Bill O'Reilly: Will Libya lose the election for President Obama?

By Bill O'Reilly

Excellent reporting by Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin has revealed that during the four-hour fire fight in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11, Americans under siege from Muslim terrorists armed with heavy weapons repeatedly asked for help from the CIA.

Shockingly, help did not come. The agency could have called for air cover or moved a Delta Force team to the area. It did not. Also, CIA officials told former Navy Seal Tyrone Woods, who was a mile away from the attack with a small security team not to enter the fire zone. Mr. Woods disobeyed the order and tried to rescue Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other Americans. Tyrone Woods was killed that day. So was the Ambassador, his aide Sean Smith and Glen Doherty also a former Navy Seal.

Today on a radio program, President Obama said this...


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I was not personally aware of any requests. Obviously we just have an infrastructure that's set up to manage requests like that. But we're going to find out exactly what happens.

Ultimately though, you know any time there is a death of an American oversees I want to find out what happened because my most important job as President is keeping the American people safe.


O'REILLY: All right. So once again, Mr. Obama didn't explain what happened on 9/11 in Libya. Once again he said his administration is investigating. But so much, so much misinformation has been put out there by the Obama administration you would think that six weeks after the attack some kind of clarity could be put forth by the President but he doesn't have to do it because the press is not pushing him.

This week NBC News anchor Brian Williams, one of the few journalists Mr. Obama is talking with, had a chance to ask him some tough questions. Mr. Williams passed.


WILLIAMS: The assessment of your intelligence community as we stand here is that it still was a spontaneous terrorist attack. And were you happy with what you were able to learn as this unfolded? It went on for several hours.

OBAMA: Well, as I've said, Brian, we're going to do a full investigation. Obviously when four Americans are killed, you know, you have to do some soul-searching in terms of making sure that all our systems are where they need to be. And that's what we're going to find out.

But you know what I'm confident about is that we will be able to figure out who perpetrated this act that we'll be able to bring them to justice and we are confident that we've got the cooperation of the Libyan government.


O'REILLY: That is the same answer the President has given for weeks. Nothing new. Instead of citing some inconsistencies from the administration about the Libyan attack, Mr. Williams dropped the subject, totally dropped it after one misleading question, going on to the bogus women's health issue.

Mr. Williams implied that American intelligence stands behind the theory that the Libyan attack was, quote, "spontaneous". That is not a fact but was presented as such by Brian Williams.

Now, "Talking Points" is not sniping at either the President or Mr. Williams. But this is one big mess. And the national media is not demanding answers nor did Governor Romney during the foreign policy debate.

By the way, despite that interview with Mr. Obama, The Factor at 8 last night beat the NBC program "Rock Center" in total audience, which is kind of amazing.

Getting back to Libya, my view is this. Muslim terrorists were tracking Ambassador Stevens. They had heavy weapons at the ready. And saw an opening to attack in Benghazi. There is nothing spontaneous about that. The CIA was caught napping, then froze when all hell broke loose apparently not understanding rescue options or what was at stake. When the damage and death became fully known, the Obama administration tried to manage it, rather than report it. And so chaos developed.

And people like U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, as well as White House Spokesperson Jay Carney did not assess the situation correctly to the public.

"Talking Points" believes Rice and Carney were told what to say but by whom? That is the question Brian Williams should have asked because President Obama has to know the answer to that. It is unconceivable that he doesn't.

Let me repeat. If you ask President Obama who told Ambassador Rice and Jay Carney to tell the world that a stupid videotape prompted the Libyan attack, the President has to answer the question, but no one will ask him. For me it's incredibly frustrating. I sat there waiting for Governor Romney, Bob Schieffer and now Brian Williams to ask Mr. Obama a very simple question. It wasn't asked.

Going forward, the President will most likely avoid the Libyan issue entirely and hope the voters don't care.

One more thing, all administrations make mistakes from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Franklin Roosevelt -- all presidents have presided over screw-ups. Just tell the folks the truth, Mr. President. Tell us what you know. And who you are holding responsible for this mess.

And that's "The Memo."