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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Inappropriate and often violent material is all around us. It's on the Internet, video games and advertisements, and it creates a toxic culture for our children, leaving many parents feeling helpless.

In her new book, "30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family," Rebecca Hagelin provides practical advice on this subject. And Rebecca now joins us.

And by the way, I'm very proud. I got to write the foreword to this terrific book, if we could — there you go. Right at the top, it says me.

And because you know what? It is — you need to engage in a daily battle. We're losing our kids.

REBECCA HAGELIN, AUTHOR, "30 WAYS IN 30 DAYS TO SAVE YOUR FAMILY": That is right. We're losing our kids, but the answers are all here in this book, Sean.

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I spent four years talking to parents around the country through my column on TownHall.com and e-mails I got from them through the speeches. And I found out that the questions are pretty much the same. You know, all parents want to raise children of character. All parents want their children to be marked by integrity and fidelity. But they feel like they're under attack from the culture.

So I put together the most commonly asked 30 questions. And I have concrete steps parents can take every day to really take back their homes.

HANNITY: It's all around them, though. They are being inundated with sexual images. They're pressured from their friends. The schools are indoctrinating them. And they're really dealing with all of this, because this is the next generation of leaders, hopefully.

HAGELIN: That's exactly right. And what I really encourage parents to do is take the book and go through the table of contents and see where they're having a problem. Maybe their problem is the Internet. Maybe they have a child that's having a pornography problem on the Internet.

I give them tips on how to get help for that child and Internet filters. Or maybe it's just teaching their children respect.

HANNITY: And you go into some detail. For example, you talk about sexual purity for kids. By the way, I've got to get off this topic. I've got to — my kids are young. I'm going to — I'm going to hire you. I'll say, "Come over. You handle this." Because we can't deal with it.

HAGELIN: Well, you know what, Sean? You don't have to make it up. The answers are all right here in the book.

HANNITY: But that doesn't make it easy.

HAGELIN: It doesn't make it easy. But this is the thing for parents to remember. Remember, when you make yourself vulnerable to your children, when you admit mistakes, when you say, "I'm uncomfortable talking about this," your children's ears pick up. And they understand that you're doing the best you can.

HANNITY: The biggest mistakes you address in the book? Parents want to be liked. They want their kids to like them. And you can't parent if you want your kid to be your friend.

HAGELIN: No, that's right. Your kids don't need another drifting peer. I actually have a chapter that says to be your child's parent, not their best friend.

Your kids are looking for someone to give them guidance, to stand up and say, "These are the boundaries for you, and this is why — this is the vision I have for you." So one of the 30 ways is also to write a vision for your child's life, for their future.

HANNITY: But this — but for parents that are saying — thinking they're alone, you're saying, no, find groups of other parents with similar values, make your home open to them, and feed the kids. I love that part. That was funny.

HAGELIN: Exactly right. Feed them, and they will come.

HANNITY: Feed them and they will come.

HAGELIN: As a mother who had three teenagers and the house at one time — and actually, we had dozens of teenagers throughout the week at our home, because we always have the food.

And so you make...

HANNITY: I want to come.

HAGELIN: ... your home inviting, and fun and warm, and they'll come. And you'll find allies in the battle with other parents who share your values if you just look for them.

HANNITY: But the thing is, is I think there are more of us than we really know. I think there are more parents that are concerned about the inundation of sexual material all over the place and the culture that is rotting from — from outside in. I think there's a lot of us out here.

HAGELIN: There are, and really, parents are afraid to be the first one to say, "I'm uncomfortable with the sexuality." They don't want to be the parent that says "no" first.

So what you have to do is be — again, make yourself vulnerable. Say, "I have concerns about this. Will you join with me and help raise our kids?"

HANNITY: I love how — I love how you tell your kids, "You can't go to school dressing a certain way." And that's a hard thing, because all the kids do — they want to be liked. They want to be accepted. They want to be a part of the crowd. Right?

HAGELIN: Right. I've got a chapter on how to stop those fights with your daughter about what she's wearing. I know. I do with my 16-year-old. I'll give you one tip, and then the rest is in the book.

It's you both — you both have to like it. When my 16-year-old and I go shopping, we both have to like it. That's the rule.

HANNITY: I bought my daughter this weekend her first piece of jewelry. I bought her a little necklace with a cross. And she was very happy.

And I told her she couldn't get her ears pierced.

HAGELIN: Well, speaking of jewelry, my husband gave my daughter a ring when she turned 16 and took her to dinner and said, "I just want you to know. This is a reminder that I will be here for you, and you should...

HANNITY: When my daughter becomes 16, I'm going to have him come over and do — and I'll buy the ring.

HAGELIN: I think you could do it just fine, Sean.

HANNITY: "30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family." And I'm very proud I wrote the foreword for the book. Rebecca, good to see you.

I love it. And it's great for families. Thank you.

HAGELIN: Thank you.

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