Bill O'Reilly: Why the federal government is not protecting America

With a second Ebola case now in Dallas, Texas, Americans are rightly concerned that their government is not protecting them against this very contagious disease.

26-year-old Nina Pham a nurse who treated Thomas Duncan the Liberian national who died from Ebola last week has now been diagnosed with the disease even though she was apparently wearing protective gear, very worrisome.

A new poll of NBC News asks, should there be a ban on flights from West African countries into the USA? 58 percent say yes; 20 percent, no; don't know and no answer, 22 percent. "Talking Points" has said from the beginning there is no compelling reason why West Africans should be admitted to the USA when there is an Ebola epidemic raging in that region. Think about it. Think about it.

This is a national security issue, is it not? What reason is there on the earth not to suspend visas from that area? The truth is there is no reason -- just a bunch of excuse making.


DR. TOM FRIEDEN, CDC DIRECTOR: We really need to be clear that we don't inadvertently increase the risk to people in this country by making it harder for us to respond to the needs in those countries by making it harder for us to get assistance in.


O'REILLY: Total garbage. We have asked Dr. Frieden a number of times to appear on ‘The Factor’. He will not because he is afraid. He knows that I know he's not being candid, that he is spinning the situation and not being forthcoming about how the disease is being spread. Frieden should resign. As he well knows, charter flights could carry medical and military personnel to the affected areas in Africa and that's the way they should be transported, by charter. So that monitoring can be very close.

Believing that civilian airport people in JFK or Newark or Dulles airport can spot Ebola that is dormant, believing that is stupid and irresponsible and puts all Americans at risk. It's a dumb and dangerous ruse and Frieden is the chief propagandist. He knows better.

"Talking Points" is just asking for common sense which the Obama administration is rejecting outright. But I will predict tonight they will soon reverse course. Again, there is no compelling reason for West Africans to come to the United States at this point in time.

Secondly on Ebola, we're simply not being told the truth. How did the NBC News cameraman contract the disease? Ashoka Mukpo is being treated right now in Nebraska and we still don't know how he got it in Africa. Americans have a right to know that. And the failure to tell us is a huge concern this has to stop. The federal government has to level with the American people.

Now, on to the ISIS terror threat. Reports out of Syria and Iraq say U.S. bombing is doing some damage to these terrorists but is not stopping their advance. All of us who see things clearly knew that was going to be the case.

And I believe President Obama also knew that was going to be the case but wouldn't tell the American people. Instead, the President has created a myth that somehow a 60-nation coalition that is basically doing nothing is going to defeat ISIS. I mean, the Turkish army, part of the coalition, is one mile away from the terrorists watching them slaughter civilians. And the Turkish army is doing nothing. Great coalition, Mr. President -- way to go.

Summing up, the American people are not being told the whole truth by the Obama administration about two very important situations and the B.S. has to stop. And that's “The Memo”.