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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: And it's a FOX News alert. FOX News has just confirmed tonight that embattled Idaho Senator Larry Craig is reconsidering his decision to resign from the United States Senate.

Craig spokesman Sidney Smith had this to say regarding the situation. Quote, "It's not such a foregone conclusion anymore that the only thing he could do was resign. We're still preparing as if Senator Craig will resign September 30, but the outcome of the legal case in Minnesota and the ethics investigation will have an impact on whether we're able to stay in the fight and stay in the Senate.

Again, breaking news tonight. FOX News has confirmed that Senator Larry Craig may be reconsidering his decision to resign. Joining us now with reaction to this story is blogger Mike Rodgers, who called for an investigation into Craig last year. Mike, you are very active. You thought you discovered he was a hypocrite. Tell us your side of this.

MIKE RODGERS, BLOGACTIVE.COM: Hi, Sean, and good evening. Thank you for having me on.

Larry Craig is a hypocrite. He is an anti-gay closeted individual who has sex with individual men. We have reported from men in different places in the country, at Union Station in Washington, DC. We see he has been arrested and has offered some preposterous explanations. And clearly the case will not be thrown out.

Legal experts across the country have said that the only way he can get this case tossed out is if he proves to the judge that he doesn't speak English and I don't think that is going to happen. And most unfortunately, Sean, is he is putting the people through Idaho, despite having no support on his own party, and having lost his seats on the committees, he is putting his own state of Idaho through a wrenching progress and I think that's very unfortunate.

HANNITY: I read what you had and apparently this tape of this one guy that the Idaho Statesman filed up on.

RODGERS: It's not one guy, Sean.

HANNITY: It was an anonymous source. Why doesn't the guy go on the record?

RODGERS: Sean, it is not just one guy. It is now three or four. And if you read the 3,800-word article by Dan Popkey in the Idaho Statesman you will see it is many more than one guy.

HANNITY: But it goes back to 1967 in one particular case. Your tape with one anonymous guy that they played for him and his wife back in May is the main source of this rumor. Is that sufficient enough in your view for you to declare definitively?

Is there any doubt in your mind that he may not be…

RODGERS: There is absolutely no doubt in my mind. I have heard the physical characteristics repeated to me from various individuals. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Larry Craig has engaged in this activity and further, Larry Craig has admitted to a guilty plea in a court of law for this kind of behavior, for engaging in behavior that was not proper.

He has claimed that he was guilty. And it is astonishing to me to see, regardless of this incident, how different, how there is a different set of rules for Larry Craig because he was with men, opposed to say, Representative Kevin Brady who was guilty of a drunk driving offense.

HANNITY: I would argue there is a different set of rules for Bill Clinton and Gary Studds and Barney Frank.

RODGERS: Bill Clinton was impeached. He was impeached.

HANNITY: And Barney Frank is the head of a powerful committee in Washington, DC.

RODGERS: Well, what did Barney Frank do? He lived with somebody and made a bad decision.

HANNITY: Gary Studds had sex with a 17-year-old page and he was censured.

RODGERS: He was. But he was censured. But you have put — no, no, it is not more important than David Vitter who the senators, the Republican senators have stood up and gave a standing ovation to after he admitted sex with a prostitute.

HANNITY: I did not know about Senator Craig. I am going to be honest. I do not have the details.

RODGERS: I have.

HANNITY: I have read everything that has been out there and all the allegations. There still is doubt in my mind as to whether or not these may be scurrilous allegations.

RODGERS: So you will support his stay in the Senate?

HANNITY: No. If he is guilty of leading a double life, I said the very first day that he should resign his office. But I have doubt if he is.

RODGERS: Have you called for…

HANNITY: Let me get this question out. Look, I did not blame you that you wanted to expose hypocrites for political gain, but there is a part of me, I could never do what you are so active in, which is taking glee in the destruction of other people's lives.

RODGERS: There is no glee. It's a very sad situation.

In fact, I have found it's such a sad situation that the mainstream media chooses to ignore it.

Let me tell you about courage. Alan Colmes. Is Alan there with us tonight?

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: I'll be there in just a moment.

RODGERS: Alan, you are a courageous individual for having me on nationwide radio. Ed Schultz, who is a nationwide radio talk show host led the way when last October he put me on, his folks reviewed it, attorneys reviewed it and a lot of people have reviewed it and if it is not true…

COLMES: Let me get to the issue of him resigning. Should he resign or should the voters of Idaho have the opportunity to decide whether he stays or goes?

RODGERS: I think that's really up to the voters of Idaho but I also think to look at the party and the party has hung him out to dry. I do not know why the party has a double standard, say, for Representative Kevin Brady of Texas who has pled and he did pay a fine for driving drunk.

So I guess in the Republican Party it is OK to be a drunk driver and put people at risk of killing them when you are behind the wheel of a car but it is not OK to engage in these other activities. It just seems as if they have thrown him under the bus and yet we haven't heard why has this happened to other people.

COLMES: I think the voters should decide. Even Barney Frank, who we just talked about, said it is hypocritical, of course, but it's not an abuse of office in the sense he was taking money for corrupt votes. Barney Frank says he should not resign. Do you agree with Barney Frank?

RODGERS: I have no problem if Larry Craig wants to hang around the Senate and he wants to defend himself. What I would want to know is why did he plead guilty? Why wouldn't he be forthright with the people of Idaho and why wasn't he forthright with his family?

I think that the signs point over and over to the hypocrisy. And frankly, Larry Craig, there, it is just going to continue to highlight the issue. And I think unfortunately for me what the really sad part is here, is that he has subjected his wife and her three children from her first marriage, he has adopted those kids, to this. I just do not understand. I just don't know why you would do this.

HANNITY: Now you have made a name for yourself doing this. You were certainly instrumental in this coming out, no pun intended, with Larry Craig.

Are there others in the same category as Larry Craig who you think whose names will be forthcoming because of your work?

RODGERS: Absolutely. There are names in the folks in Congress and high positions of power who are leading a secret double life. And what I would say to Sean is Sean, where do you stand with Senator Larry Craig? And will you stand in the same position if other two-lived hypocrites are exposed because I can assure you…

HANNITY: Can I answer your question, Mike?

RODGERS: Sure. Let me answer this way. I said to you that if he was leading a double life and a hypocritical life, then I would agree with you that he doesn't have the moral character to serve, but I do believe Democrats are treated separately.

HANNITY: Now to answer your question here, as it relates to anybody in Washington, if you are going to be a leader and have moral authority, you are going to have an obligation to be consistent in your private life. It does not mean all human beings are perfect. But I do resent the double standard of Studds, Clinton, Barney Frank, William Jefferson.

RODGERS: You keep pointing to Bill Clinton as a double standard.

COLMES: There is no double standard.

RODGERS: Bill Clinton is the second president…

HANNITY: And he stayed in office.

COLMES: Let me get in here. Bill Clinton was impeached. Bill Clinton was not convicted by a Republican Senate. Barney Frank got in trouble because of somebody he was living with. He did not confess to any crime. He didn't break any law that we know of. I think the double standard, here, Mike, is that some Republicans…

RODGERS: Sean, why have a new call for the resignation of Kevin Brady? He has admitted to guilty of drunk driving and he has paid a fine. If you believe that there is a standard. And finally…


RODGERS: The Democrats and not call for Larry Craig to resign, he was thrown under a bus by, of all people Mitch McConnell, the man who ran against him for the majority leader's seat and other leadership positions.

HANNITY: I am sure you going to call on William Jefferson to leave Congress. I'm sure you're going to say Hillary Clinton, if it turns out she's receiving money…

RODGERS: You know something, I think if William Jefferson had 90 grand in his freezer illegally, he certainly should leave Congress too. It's you guys that said Larry Craig was guilty. It was the president, the president…

HANNITY: I've got one last point on this and I owe Alan time in the next segment. I am going to make one last point here. I am only saying to you, Mike, is I think, first of all, there is a question in my mind. If you want to bring the tapes and you want to bring the anonymous guy with the altered voice that the Idaho Statesman played for him on this program we will let him make his allegations and we will invite the Craig family to dispute this. I don't like innuendo, I don't like 1967, somebody thinks something might have happened. I don't like that a cop didn't finish — if he really wanted to sting, he should have waited a little longer than foot tapping and picking up a piece of paper.

RODGERS: Then he never should have admitted he was guilty.

COLMES: Why did he admit guilt? Why did Larry Craig say he was guilty if he did nothing wrong? If he did nothing wrong he shouldn't be resigning from the Senate.

HANNITY: That's a good point.

RODGERS: Apparently he did not know as a United States senator and representative for 27 years that before he pleaded guilty, you are supposed to call a lawyer. But the bottom line is this, Larry Craig, the newspaper in Idaho, multiple attorneys, professional reporters across the political spectrum….

COLMES: Mike, we…

RODGERS: Many newspapers in Idaho have all reported on this hypocrisy. There is no question. And I would call on the Republican Party to not only hold Larry Craig accountable but to hold David Vitter…

COLMES: There is a double standard, gay versus straight.

RODGERS: And Kevin Brady.

COLMES: We've got to run, Mike. Come back on the show, if you want to play tapes on the show, you want to come and give proof of him or anyone else we'll be happy to have you back on.

HANNITY: Play them on the show.

RODGERS: Will do it.

COLMES: Thank you very much, Mike. Thank you for coming on.

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