax returns? Let's have a great power contest and let's get the Chinese in on the side of somebody else.


INGRAHAM: Leading Democrat, she was on for an hour last night. The great power contest, asking China to dump the tax returns.

POMPEO: So there is a great power contest taking place, I think that's true. I only wish when she was secretary of state, she would've taken it on instead of allowing it to get to where it is today and turning a willful blind eye to that. We are taking this seriously. I hadn't heard those comments before. They don't remotely sound like what ought to be done by America, and they're certainly not what President Trump and this administration is going to do to make sure we keep America safe, that we recognize China has 1.5 billion people, there will be commerce between the two countries, but we've got to make sure that America is prepared so that we can continue to be the world's leading power 10, 20, 50 years from now.

INGRAHAM: Are you having more fun now than you were as CIA director? I was thinking about that, if I could choose between one and the other, which one is more fun?

POMPEO: They are very different jobs. I have enjoyed them both.

INGRAHAM: What a diplomat. Mr. Secretary, thanks for being here tonight, I really appreciate it.

POMPEO: Thank you very much.

INGRAHAM: Thanks for being here tonight.

One of our favorites is here next, Dr. Drew Pinsky, on Burger King's unhappy meals, plus dangerous college speech codes at his alma mater. He's going to tell us about it, next.


INGRAHAM: One of our favorites is back with us tonight to tackle a few ridiculous stories. Why not? Board certified internist, host of "Dr. Drew After Dark," Dr. Drew Pinsky joins us now.

Doctor, we've got a lot of stuff to get to. First up, fast food giant Burger King used to be known for its snappy slogan, "Have it your way," but now they've launched a bizarre new campaign that takes on its rival, McDonald's, happy meals.




INGRAHAM: I love the pissed meal. Dr. Drew, should major brands like these be wading into mental health issues, with the yaaas box, too?

DR. DREW PINSKY, CELEBRITY DOCTOR: The yaaas box is what it is. But not so much. It is Mental Health Awareness Month, and God bless them for wanting to bring awareness about mental health. But I am flabbergasted at the way they are doing it, that the DGAF box or the pissed meal or the salty meal says anything about mental health? But here we are talking about mental health, so goal achieved, guys. I guess it is just about having the conversation.

But what I find very strange, Laura, is that they teamed up with Mental Health America. I don't know who they are. It is an organization that says they're all about preventing people from developing mental health issues or progressing in their mental health problems. And I looked at their board of directors. There are no physicians on the board of directors. I thought we have the National Alliance of Mental Illness, we have National Institute of Mental Health, we American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association. How about bringing those guys in? I don't know that they would be so hip on these meals you are producing. I'm just saying.

INGRAHAM: I love the fact that people are talking about mental health challenges, because it is common and we all go through difficult times in our lives, and I'm glad they're doing that. However, I don't think people go to get food to get into a discussion. People are just running in to get a meal. So I think they are wrapping a fight with McDonald's, healthy competition with McDonald's, into we care about mental health. I think it's a little off. It seems off to me.

PINSKY: It is quite off, but the weird thing, Laura, is here we are talking about it. So they want to sell hamburgers, we are talking about Burger King, though we're talking about McDonald's in the same breath. They want awareness about Mental Health Awareness Month, we are talking about that. So in some weird way, mission accomplished. But I'm just saying, I don't know what they've accomplished other than just saying it is Mental Health Awareness Month. If we want to really -- put some of the suicide prevention hotline on there, talk about the symptoms of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, educate people, give us something on the box other than "yaaas." I'm just saying, Laura. I'm just saying. Far be it from me to judge.

INGRAHAM: Dr. Drew, I need to get to this. In March, your alma mater, Amherst College, put out a common language guide, it's a 40-page glossary of terms, and it's supposed to address a need to come to a common and shared understanding of language around identity, privilege, oppression, and inclusion. The guide included a whopping 97 terms under gender and the gender identity section. It has since I guess been taken down from the website, college's website, but you can still find it online. So my question to you, are these kinds of gender codes getting out of control? What is going on here?

PINSKY: Again, I like the idea of trying to have language, because I can't keep track of things day-to-day. I don't know about you, but I would love a code of language that I can make sure I am using language appropriately.

But in this little circular, they are also saying things like, well, if you're a heterosexual white female you can't be a feminist because you are part of the male white privilege oppression, and therefore your view of feminism is so deeply skewed that you can't possibly say anything. So that is part of your onus, you guys.

The other thing is, that as you go down -- two things. One is, we're talking about controlling language, and that is a very dangerous road to go down. That bothers me on one hand. And the other is, it ends up being a snake that starts eating itself. For instance, as you go down the road of gender discussions, eventually somebody starts coming to the conclusion that gender doesn't exist. It is purely a social construct. If there is no gender, if there is no male, and if you can't have two males or you can't have two females, and you can't have a male and a female, gay doesn't exist. Heterosexual doesn't exist. And suddenly the snake is eating itself. And a lot of people are not too happy with that.

INGRAHAM: No, colleges -- it is now becoming absolutely insane. Liberals were supposed to be about being open to conversation, and now they are all about codes and controlling conduct. Dr. Drew, great to see you, as always.

PINSKY: Thank you. You, too, Laura.

INGRAHAM: And coming up, possible conflicts of interest popping up for the state's attorney who refused to prosecute Jussie Smollett. Plus, a Democratic mayor we interviewed right here resigns in shame. We're going to tell you why, next.


INGRAHAM: Have you seen this? Kim Foxx has found herself in hot water again. You know her well. She's the state attorney who refused to prosecute hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett despite all of the evidence against him. Trace Gallagher is live in our West Coast Newsroom again with all the details. Trace?

TRACE GALLAGHER, CORRESPONDENT: Laura, the judge in this case made it crystal clear he was set to rule on whether to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Jussie Smollett case, then the woman who petitioned for it put the brakes on. Former Appellate Court Judge Sheila O'Brien asked the judge to recuse himself because his son works for Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx. Judge LeRoy K. Martin Jr. was unhappy but agreed to consider it, so the legal jockeying here and goes on. O'Brien is fighting for a special prosecutor because she says Smollett received special treatment, but State's Attorney Kim Foxx filed a motion arguing that a special prosecutor might interfere with the investigation now underway by the Cook County Inspector General.

So Foxx is now against a special prosecutor, but in late March she rode an op-ed in "The Chicago Tribune" saying she was in favor of it, quote, "Let me state publicly and clearly that I welcome an outside, nonpolitical review of how we handled this matter. I am not perfect, nor is any other prosecutor out there, but ensuring that I and my office have our communities trust is paramount." Foxx is also trying to prevent the release of original files and documents from her and her top deputy, Joseph Magats, saying the request for information violates state law. Foxx and Joseph Magats were not in court today, saying they were not bound by subpoenas mandating their presence.

Meantime, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh announced her resignation today. Many called on her to quit after it was revealed that she made roughly $800,000 from her children's books about health and nutrition from sales to hospitals and other companies with ties to the city. Some believe they were just illegal kickbacks. Laura?

INGRAHAM: Unbelievable. Trace, hardworking tonight for us. Trace, thanks so much.

We'll be right back with the last bite.



DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: Every citizen has the absolute right to live according to the teachings of their faith and then convictions of their heart. This is the bedrock of American life.


INGRAHAM: Trump's words today after the National Prayer Breakfast, amazing. Especially the comfort provided to Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein and from San Diego and the wake of that devastating attack on his synagogue. It was a great moment today, not covered by many in the process at the White House. It deserved more attention.

That's all the time we have tonight. Remember my podcast, Kellyanne Conway exclusive today. She was on fire. You've got to listen to it. Shannon Bream and the "Fox News @ Night" team take it all from here.


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