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RICH LOWRY, GUEST HOST: You may recognize their names from the hit film "The Blind Side," but Sean sat down with the real-life Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, who took in a homeless teenager and helped him become a football star at Ole Miss and now an offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. They are the authors of the book "In a Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving."

Take a look.


SEAN HANNITY, HOST: I've got to tell you, I love — I was inspired by "The Blind Side." I loved the movie. I love Sandra Bullock. Apparently, now, in the short time I've gotten to know you, she nailed you. She got you down pretty well. Were you happy with how she...

LEIGH ANNE TUOHY, FEATURED IN "THE BLIND SIDE": So happy. And she was the best. S.J. was the only one in the movie, and after being on the set with her for four days, he came home. He said, "Wow, it's scary. There's two of you all running around."

HANNITY: Is there? Well, she actually was quoted as saying, "For the longest time, I kept saying no to the role, because I didn't know how to play this woman. You know, here she comes from Memphis, this white Christian Republican lady whose bark and voice is so strong. I passed judgment on the — on the Southern Christian ladies. I would just roll my eyes at them."

Did you read that?

L. TUOHY: Yes.

HANNITY: Well, apparently, you inspired her. You got to her.

L. TUOHY: We were lucky that the roulette wheel stopped on Sandy, because she was just the best. She wanted to get it right, authentic, serve the story.

HANNITY: Just to remind everybody — and if you didn't see this movie, you've got to go see the movie, all right, and read the book. But so why don't you — why don't you walk us from the very beginning and how this all happened?

L. TUOHY: Well, I mean, we were driving down the street. We were going to eat, and Michael was walking down the road. And he was in inappropriate clothing for the time of the year in a place he shouldn't have been, in a time he shouldn't have been there. And Sean looked at me and said, "That's the new boy in Collin's class we've been talking about."

And I said, "Really? What do you think he's doing here the day before Thanksgiving, you know, early in the morning? School's out." And I said, "Turn around and let's see what he's doing here."

HANNITY: And you said to him, "Do you have a place to a stay?"

L. TUOHY: And he said no.

HANNITY: No. And you said, "Get in the car"?

L. TUOHY: Kind of sort of, yes.

HANNITY: Kind of sort of, yes. I mean, you know, look, in this day and age, you've got to admit, that's not the normal reaction. People — you know, when you have kids at your house you're afraid you're bringing somebody into your family. You don't know who you're bringing in your house and setting up the nice couch and et cetera, et cetera.

L. TUOHY: Yes, but you know what? It's time we all start taking risks. It's time we get out of our comfort zone. It's time that we, you know, turn around and look to your left, look to your right. How do you know there's not a Michael Oher right next to you?

HANNITY: All right, but that's the — that's the thing. And this kid turned out to be amazing. And he's a member of your family. And it turned out well. But it can maybe not turn out well. What if he turns out to be a psychopath?

SEAN TUOHY, FEATURED IN "THE BLIND SIDE": Well, what if your tires on your car doesn't work?

HANNITY: Good answer.

S. TUOHY: And what if the bridge isn't built correctly? I mean, there's a lot of "what ifs."

It didn't take long, when you looked in Michael's eyes, to know, A, that there was need, and B, there's a wonderful kid in there. You described him correctly. Michael is incredibly intelligent. He's incredibly gifted, obviously athletically talented. But he was all that before we ever met him. We didn't screw him up. All we really did was give him a chance to be who he was supposed to become.

And that's why we wrote the book "In a Heartbeat," because everything switched that fast on that decision. Our lives would have been completely different.

HANNITY: That's what — that's what is inspiring about the book and about the movie. This is — and about you. And you. But you first.

S. TUOHY: Usually — I'm glad you included me. Usually I'm the one over there taking pictures of ya'll.

HANNITY: But did you — did you really drive into his old neighborhood at that story, and was it that bad? I mean, was that an accurate depiction in the movie?

L. TUOHY: You know, John Lee Hancock, who was the writer and director, really dialed the movie down. I mean, the car wreck was much more horrific. The things in the hood were more horrific. But you know, it's — you've got to do what you've got to do.

HANNITY: You did. And that scene, I mean, that broke my heart when he sits down there, and you know?

L. TUOHY: Do you know how many kids every day in this country that happens to? And we're worried about — you know, I've been around today. People are talking about the wrong things. We need to start talking about the kids that go to bed hungry in this country every night that don't have a bed to sleep in and don't have a mom and dad at an age out of child care. Pick up "In a Heartbeat," read it.

HANNITY: Listen, you have more guts than I do. Because I don't know. I have young children in my house. I don't know if I would have the courage to step out and invite a stranger into my house and to live with us, knowing that he could pose a risk to my family. I don't know if I would have that — that courage.

S. TUOHY: I disagree with that. You traveled all over the country chasing your dream. Those were risks everywhere you went. Our risk was way less than picking our family up and moving them.

We invited a kid who had a huge heart and a huge need...


S. TUOHY: ... and allowed us to give — the subtitle of our book — obviously, the title is "In a Heartbeat," because it switched that fast. But the subtitle: "The Power of Cheerful Giving." That's where people go, "How did it work?" And that's kind of where you're headed.

And what we're saying is we had the easy part, because we got to have Christmas every day. He had the hard part. He had to figure out how to live with this crazy family. We got the gift of giving every day. And that — that was the only explanation.

HANNITY: There's a lot of touching scenes in there. One that really kind of inspired me is when you all sat around — was it Thanksgiving or Christmas. I think it was Thanksgiving dinner.

L. TUOHY: Thanksgiving.

HANNITY: OK, Thanksgiving dinner, and you all hold hands. I mean, did that really happen?

L. TUOHY: Absolutely.

HANNITY: Really?

S. TUOHY: The only time we ate at that table was with Michael.

HANNITY: Yes, because you wanted to watch TV.

S. TUOHY: Every time.

HANNITY: Every single time.

S. TUOHY: Well...

HANNITY: Is that an accurate depiction of you?

S. TUOHY: Absolutely. I was very, very upset that she made us sit at that table.

HANNITY: And you rolled your eyes a whole bunch of times in the movie.

L. TUOHY: They all were. They like to watch football on Thanksgiving.

HANNITY: What are you — you say, "My family says you have Truth Tourette's Syndrome"?

L. TUOHY: That's a Sandy statement. She started that.

HANNITY: Yes. Meaning?

L. TUOHY: You know, but I'm just real honest about everything. But you know...

HANNITY: Yes, I've noticed that in other interviews you've given.

L. TUOHY: It gets you — I mean, it's right thing to do. I'm just not one...

HANNITY: Were you like this your whole life? This effervescent and outspoken and just...

L. TUOHY: I want to go back to talking about the book. You all are back to criticizing —

HANNITY: I'm not criticizing — will you stop it?

L. TUOHY: I'm between two Seans here. Ya'll are killing me.

HANNITY: This is the first time you've ever been ganged up on here. This is good. I like it.

S. TUOHY: But we're still outmanned. No question about it.

HANNITY: You have your hands full. Well, what's the latest from Michael?

L. TUOHY: We were with him yesterday, last night. He's doing great. He has to be back to training camp July 28. The Ravens are going to do great this year. We can't wait.

HANNITY: And you go to most of the games?

L. TUOHY: Every game.

HANNITY: Every game.

L. TUOHY: Every game.

HANNITY: That's so exciting.

L. TUOHY: Every game.

HANNITY: Well, it's an inspiring story. You are a very special couple.

L. TUOHY: Thank you.

HANNITY: And I think you have a wonderful message here. If folks haven't seen the movie or the book...

L. TUOHY: "In a Heartbeat."

HANNITY: "In a Heartbeat."

L. TUOHY: There you go!

HANNITY: Listen, you're an inspiration.

L. TUOHY: Thank you. Thank you.

HANNITY: God bless you, good to see you. Thank you for all you've done.

S. TUOHY: Thank you very much. Appreciate that.

HANNITY: Appreciate you being with us.

L. TUOHY: Thanks.


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