Border Action, Finally...

Finally, President Bush takes concrete border action. With 80 percent of the country demanding border security, President Bush has decided to move 6,000 troops to back up the Border Patrol —- not enough in my opinion, but it's better than nothing.

Six years ago — six years — "Talking Points" said this:


O'REILLY: After much study and thought I've come to the conclusion that the military has to secure the Mexican border. One of the mandates of the federal government is to provide security for American citizens from outside forces.


Well, in the past six years since I called for troops on the border, millions of illegal immigrants have arrived in the USA, along with untold tons of narcotics and who knows how many terrorists.

It's a shame the government moved so slowly, but it does so because of pressure. Big business does not want a secure border. Latino activists certainly don't want it and politicians want Latino votes. The result: border chaos.

Unbelievably, some politicians, like Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, continue to oppose putting the Guard on the border:


May 14, ABC News "This Week"

SEN. CHUCK HAGEL, R-NEB.: I think we have to be very careful here. That's not the role of our military. That's not the role of our National Guard.


Memo to Senator Hagel: it is called the NATIONAL GUARD, Sir. What is it about "Guard" you don't get?!

We called Hagel's office, and his plan to secure the border is to hire 2,500 new Border Patrol agents each year and add a bunch of immigration investigators who go after employers who break the law. OK. But it won't solve the problem and Hagel knows it.

On the radio today I took some calls about President Bush's motives for moving the Guard to the border. A few people thought it was an effort to move up his poll numbers. Of course it is! But I don't care! The Guard will help stop the trafficking in illegal narcotics and the exploitation of poor immigrants.

By the way, Congress should now pass a fair immigration bill that would make it difficult but not impossible for illegal aliens to obtain citizenship.

Finally, the liberal press doesn't want any part of this. They have no solution to illegal immigration, drug trafficking, Iraq, Iran, the War on Terror. They have no solution to anything. And if you don't know that by now, you're never going to know it.

"Talking Points" is proud to have advocated a solution to the border problem early on, and once again we applaud President Bush for coming around.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

The ACLU, which is opposing troops on the border — of course they are — also announced today it is giving scholarships to worthy students. The criteria? Being a far-left kid.

For example, Shannon Baldon of Louisville, Kentucky, is getting a scholarship for refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance — very nice.

Elizabeth Lipschultz from New Jersey is being honored for trying to convince students not to cooperate with military recruiters.

There's no truth to the rumor that the ACLU students will be matriculating in Iran, but anything could happen. It might also be ridiculous.

You know, you got to love them.

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