Bill O'Reilly: The JV doing some serious damage

Over the weekend, ISIS savages in Libya beheaded 21 Christian migrant workers on camera -- 21. The barbarity of that hard to believe. These men simply workers who traveled from Egypt to Libya to make some money for their families; but they were Coptic Christians and so, the jihadists executed them for their religious beliefs.

Almost immediately the White House issued a statement, quote, "The United States condemns the despicable and cowardly murder of 21 Egyptian citizens in Libya by ISIL affiliated terrorists. We offer our condolences to the families of the victims." Notice the White House did not say the victims were all Christians and that's why they were killed -- didn't say that. They also didn't mention Islam or Muslim extremists or the jihad. Again, the avoidance of the true issue is truly shocking. And Americans should demand that it stop.

Democrat, Leon Panetta, former CIA chief and secretary of defense once again defined the problem.


PANETTA: ISIS truly represents kind a whole new phase in the war on terrorism. And that have to be net tooth and nail with everything we have got. That's the reality.

ISIS is a whole new chapter in terms of the terrorist threat to that area and to our country. When you look at terrorist threats around the world the one you have to worry about the most is al Qaeda in Yemen, AQAP, because they have the bomb making capability and they have the other capabilities to basically do what they have to do to attack this country. They are a real danger.


O'REILLY: Now, "Talking Points" salutes Leon Panetta for being an honest man. Everybody in Washington knows President Obama's not confronting the jihad in an aggressive way, preferring to play word games. Because of that, jihadis all over the world are emboldened. They know they can expand their operations with little opposition.

These are the first beheadings in Libya -- they won't be the last.

In Denmark, a lone Islamic militant killed two people, wounding five others over the weekend. We can expect murders like this pretty much on a regular basis now. Muslim fanatics are running wild, yet the world stands by and allows. It's not just President Obama failing to confront evil -- it's just about every nation in the world.

This fable about a 60-country coalition united against ISIS is insulting. What are these nations doing? Nothing. It's easy to sign a piece of paper and not show up. Egyptian planes are now bombing some ISIS positions in Libya in retaliation for the slaughter there. We hope Egypt, which has a strong military, will join Jordan in consistently attacking these killers.

But where is the coordinated effort? Where is the worldwide summit? Where is President Obama trying to lead the world to crush the jihadist movement? To those very simple questions, there is no answer.

And that's “The Memo”.