Bill O'Reilly: The latest on the Ebola debacle

All over the country, Americans are worried about the Ebola virus. The danger is clear but somewhat exaggerated. There is no threat of an Ebola epidemic in the USA right now.

But what is not exaggerated is the dishonesty of the federal government. Last night we called for the head of the Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Thomas Frieden, to resign because he has been misleading the folks. Not telling us the full story about how Ebola is spreading, about how it can be contained.

The biggest fabrication the doctor is putting out there is that stopping West Africans from coming to the USA would somehow diminish the world's ability to fight Ebola in Africa. As we said last night that's flat out false. You can read that "Talking Points" memo on

Tonight, a brand new ABC News/"The Washington Post" poll tells the story. Question: in dealing with Ebola outbreak would you support or oppose restricting entry to the United States by people who have been in affected areas? A whopping 67 percent support; 29 percent oppose; four percent are clueless.

Also, do you think the USA is doing all it reasonably can to try to prevent further cases of Ebola in the United States or do you think it should do more? 33 percent doing all it can; 64 percent should do more.

That scientific poll mirrors our poll where we asked do you believe the federal government is doing enough to protect Americans from Ebola? Just three percent say the government is doing enough; 97 percent say it is not. As the death toll continues to mount, people all over the world are getting more concerned. The World Health Organization estimates that up to 10,000 new Ebola cases a week in Africa could happen within the next few months.

Here in the U.S., a 26-year-old Dallas nurse, Nina Pham, who contracted the disease from the Liberian, Thomas Duncan, who came to the USA and died has now received the blood transfusion from an Ebola survivor. And in Omaha, Nebraska Ashoka Mukpo continues to fight for his life after he contracted Ebola in Africa while working for NBC News. There's no question that all the nations in the world should be trying to help stop the epidemic in West Africa. But that will be a lengthy process. Preventing West Africans from entering the USA could happen today. Passports and visas denied.

But the Obama administration continues to dither and the CDC continues to put out false information. Therefore, the concern in America continues to grow. And that's “The Memo”.